150 Christmas Cat Names For Male Cats

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  • Are you looking for the perfect Christmas themed name for a male cat? We have 150 male Christmas names to choose from including book and movie characters, Santa’s helpers, food legends and folklore.




    Character from The Little Drummer Boy
    Abner Father of light
    Ahoshta Character from Narnia
    Alabaster Snowball The elf who lives with Santa at the North Pole
    Alambil Planet visible from Narnia
    Alimash Character from Narnia
    Argoz, Lord Character from Narnia
    Arsheesh Character from Narnia
    Asher Fortunate, blessed
    Aslan Lion from Narnia
    Aster Star
    Axel Father of peace
    Balthazar, Balthasar One of the wise men/kings who gave the baby Jesus myrrh
    Belsnickel Crotchety companion of Saint Nicholas in the Palatinate, Germany
    Benedict Blessed
    Bert Character from the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life
    Blitzen Santa’s reindeer
    Brandy Drink
    Bricklethumb Character from Narnia
    Buche de Noel The French name for traditional Christmas Yule log
    Caleb Devotion to God
    Casper Bringer of treasure
    Caspian X Character from Narnia
    Cavalier Character from The Nutcracker
    Cedar Tree
    Charlie (Brown) Character from A Charlie Brown Christmas
    Chestnut A fruit traditionally roasted in the winter months
    Christian Traditional name which means follower of Christ
    Christopher Bearer of light
    Cider Drink popular in the winter months (sometimes spiced)
    Cinnamon Common spice used in Christmas
    Clarence Character from It’s a Wonderful
    Claus Santa Claus
    Coco/Cocoa Chocolate drink
    Cole Coal-black
    Comet Santa’s reindeer
    Cookie A sweet treat often left out for Santa
    Cranberry Fruit used in cranberry sauce
    Cratchit Character from A Christmas Carol
    Cullen Gaelic for holly tree
    Dancer Santa’s reindeer
    Dasher Santa’s reindeer
    Ded Moroz
    Slavic version of Santa Claus
    Digory Kirke Character from Narnia
    Doctor Finklestein Character from The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Donner Santa’s reindeer
    Dove Bird associated with Christmas and peace
    Drinan, Lord Character from Narnia
    Drummer The main character from The Little Drummer Boy
    Ebenezer Character from A Christmas Carol
    Edmund Pevensie Character from Narnia
    Eggnog Traditional Christmas drink
    Elf Santa’s helper
    Emmanuel God is with us and a Christmas song
    Ernie Character from the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life
    Evergreen Christmas trees are evergreen
    Felix Latin word for happy
    Feliz (Navidad) Christmas song

    Fezziwig, Mr
    Character from A Christmas Carol
    Frank Short for frankincense
    Frankincense One of the gifts given to Jesus by the three wise men
    Frederick Older brother of Santa Claus
    Frosty Icy
    Fudge Traditional sweet often made at Christmas
    Gabriel Christmas angel who informed Mary
    she was going to give birth to the son of God
    Garland Christmas decoration
    Gaspar One of the three wise men who gave the baby Jesus frankincense
    George Character from the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life
    Ginarrbrik Character from Narnia
    Ginger A spice commonly used in Christmas
    Glenstorm Character from Narnia
    Glitter Used to decorate Christmas cards
    Gloria Christmas carol
    Glozelle Character from Narnia
    Goose Bird commonly cooked at Christmas
    Grinch Character from How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    Harry Character from the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life
    Holly Bush used for Christmas decorations
    Hope Jesus is said to have brought hope
    Humphrey Santa’s chief elf
    Ice Frozen water common in wintertime
    Igloo House made from snow
    Jack Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas
    Jasper Bringer of treasure
    Jedidiah Beloved of the lord
    Jingle Jingle Bells, popular Christmas
    Joseph Father of Jesus
    Joulupukki Finnish Christmas figure
    Joyeux Noel Merry Christmas in French
    Kevin The lead character from Home Alone
    Krampus Horned, anthropomorphic figure in
    Alpine folklore who scares children during the Christmas period who have misbehaved
    Kringle Santa Claus
    Linus Character from A Charlie Brown
    Lucian Latin name which means light
    Lumi Snow
    Marzipan Almond confection commonly used in Christmas cake
    Maugrim Character from Narnia
    Melchior One of the wise men/kings-gave the
    baby Jesus gold
    Miraz Character from Narnia
    Mistletoe Plant traditionally displayed in homes over Christmas
    Mittens Hand coverings used in cold weather
    Myrrh Gift given to the baby Jesus
    Narnia Fantasy world from The Chronicles
    of Narnia
    Nausus Character from Narnia
    Nazareth The childhood home of Jesus
    Nicholas St Nicholas (Santa)
    Nico Italian diminutive of Nicholas
    Noel Name meaning ‘born on Christmas’
    Nutmeg A spice commonly used on Christmas
    Olaf Character from the movie Frozen
    Olwen White footprint
    Oogie Boobie Character from The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Oreius Character from Narnia
    Partridge Bird from the Christmas song ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’
    Pax Peaceful
    Pepper Minstix Elf
    Peter Pevensie Character from Narnia
    Pine A common type of Christmas tree
    Polar Polar bear
    Pomander Traditional orange decorated with
    Prancer Santa’s reindeer
    Pumpkin Vegetable commonly served with Christmas lunch or dinner
    Pudding Christmas pudding, traditional
    dessert served on Christmas day
    Reepicheep Character from Narnia
    Reindeer Animals who pull Santa’s sleigh
    Robin Red-chested bird often associated
    with winter and Christmas
    Rudolph Santa’s reindeer who had the red
    Scrooge, Ebenezer Character from A Christmas Carol
    Shinny Upatree Elf
    Skellington, Jack Character from The Nightmare Before
    Snegurochka A popular seasonal figure in
    Russian culture
    Snow Icy rain crystals common around
    Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere
    Snowflake A single ice crystal
    Solomon Peace
    Sopespian Character from Narnia
    Spruce Evergreen commonly used as a Christmas tree
    Star Christmas decoration used on the
    top of a Christmas tree
    Theodore Gift of God
    Tinsel Christmas decoration
    Tiny Tim Character from A Christmas Carol
    Theodore Gift of God
    Trumpkin Character from Narnia
    Tumnus, Mr Character from Narnia
    Twinkle Twinkling star
    Uncle Drosselmeyer Character from The Nutcracker
    Vixen Santa’s reindeer
    Winter The season of Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere
    Wunorse Openslae Elf
    Yuki Snow
    Yule Christmas
    Yule cat Icelandic mythical giant cat who eats naughty children
    Zero Character from The Nightmare Before

    Feature image: CorrieMiracle/Pixabay


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