150 Christmas Cat Names For Male Cats

Last Updated on December 15, 2021 by Julia Wilson

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas themed name for a male cat? We have 150 male Christmas names to choose from including book and movie characters, Santa’s helpers, food legends and folklore.




Character from The Little Drummer Boy
AbnerFather of light
AhoshtaCharacter from Narnia
Alabaster SnowballThe elf who lives with Santa at the North Pole
AlambilPlanet visible from Narnia
AlimashCharacter from Narnia
Argoz, LordCharacter from Narnia
ArsheeshCharacter from Narnia
AsherFortunate, blessed
AslanLion from Narnia
AxelFather of peace
Balthazar, BalthasarOne of the wise men/kings who gave the baby Jesus myrrh
BelsnickelCrotchety companion of Saint Nicholas in the Palatinate, Germany
BertCharacter from the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life
BlitzenSanta’s reindeer
BricklethumbCharacter from Narnia
Buche de NoelThe French name for traditional Christmas Yule log
CalebDevotion to God
CasperBringer of treasure
Caspian XCharacter from Narnia
CavalierCharacter from The Nutcracker
Charlie (Brown)Character from A Charlie Brown Christmas
ChestnutA fruit traditionally roasted in
the winter months
ChristianTraditional name which means follower of Christ
ChristopherBearer of light
CiderDrink popular in the winter months (sometimes spiced)
CinnamonCommon spice used in Christmas
ClarenceCharacter from It’s a Wonderful
ClausSanta Claus
Coco/CocoaChocolate drink
CometSanta’s reindeer
CookieA sweet treat often left out for Santa
CranberryFruit used in cranberry sauce
CratchitCharacter from A Christmas Carol
CullenGaelic for holly tree
DancerSanta’s reindeer
DasherSanta’s reindeer
Ded Moroz
Slavic version of Santa Claus
Digory KirkeCharacter from Narnia
Doctor FinklesteinCharacter from The Nightmare Before Christmas
DonnerSanta’s reindeer
DoveBird associated with Christmas and peace
Drinan, LordCharacter from Narnia
DrummerThe main character from The Little Drummer Boy
EbenezerCharacter from A Christmas Carol
Edmund PevensieCharacter from Narnia
EggnogTraditional Christmas drink
ElfSanta’s helper
EmmanuelGod is with us and a Christmas song
ErnieCharacter from the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life
EvergreenChristmas trees are evergreen
FelixLatin word for happy
Feliz (Navidad)Christmas song

Fezziwig, Mr
Character from A Christmas Carol
FrankShort for frankincense
FrankincenseOne of the gifts given to Jesus by the three wise men
FrederickOlder brother of Santa Claus
FudgeTraditional sweet often made at Christmas
GabrielChristmas angel who informed Mary
she was going to give birth to the son of God
GarlandChristmas decoration
GasparOne of the three wise men who gave the baby Jesus frankincense
GeorgeCharacter from the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life
GinarrbrikCharacter from Narnia
GingerA spice commonly used in Christmas
GlenstormCharacter from Narnia
GlitterUsed to decorate Christmas cards
GloriaChristmas carol
GlozelleCharacter from Narnia
GooseBird commonly cooked at Christmas
GrinchCharacter from How the Grinch Stole Christmas
HarryCharacter from the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life
HollyBush used for Christmas decorations
HopeJesus is said to have brought hope
HumphreySanta’s chief elf
IceFrozen water common in wintertime
IglooHouse made from snow
JackJack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas
JasperBringer of treasure
JedidiahBeloved of the lord
JingleJingle Bells, popular Christmas
JosephFather of Jesus
JoulupukkiFinnish Christmas figure
Joyeux NoelMerry Christmas in French
KevinThe lead character from Home Alone
KrampusHorned, anthropomorphic figure in
Alpine folklore who scares children during the Christmas period who have misbehaved
KringleSanta Claus
LinusCharacter from A Charlie Brown
LucianLatin name which means light
MarzipanAlmond confection commonly used in Christmas cake
MaugrimCharacter from Narnia
MelchiorOne of the wise men/kings-gave the
baby Jesus gold
MirazCharacter from Narnia
MistletoePlant traditionally displayed in homes over Christmas
MittensHand coverings used in cold weather
MyrrhGift given to the baby Jesus
NarniaFantasy world from The Chronicles
of Narnia
NaususCharacter from Narnia
NazarethThe childhood home of Jesus
NicholasSt Nicholas (Santa)
NicoItalian diminutive of Nicholas
NoelName meaning ‘born on Christmas’
NutmegA spice commonly used on Christmas
OlafCharacter from the movie Frozen
OlwenWhite footprint
Oogie BoobieCharacter from The Nightmare Before Christmas
OreiusCharacter from Narnia
PartridgeBird from the Christmas song ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’
Pepper MinstixElf
Peter PevensieCharacter from Narnia
PineA common type of Christmas tree
PolarPolar bear
PomanderTraditional orange decorated with
PrancerSanta’s reindeer
PumpkinVegetable commonly served with Christmas lunch or dinner
PuddingChristmas pudding, traditional
dessert served on Christmas day
ReepicheepCharacter from Narnia
ReindeerAnimals who pull Santa’s sleigh
RobinRed-chested bird often associated
with winter and Christmas
RudolphSanta’s reindeer who had the red
Scrooge, EbenezerCharacter from A Christmas Carol
Shinny UpatreeElf
Skellington, JackCharacter from The Nightmare Before
SnegurochkaA popular seasonal figure in
Russian culture
SnowIcy rain crystals common around
Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere
SnowflakeA single ice crystal
SopespianCharacter from Narnia
SpruceEvergreen commonly used as a Christmas tree
StarChristmas decoration used on the
top of a Christmas tree
TheodoreGift of God
TinselChristmas decoration
Tiny TimCharacter from A Christmas Carol
TheodoreGift of God
TrumpkinCharacter from Narnia
Tumnus, MrCharacter from Narnia
TwinkleTwinkling star
Uncle DrosselmeyerCharacter from The Nutcracker
VixenSanta’s reindeer
WinterThe season of Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere
Wunorse OpenslaeElf
Yule catIcelandic mythical giant cat who eats naughty children
ZeroCharacter from The Nightmare Before