Cat Meowing – Excessive Vocalisation in Cats

What is excessive vocalisation?

This is a difficult question to answer. Some breeds of cat are more talkative than others. The Siamese and Bengal breeds are both well-known talkers. We share our home with a domestic shorthair cat who is a constant chirper she had already been named Melody when we adopted her.

It also depends on the pet owner’s tolerance. Some pet owners enjoy a chatty cat; others prefer a quieter cat.

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Kitten Meowing All The Time

Why is my new kitten crying?

Bringing a new kitten home is an exciting time in our lives, but for the kitten, sometimes the experience of moving to a new home can be overwhelming. Leaving his family, who he’d had around 24 hours a day, new people and possibly pets, different home, smells. It can be all too much, particularly in younger kittens.

They may either react with fear and hide in a quiet corner, or they may cry. Both of which are distressing to both the kitten and his new owners.

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