Benefits of Pets – Health, Wellbeing & Emotional

For thousands of years, animals and humans have played a significant role in human lives. This has often been a symbiotic relationship where we have something to offer the animal and in return, the animal has something to offer us. Both practically but also for companionship too. There’re many benefits to owning a pet both physical and emotional. There have been many studies that have concluded the following:

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Senior Cat Care-Caring For An Old Cat


With improved veterinary medicine and nutrition and so many more cats now kept inside or indoors with an outside enclosure, cats are living longer than ever. With age comes special requirements to ensure your cat maintains and quality and comfortable standard of living. It is not unusual for a cat to reach 20 years of age, although the average lifespan is around 15 years.

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Caring For a Blind Cat

Blindness is a condition that may be with a cat from birth or maybe the result of a disease or accident.

Cats are incredibly adaptable and can live a perfectly happy and content life without vision. As your cat’s carer, there are things you can do to make your cat’s life as easy as possible. They can do almost as much as a cat with vision can do, but you will have to make some changes to accommodate a blind cat.

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Adopting a Kitten or Cat

A great deal of time and thought must go into bringing a cat into the home. A cat can live for 15+ years. Have you discussed obtaining a cat with the rest of the family? It is essential that everybody should be happy to adopt a new family member. Do you have the finances to … Read more