Liver (Portosystemic) Shunt in Cats

At a glance

About: A liver shunt is an abnormal connection between the portal vein and the liver which allows blood to shunt around the liver. As the liver is responsible for detoxifying the blood and processing nutrients, cats with a liver shunt will build up in the blood, which leads to hepatic encephalopathy as well as stunted growth due to a lack of stored energy compounds.

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Meow and Purr in Different Languages

Meow Purr Afrikaans Mjaullin Purr Albanian Mjau Kerrmëz Amharic Meow T’inik’uk’i Arabic Mawa’ Kharkhara Azerbaijani Meow Purr Bangla Meow Purir Belarusian Miaŭ Varkatać Bengali Mi’u Garagara ā’ōẏāja Bosnian Mjau Purr Bulgarian Myaukane Mŭrkane Burmese Nyaung Purr Catalan Meu Purr Cebuano Meow Purr Chinese (simplified) Miāo Fāchū hóu yīn Chinese (traditional) Miāo Fāchū hóu yīn Corsican … Read more