6 Succulent Species Non-Toxic To Cats

Succulents non-toxic to cats

Succulents Non-Toxic to Cats at a Glance Sedum – Burro’s Tail, Horse’s Tail, Lamb’s Tail, Jelly Bean Plant Beaucarnea – Elephant’s Foot, Ponytail Palm Haworthia – Zebra Plant, Fairy Washboard, Star Cactus, White Ghost, Grey Ghost, Lime Green Sempervivum – Live Forever, Hen and Chicks, Houseleek Aeonium – Black Rose, Blushing Beauty, Sunburst, Zwartkop, Tree … Read more

Lactation in Cats

Lactation is the secretion of milk through the mammary glands to feed kittens. Every mammal produces unique milk to provide all the nutrients required for that particular species. Milk is highly nutritious and is made up of proteins (caseins and whey protein), fats, calcium, iron, amino acids, minerals trace elements and maternal antibodies. Antibodies protect … Read more

Inherited Disease Genetic Tests For Cats

Inherited diseases are caused by DNA abnormalities, which are inherited from a kitten’s mother and/or father. The severity of the disease can range from minor to fatal. Kittens receive two copies of each gene from their parents (one from the mother, one from the father). In most cases, the genetic disease is caused by a … Read more

Oronasal Fistula in Cats

The hard palate is located in the roof of the mouth that is made of a thin layer of bone and covered with a mucous membrane that separates the oral cavity (mouth) from the nasal cavities. An oronasal fistula (ONF) is a small hole in the upper jaw bone (maxilla) that creates an abnormal communication … Read more