Black Crust Around Your Cat’s Eyes and Nose [Vet Advice]

close up of cat eyes with small quantity of black crust around one eye

In practice, new cat owners occasionally called me to express concern when they noticed black gunk around their furbaby’s eyes or nose. I would explain that cats may have normal discharge from their eyes and nose for various reasons, but sometimes the discharge indicates an underlying condition. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons cats … Read more

Cost of Euthanizing a Cat [$25.00 to $220.00]

mosquito on cat's nose

When your cat’s health is deteriorating rapidly, making the decision to euthanize can be difficult and heartbreaking. Unfortunately, concerns about the cost of euthanasia may add to your stress. While prices vary from city to city or between clinics and shelters, having a general idea of what to expect can help you to prepare.   In … Read more

Euthanizing a Cat at Home? Risks & Veterinarian Advice

cat laying on the floor with eyes closed

One of the hardest decisions any pet parent can make is choosing when it’s time to humanely end your cat’s life. It’s very difficult to say goodbye to furry family members, but you don’t want to prolong pain and suffering.  Unfortunately, the cost of professional veterinary care only adds to the stress, particularly if your … Read more

There’s a Cyst in My Cat’s Ear: What to Do

vet inspecting cat ear

The most common cause of cysts in a cat’s ear is blocked ceruminous glands in the ear canal. The lesion presents as multiple distinct or coalescing blue-black purple papules that are usually benign. Other cysts you might find in your cat’s ear include inflammatory polyps and squamous cell carcinoma. Let’s take a look at these … Read more