25 Orange Cat Breeds & Patterns with Stunning Pics

Ginger cat breeds

There are anecdotal studies showing that cat owners view orange (ginger) cats as more friendly: a survey run by UC Davis found people were more likely to assign positive personality traits to orange cats. Although you can’t judge a cat by color alone, the study found out that orange cats and bi-colored cats were perceived as … Read more

Are Home Deworming Remedies Safe for Cats?

Worms are common in cats, especially if they spend time outside. But traditional worming treatments can be rough on your feline fur baby’s system. Fortunately, there are some home remedies that may help you get rid of the tiny parasites. Just remember to consult with your veterinarian before trying anything. Different cats and types of … Read more

Why Does A Cat Arch Their Back?

A cat’s body language and their voices are their only tools of communication with humans. As much as we’d like them to, they can’t speak. It’s hard to understand their intentions if we don’t understand their body language. In cartoons and other media, cats shown anger using an arched back. However, this isn’t the only … Read more

The Best Flopping Fish Toys for Cats

Cats will play with anything! My cats are more likely to play with paper towel holders and trash than some toys I get them. But there’s a reason: it feels one of the cat’s needs. You’ve probably seen those brands in the pet store that boast “fill hunting need” or “fill digging need”. If my … Read more

Where Should My Cat Sleep At Night?

When I got my first cat as an adult, I was determined not to let the kitten sleep in our room. I was adamant we would shut the door upon me going to bed and he would see me in the morning. Unfortunately, my cat had different ideas. Night after night, he would meow outside … Read more

Cat Breeds with Small Ears

Cats with small ears are adorable. We see pictures on the internet of those with folded or miniature ears and we awww… But you may wonder what causes small ears in cats or what breeds have small ears? What causes small ears? There are cat breeds which appear to have small or nonexistent ears! The … Read more