My Cat Has Low Energy But Is Still Eating Well [Vet Answer]

Cat eating

Some cats thrive on a low energy physical state. Others are extremely active-day and night. No matter what the normal activity level of your cat, any decrease in their normal can be considered low energy, otherwise known as lethargy. Low energy every once in awhile is usually not a cause for concern, but if those … Read more

Healing Stages of a Cat’s Abscess [With Pictures]

Healing Stages of a Cats Abscess

Abscesses in cats are easy to recognize as swollen, painful lumps beneath the skin, often accompanied by redness and heat. If the abscess has ruptured it’s a bit more dramatic, with an open, weeping wound and potentially lots of pus. If you notice a lump on your cat, it’s natural to be concerned, especially if … Read more

Pictures of A Cat’s Pregnancy Timeline [Week by Week]

Cat's Pregnancy Timeline

For uncomplicated cat pregnancies, most of the work and monitoring are done at home, not in the veterinary hospital. That makes it important that you recognize what’s normal and abnormal for a cat pregnancy. With that in mind, here is what your feline friend’s pregnancy should look like week by week so that you know … Read more

Cat Abscess Just Ruptured Or Burst: Our Vet Explains

cleaning an abscess on a cat

Cats are no strangers to abscesses. In fact, seeing a cat with an abscess in practice is a weekly event for us. Fortunately, most abscesses are quick to heal if the proper treatment is started. With this in mind, let’s explore what makes up an abscess, what happens when it ruptures, and what you and … Read more

What to Do with an Abscess On Your Cat’s Face

abscess on cat's face

The face and neck are very common places for cats to get abscesses. That’s simply because the head is usually the first body part to go in when a cat is investigating something or fighting. As a vet, I’ve seen numerous abscesses on cat faces. The good news is, they are often easily treated and … Read more