Cat with Sores & Hair Loss: Top Reasons & What to Do

Example of cat hair loss with sores or scabs

For any doting cat owner, noticing sores or hair loss on their beloved feline can be upsetting. Skin problems are among the most common medical issues I’ve seen in private practice as a veterinarian, and they can be attributed to various causes. Some conditions cause hair loss and sores from self-trauma due to itching and … Read more

Antibiotics To Treat Cat Diarrhea: FAQ With Our Veterinarian

antibiotics to treat diarrhea

Cats, just like humans, can experience a range of health issues, and one of the most common that I’ve seen as a vet is diarrhea. Diarrhea in cats can stem from multiple sources, ranging from dietary indiscretions to more severe health issues. Addressing this issue with timely intervention is essential, and sometimes, antibiotics play a … Read more

Urine Blockage & Cat Euthanasia: When Is the Right Time?

cat in litter

As a veterinarian, one of my first patients in practice was a beloved 2-year-old black cat. Simba belonged to a teenage girl, and unfortunately his family was not equipped to handle the financial burden of treating an unexpected urinary blockage. They made the difficult but merciful decision to euthanize before his condition worsened. Unfortunately, this … Read more

Cat Straining to Pee But Urine is Not Coming Out: What to Do

cat urinating in litter box

As a veterinarian, I’ve seen my fair share of feline urinary health issues. Urinary difficulties are both common and potentially very serious, particularly if unnoticed or left untreated. One of the symptoms often reported by owners is their cat straining to pee with little urine output. This could indicate a potentially life-threatening emergency such as … Read more

Should You Euthanize An Old Cat Who Urinates Everywhere?

cat has peed on the bed covers

Pet ownership is an experience filled with moments of joy, companionship, and, unfortunately, challenging decisions. Euthanasia, the act of humanely ending a pet’s life to alleviate suffering, is one such difficult choice pet parents often face. This article seeks to explore the tough question of whether or not to euthanize an old cat who has … Read more

New Lumps On Your Cat’s Chin [With Pictures]: Our Vet Explains

Lumps on Cat’s Chin

Many cats love a good chin scratch! But what if you feel a lump during one of your routine petting sessions? Or maybe you notice your cat rubbing at their chin and closer examination reveals bumps and scabs? As a veterinarian, I have encountered many pet parents worried about such things. Although relatively common, lumps … Read more

Pictures of 7 Types of Cat Vomit + Vet Advice on What To Do

Vomiting in cats

Cats have a reputation for vomiting frequently and in the most inconvenient places. While occasional vomiting is normal and expected, anything more than that could be a sign of an underlying health concern. Vomiting is a common reason that pet parents bring their cat to the vet. It is also a clinical sign that can … Read more

Side Effects of Vaccine on Cats (By Vaccine): Our Vet Explains

Cat vaccine

Side Effects of Vaccine on Cats (By Vaccine): Our Vet Explains Nobody enjoys getting a shot, but vaccines have a crucial role in maintaining our health and well-being, as well as that of our feline companions. By protecting cats against common infectious diseases, vaccines have saved countless lives and helped prevent the spread of illness. … Read more