Why Does My Cat Run Away from Me?

You’ve seen the meme. The owner leaves the room for two minutes, and when they come back, the dog is jumping up and down, licking their face, and whimpering. In the next frame, the owner is gone for two weeks, and when they return, the cat is snoozing comfortably on their pillow. When the kitty … Read more

Do Cats Remember Owners & Other Cats, and For How Long?

cat and her owner

According to cognitive psychology, your short-term memory is about 30 seconds. Most research studies involving cats indicate that their short-term memory is about 16 hours. Perhaps your cat knows where you left your glasses! But how good is cats’ long-term memory, and, specifically, how long do cats remember their previous owners, litter mates, or other … Read more

How to Grow Catnip Plants for Cats 

Cat next to catnip plant

Catnip is a perennial herb from the mint family. It is most likely native to Asia and was brought to the United States and Canada via Europe. It is now found worldwide—to the delight of the world’s cat population—who sniff, lick, roll, and rub in it at every opportunity. In warm weather, you’ll find fresh … Read more