Overgrooming (psychogenic alopecia) in Cats

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What is over-grooming in cats?

Over-grooming is a stress-related disorder and can be classified as obsessive-compulsive behaviour. During grooming, endorphins (hormones which make your cat happy) are released, making grooming a pleasurable and relaxing pursuit.  So it seems quite natural that when the cat becomes stressed, he attempts to calm himself down by pursuing a relaxing activity such as grooming.

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How To Keep Cats Off Kitchen Counters

How to keep cats off kitchen counters

This is a common question asked of cat owners. Most people assume that a stern ‘get down’, or using a spray bottle will stop your cat jumping onto kitchen benches. What is going to happen by doing this is that your cat will learn not to jump up when you are around, but will continue with this behaviour when you’re not home. Which you don’t want.

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How To Introduce A Cat To A Baby

Introducing a cat to a new baby

There is nothing more exciting than being pregnant and planning for the arrival of your new baby. However, many new parents are naturally concerned with how to introduce their cat to their baby. They worry if the cat will be jealous of the baby, if his nose will be out of joint at the new arrival, if the cat will harm the baby, either intentionally or unintentionally. The good news is that cats and babies can live together. Some cats won’t be bothered or interested at all in the new baby, other cats may have feelings of jealousy.

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Cat Scratching – How To Stop Your Cat Scratching Furniture

Cat scratching the sofa

Why do cats scratch?

Scratching (also known as stropping) is normal behaviour in cats but can be a great source of frustration among cat owners due to damage to household furnishings. Cats can and will sometimes choose an inappropriate target, particularly if they have not been provided with a suitable alternative. Scratching behaviour is a common reason for cats to be surrendered to shelters.

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