200 Italian Cat Names: Male and Female

Italian cat names

Are you looking for an Italian themed cat name? The Italian language is one of the most beautiful languages with a huge number of potential cat names to choose from. The list below contains both male and female Italian names, their meaning as well as variations to choose from.   Name Meaning Gender Abra Feminine … Read more

150 Christmas Cat Names For Male Cats

Male Christmas cat names

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas themed name for a male cat? We have 150 male Christmas names to choose from including book and movie characters, Santa’s helpers, food legends and folklore.   Name Meaning Aaron Character from The Little Drummer Boy Abner Father of light Ahoshta Character from Narnia Alabaster Snowball The elf … Read more

160+ Winter Cat Names (With Meanings): Male and Female

Winter cat names

Have you adopted a cat during the winter months, or just love the season and are looking for a winter-themed name? We have created a list of winter-themed names to suit any cat. Name Meaning Gender Alaska Place name Unisex Alba White Unisex Angel Angels are associated with Christmas Female Antler Reindeer antlers Unisex Apricity … Read more