My Cat Purrs And Bites Me Gently: Dr Cutler Explains Why

Gentle vs aggressive biting

Some of the most common questions we get are related to cats biting gently while purring. If your cat has recently developed this behavior, you might have questions about why it happens and how to stop it. In this article, we are setting out to answer top questions from cat owners like: Is it bad … Read more

Why Do Cats Trill or Chirp? A Cat Behaviorist Explains

cat chirping at window

Children learn that cat cows go,” moo,” dogs go “woof,” and cats go meow.”  Those aren’t the extent of every sound an animal can make. It’s an oversimplification to help children learn. Cats have a wide array of different sounds: chirp, trill, purring, and more. While meowing and purring are the most common noises cats … Read more

Why Do Cats Like Going Under the Covers?

Why Do Cats Like Going Under the Covers?

Children love to play peek-a-boo. Ever wondered why? It’s because of something called object permanence. Object permanence involves understanding items and people exist even when you can’t see or hear them. Some people think cats don’t remember you’re there, so they are surprised. But cats do have object permanence due to their natural hunting skills. … Read more

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Chest? A Cat Behaviorist Explains

Close up view of a white cat laying on his owner's chest

Your cat is your faithful companion, and you probably have no problem cuddling with them and giving them love on a daily basis. Many cats like to lay on their owners’ chest for cuddle time, and usually there is no reason not to allow them to do so. Some cats are more social than others, … Read more

Why Does My Cat Lick Me Then Bite Me? 3 Ways to Stop the Biting

cat licks then bite hand of owner

It can hurt in more than one way when your cat suddenly bites you. It’s even more baffling when the bite follows a loving lick. Before you take the out-of-nowhere bite personally, cat behavioral experts say to consider your feline’s reasoning behind the seemingly unprovoked attack. “Body language is key,” says LeeAnna Buis, CFTBS, at … Read more

Why Does My Cat Not Purr? 4 Tips to Encourage Purring

cat purring on owner's lap

For most cat lovers and parents, a cat’s purr is one of the most recognizable sounds of cat contentment. If your cat has suddenly stopped purring or has never purred, you might be looking for answers—and with good reason. Experts say each cat expresses themselves differently, but a sudden change in behavior is always a … Read more

My Cat Bites When I Pet Her: Dr. Cutler Explains What to Do

cat biting owner's hand after petting

You and your pet are enjoying an excellent cuddling session on the couch. You’re petting their back. Suddenly, they turn and bite your hand. It’s painful and unexpected! Luckily, there is an explanation. An interview with Dr. Cutler explains. Dr. Janet Cutler is a Certified Cat Behaviorist at She holds a Ph.D. in animal … Read more

Why Does My Cat Bite My Nose? A Cat Expert Explains

Cat biting nose

It’s halfway caught between annoying and adorable, the act of your cat biting your nose.  Additionally, cat bites can be dangerous. Don’t worry; we’ll help you figure it out, with the help of our Certified Cat Behaviorist here at Cat World – Dr. Janet Cutler, who holds a Ph.D. in Pet Behavior and has years … Read more

How to Discipline a Cat: Do’s and Don’ts

How to discipline a cat

Correcting unwanted behaviours in cats is a topic that is plagued with misinformation that is not only counterproductive but can also be abusive. Most pet lovers don’t want to harm their pets, which is why it is so important to use safe and kind methods when attempting to correct unwanted behaviours in cats.

While some feline behaviours can be frustrating,  cats aren’t inherently naughty and they don’t engage in behaviours out of spite, no matter how much it sometimes feels that way.

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Why Do Cats Flop Down In Front Of You?

Why do cats flop at your feet?

Why do cats flop down in front of you?

Flopping at your feet is an effective way to elicit attention from you. We have two choices, step over the cat or respond to the cute ball of fluff at our feet. For most people, the flop is guaranteed to make a person react with attention and by responding to the cat, we are rewarding it with positive reinforcement.

The belly is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, and cats instinctively know this. Several critical organs (kidneys, liver, pancreas) are located in the belly, therefore cats will only show their belly to people they trust, or when they are being submissive towards another cat. The submissive and vulnerable cat will have his or her ears pulled back and the limbs raised in defence. This is very different from the flop at the feet of a human companion.

Submissive cat

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