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Calvin and Norman

Why Do Cats Chew Your Hair?

Every cat lover knows how much time cats spend grooming, second only to sleeping. Cats groom themselves (autogrooming) and cats who are closely bonded will often engage in social grooming… Read more »

Why do cats knead?

Why Do Cats Knead?

Image Ernesto de Quesada, Flickr Why do cats knead? When a kitten or cat kneads, they will push rhythmically in and out with alternating paws (kneading is also referred to… Read more »

Black Cat Names

A 8 ball Absinthe Ace Achromatic Ash Asher B BagheerahBatman Beetle Binx Blackberry Blackie Black Jack Black Magic Bruno C Cajun PrinceCarbon Caviar Char Charcoal Ciara (kee-a-ra) D Damian Darth… Read more »