Calico and Tortie Cats – What is the Difference?

calico and tortie cats - what is the difference?

What are calico and tortie cats?

Calico and tortie (tortoiseshell) are both common coat colours/patterns which appear almost exclusively in female cats. The terms calico and tortie are often used interchangeably, and it is easy to see why. Both patterns refer to a multi-coloured cat which may consist of black and orange, brown and orange, grey and cream with or without white.

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Feline Genetic Loci Table

Feline genetic loci table

Coat colour B – Brown Locus Genotype Description Phenotype B/B Homozygous – Black/Brown Black/Brown B/b Heterozygous – Black/Brown – carries Chocolate Black B/bl Heterozygous – Black/Brown – carries Cinnamon Black b/b Homozygous – Chocolate Chocolate bl/bl Homozygous – Cinnamon Cinnamon – reddish chocolate b/bl Heterozygous – Chocolate – carries Cinnamon Chocolate The Chocolate allele whilst … Read more Feline Genetic Loci Table

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