Calico vs. Caliby: Spot the Difference

What is the difference between a caliby and a calico cat?

Calico and caliby are both coat colours and patterns that are widespread among random-bred as well as purebred cats. Both the caliby and the calico coat pattern/colour combination occur almost exclusively in female cats, which we will go into later.

Calico and caliby cats share some similarities that may lead to confusion. Both patterns are characterized by a tri-colour coat consisting of white and red, with the addition of a third colour that can vary between black, grey, brown, cinnamon, lilac, or fawn.

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Carpal Pad in Cats: Anatomy and Function

All about the cat's carpal pad

What is the carpal pad?

The carpal pad is a paw pad that is located rear of the cat’s forelimbs where the wrists (carpus) is located. Unlike the other paw pads (affectionately referred to as toe beans), the carpal pad doesn’t make contact with the ground. Its purpose is to provide traction when the cat comes to a sudden stop or descending a steep slope such as a tree or a fence. Think of it as an anti-skid mechanism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Cat Infographics

Cat age chart

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About Cat-World

About Cat-World

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Feline Genetic Loci Table

Feline genetic loci table

Coat colour B – Brown Locus Genotype Description Phenotype B/B Homozygous – Black/Brown Black/Brown B/b Heterozygous – Black/Brown – carries Chocolate Black B/bl Heterozygous – Black/Brown – carries Cinnamon Black b/b Homozygous – Chocolate Chocolate bl/bl Homozygous – Cinnamon Cinnamon – reddish chocolate b/bl Heterozygous – Chocolate – carries Cinnamon Chocolate The Chocolate allele whilst … Read more