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What is the difference between a caliby and a calico cat?

Calico vs. Caliby: Spot the Difference

Calico and caliby are both coat colours and patterns that are widespread ...
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Is Easter lily toxic to cats?

Easter Lily Alert: The Hidden Danger for Your Feline Friend

What is Easter lily? Easter lily (Lilium longiflorum) is a flowering perennial ...
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Post spay care for kittens and cats

Post Spay Care For Cats and Kittens: Tips For a Smooth Recovery

Also known as desexing or ovariohysterectomy, spay is a surgical procedure performed ...
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Can cats eat onions?

Can Cats Eat Onions?

Cats cannot eat onions (Allium cepa) or any other members of the ...
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Large cat in small litter tray

My Cat Isn’t Pooping but Acting Normal: A Veterinarian Explains What to Do

Most of us are familiar with how uncomfortable constipation can be; our ...
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mosquito on cat's nose

Cost of Euthanizing a Cat [$25.00 to $220.00]

When your cat’s health is deteriorating rapidly, making the decision to euthanize ...
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