Irish Cat Names (With Meanings) For Male and Female Cats

Are you looking for an Irish name for a new cat? We have handpicked over 450 perfect valentine themed names for male and female cats.




Aaden Little fire Male
Abban White Male
Abhlach Apple tree Female
Adeen Little fire Female
Aeary Scholar Male
Aedh Fire Male
Aela Beautiful Female
Agata Kind Female
Aghy Friend of horses Male
Ahlis Nobility Female
Aidan Little fire Male
Ailbhe White Female
Aibhe Olive Female
Ailia Light Female
Áine Radiance Female
Aizen Powerful and complete Male
Alby White Male
Alroy Red haired Male
Alva Noble friend Male
Amery Long hill Male
Aoibhe (ava) Radiant beauty Female
Aoife (eefa)
Beautiful Female
Aonghus (ah-ness)
One choice Male
Ardin Fiery Female
Artan Eagle, Thor Male
Ayvar Strong as a bear Male
Barry Fair headed Male
Bartley Birch forest Male
Beaty Bringer of gladness Male
Beeg Small Male
Behan Bee Male
Berit Glorious Female
Bessie God is my oath Female
Birget Power Female
Blair Dweller on the plain Male
Blane Slender Female
Boru Ruler Male
Brak Freckled Male
Brana Strong Female
Brea Strong Female
Brecc Name of a king Male
Bren Tear Male
Briar Heather Male
Brin Small meadow Female
Brita Strong Female
Brock Stream Male
Bronagh (bro-nah) Sorrow Male
Buckley Boy Male
Cabe Rope maker Male
Cacy Watchful Female
Cadence Rhythm Female
Cadhla Beautiful Female
Cain Craftsman Male
Callum Dove Male
Caly Slender Male
Caoimhe (kee-vah) Gentle Female
Caolán (kay-oh-lahn)
Slender Male
Cara Beloved, friend Female
Carra Dear one Female
Cary Descendant of the dark one Male
Casey Brave Unisex
Cass Clever or curly haired Male
Cathal Strong in battle Male
Cavin Handsome Male
Ceara Black Female
Cecil Grey eyes Male
Ceire Saint Female
Cera Colourful Female
Chani God has shown Female
Channa Old Female
Channing Young wolf Male
Cian (kee-ahn) Ancient Male
Ciara Black haired Female
Ciarán (keer-run)
Little dark one Male
Cillian (kee-lee-arn) War strife Male
Clide Washer Male
Cliodhna (klee-uh-na) Shapely Female
Cliona (klee-uh-na) Shapely Female
Clodagh (klow-dah) Name of an Irish river Female
Corley Hill or hollow Male
Cormac Son of the charioteer Male
Corri Dweller near a hollow Female
Crea Heart Female
Daci Pure Female
Daeg Black haired Male
Dagen Black haired Male
Dáithí (da-hee) Swiftness Male
Daivi Loved one Male
Dana God is my judge Female
Dara Pearl of wisdom Female
Darby Free Male
Daric Ruler of the people Male
Daron Great Unisex
Darragh Oak tree Male
Dearbhla (derv-la) Daughter of the poet Female
Deirdre Broken hearted Female
Dela Delight Female
Dercco Sight Female
Deri Redhead Female
Dermot Without envy Male
Didi Divine Female
Dillan Faithful Unisex
Dolan Dark haired Male
Donal Ruler of the world Male
Dougal Dark stranger Male
Dowan Black Male
Duffy Dark Male
Duna Dark Female
Eabha (eva) Life Female
Eanna Dark warrior Male
Earna Eagle Male
Earvin Friend of the sea Male
Eavan Young warrior Female
Ebliu Beautiful sheen Female
Echen A steed Male
Eda Wealthy guardian Female
Edana Little fire Female
Eden Delightful Female
Edwin Valued Male
Egan Fire Male
Eike Edge of a sword Female
Eila The earth Female
Eiley Shining Female
Eimear (ee-mur) Swift Male
Eion (oh-inn) Gift of God Male
Eireann (erin) Ireland Female
Eithne (eth-na) Seed Female
Elcie Unique Female
Elia ( Succeed Male
Elroy Red haired youth Male
Elva Elfin Female
Eman God is among us Male
Emer Quick Female
Ennis Any choice Unisex
Enos Man Male
Enya Little seed Female
Etta House owner Female
Eva Life Female
Eveny River Female
Evin Young warrior Male
Faline Like a cat Female
Fallon Leader Female
Falvy Sprightly Male
Faril Heroic Male
Fayette Raven Female
Felic Happy, fortunate Male
Feme Young girl Female
Fennor Qualified Male
Fergal Man of strength Male
Ferris Rock Male
Feva Young woman Female
Fiach Raven Male
Fiadh (fee-aah) Deer Female
Findley Fair haired hero Unisex
Fineas Oracle Male
Finnecht Snow Male
Finn Blonde Male
Fiona Fair Female
Floyd White haired Male
Fola Honour Female
Gaffney Calf Male
Gainer Son of the fair skinned one Male
Galen Calm Male
Gemma Jewel, precious stone Female
Genty Snow Male
Gerald Mighty with a spear Male
Geraldine Mighty with a spear Female
Gertrude Strength of a spear Female
Giles Young goat Male
Gillby Blonde boy Male
Gillis Servant Male
Giolla Servant Male
Gitte Strength Female
Gladys Princess Female
Glasny Grey/blue Male
Goban Little Smith Male
Godfrey Peace from God Male
Grady Noble Male
Grian Sun Male
Gubnat Brings joy Female
Guffry God peace Male
Gulla Divine sea Female
Hagan Sanctuary Male
Hanly From the high meadow Male
Harken Dark red Male
Heber Partner Male
Henry Ruler of the house Male
Higgins Intelligent Male
Hildy Ready for battle Female
Hoda Thankful Male
Hogan Youth Male
Hugh Spirited Male
Hya Glad Female
Ibor Yew tree Male
Ida Prosperous Female
Ignatius Fiery one Male
Imogen Maiden Female
Ina Pure Female
Inis Island Unisex
Iona Born on an island Female
Ior Lord Male
Irial Elf Female
Irna Eagle Female
Irvin White Male
Irwin Sea lover Male
Ita Fair lady Female
Ivor Archer’s bow Male
Izan Obedience Male
Izett Fair lady Female
Jalvi Sacrifice Female
Jana Harvest Female
Jannon Fair haired Male
Jarlath Lord of the west Male
Jed Friend of God Male
Jolene God is merciful Female
Juno Young woman Female
Kacey Alert Female
Kahla Slim and fair Female
Kain Beautiful Male
Kaira Sweet Female
Kallen Mighty warrior Male
Kanock Good looking Male
Karney The winner Male
Kassidy Curly headed Unisex
Kav Poet Male
Keaf Descendent Male
Keagan Fire Male
Kealan Slender Male
Kealy Handsome Male
Kearn Dark Male
Kearra Dark Female
Keeva Pretty Female
Kelvin River man Male
Kendric Son of Henry Male
Kenna Beautiful Female
Kenneth Handsome Male
Keon Sweet Male
Kernan Dark Male
Kevin Handsome Male
Kian Royal Male
Kiel Land where cattle graze Male
Kiki Wolf Female
Kiley Beautiful Female
Kina Little one Female
Kira Light Female
Kirby Church village Male
Koo Lord Male
Kyla Attractive Female
Lalar A leper Male
Lany Servant Male
Laoise (lee-sha) Radiant girl Female
Laragh Bay laurel Female
Lassa Sea Female
Leila Dark beauty Female
Leland From the meadow land Male
Lena Light Female
Lennon Blackbird Male
Lerne From Ireland Female
Lewis Famous Male
Liadan Grey lady Female
Lina Alive Female
Lleu Shining one Male
Logan Dweller in a little hollow Male
Lorcan Silent Male
Losa Rose Female
Louie Famous warrior Male
Lowry Speaker Male
Lua Moon Female
Luan White Female
Lucas Bringer of light Male
Lucy Bringer of light Female
Mada Powerful in battle Female
Mael Devoted Male
Maeve Intoxicating Female
Malaki My messenger Male
Malloy Noble chief Male
Malvin Ruler Male
Manny God is with us Male
Marella Shining sea Female
Marmaduke Follower of Saint Máedóc Male
Marta Mistress Female
Mavie Singing bird Female
Maximus The greatest Male
Mealla Honey, sweetness Female
Meara Happy Unisex
Meeko Very wise Female
Meilseoir King Male
Meldan Small pleasant one Male
Melvin Armoured chief Male
Merin Moon Male
Merna Beloved Female
Miles Merciful Male
Moira Great Female
Molan Servant of the storm Male
Molloy Noble chief Male
Molly The perfect one Female
Mona Adviser Female
Monahan Monk Male
Moran Great Male
Morella Great Female
Moria My teacher is God Female
Mortimer From the Dead Sea area Male
Moya Great Female
Murphy Sea warrior Male
Myrna Merry Female
Nabita Fearless Female
Nally Poor Male
Nancy Filled with grace Female
Naoise (nee-shah) Warrior Female
Naomh Holy Female
Narvla Princess Female
Natan Prophet Male
Nayeli Cute Female
Neasa Only choice Female
Neely Champion Female
Nell Shining light Female
Nessa Not gentle Female
Neve Dazzling Female
Nevin Nephew Male
Niamh (neeve) Radiance Unisex
Niall (ny-all) Champion Male
Niya Friend Female
Nuala (noo-ala) Fair Female
Oba Ancient river goddess Female
Ockan Horse lover Male
Odar Dark Male
Odhran (orin) Little pale green one Male
Oisin (oh-sheen) Small deer Male
Oma Little green one Female
Onora Honour Female
Oonagh (una) Unity Female
Oran Queen Female
Orin White Male
Orla Golden lady Female
Oscar Friend of the deer Male
Oshe Son of Shea Male
Ossan Deer Male
Paddie Noble Male
Piala Caution Female
Piaras Rock Male
Piers Son of Pearce Male
Pirjo Powerful Female
Porick Noble Male
Pris Ancient Female
Quinn Fifth Male
Quina Divine Female
Quinlan Thin Male
Rafel Wolf counsellor Male
Ragen Little ruler Female
Rafferty Prosperity wielder Male
Ragnall God’s powerful Male
Ragnvald Powerful judgement Male
Rainard Brave Male
Raley Valiant Female
Regan Little ruler Unisex
Reha Star Female
Reilly Rye Male
Ren Benevolent Male
Renny Reborn Unisex
Rilee Valiant Female
Rion Kingly Male
Riona Queenly Female
Rish Saint Male
Rita Pearl Female
Roan From the rowan tree Male
Roark Famous ruler Male
Rodan Productive Male
Rogan Red haired Male
Rois Rose Female
Roisin (ro-sheen) Little rose Female
Ronan Little seal Male
Rory Red ruler Male
Roselin Pretty rose Female
Roslea Grey woods Male
Rossin Little woods Male
Rourke Famous ruler Male
Ruisin Wood Male
Ryon Little king Male
Sadhbh (sigh-v) Good person Female
Saoirse (seer-sha) Freedom Female
Scully Bard Male
Seafra Peace from God Male
Seaira Velvety black Female
Seamus Supplanter Male
Seanna God is gracious Female
Sedric Chief Male
Segnat Hawk Female
Selena Of the moon Female
Senan (sennin) Ancient Male
Seon God has favoured Male
Seonaidh The lord is gracious Female
Seorsa Farmer Male
Seosamh (sho-seph) He shall add Male
Setna Traveller Male
Shae Fairy palace Female
Shaia Gift Male
Shailee Style Female
Shan God is gracious Male
Shani Marvellous, red Female
Shanley Small Male
Sian Princess of light Female
Sibi Seven Female
Sierra From the mountains Female
Sina God is gracious Female
Sinead God is gracious Female
Siobhan God is gracious Female
Siofra Precocious child Male
Siran Beautiful Male
Sivney Well going Female
Sorcha Brightness Female
Sorley Sailor Male
Suin Lily, lotus Female
Sullivan Black eyed Unisex
Sully Handsome Male
Tadhg (tige) Poet Male
Tait Happy Male
Tarlock Abettor Male
Teffia Red Male
Teneen Dark Male
Tieve From the hillside Female
Torrin Little hills Male
Thnan Dark, dusty Male
Tyrone From the land of the yew tree Male
Uaid Powerful ruler Male
Ultan A man from ulster Male
Una United Female
Veon Sky Male

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