100 Lion Inspired Names For Cats

Are you looking for a lion-inspired name for a cat? We have hand picked 100 names which mean lion as well as famous lions in the movies.





Aauf Lion Arabic Male
Abbas Lion Persian Male
Aera Lion Hindu Male
Aleser Lion Arabic Male
Alparslan Heroic lion Turkish Male
Ariel God’s lion Hebrew Unisex
Arielle Lion of God French Female
Arsalan Lion Persian Male
Arye Arye Hebrew Male
Aryeh Lion Hebrew Male
Asad Lion Arabic Male
Aslan Lion from the book and movie The Chronicles
of Narnia
Athaleyah Lioness of God Hebrew Female
Awf Lion Arabic Male
Azmaray Lion Arabic Male
Babar Lion, king of the jungle Nigerian Male
Baber Lion Hindi Male
Bahrawar Lionheart Arabic Male
Balasingam Lion Indian Male
Benroy Son of a lion Hebrew Male
Cakusola One who has the heart of a lion African Female
Chephirah Little lioness Biblical Female
Dahi Lion Arabic Male
Dandelion Lion’s tooth English, French Unisex
Dhaigham Lion, king of the jungle Arabic Male
Dilan Like a lion Irish Male
Dilsher Lionheart Indian Male
Emeteria Half lion Greek Female
Gazanfer Lion Turkish Male
Ghadhanfar Lion Arabic Male
Gur Young lion Hebrew Male
Guri My lion cub Hebrew Male
Guryon Young lion Hebrew Male
Hafsa Little lioness Arabian Female
Haidar Lion Nigerian Male
Hamza Lion Nigerian Male
Jaisinha Victorious lion Indian Male
Kasar Like a lion Hindu Male
Kefira Young lion Hebrew Female
Kithlish The company of a lioness Biblical Female
Kosey Lion Egyptian Male
Kovu Character from the movie Lion King II Male
Kraisee Lion Thai Male
Laion Lion Tongan Male
Laís Lion Portuguese Female
Laish Lion Nigerian Female
Lavi Lion Finnish Male
Layth Lion Nigerian Male
Leandre Lion-man French Male
Lejo Lion Finnish Male
Len Lion French Male
Lenard Lion French Male
Lenina Lion-like woman English Female
Lennel Lion strength English Male
Lenny Brave as a lion English Male
Lenna Lion-strength English Female
Lenya Lion Russian Male
Leo Lion Latin Male
Leola Lion American Female
Leon Lion Greek Male
Leonardo Brave as a lion Portuguese Male
Leonid Lion-like Russian Male
Leontina Lioness German, French Female
Lev Lion Hebrew Male
Levka Lion Russian Male
Levon Lion Armenian Male
Lew Like a lion Welsh Male
Lianteri Lion Finnish Male
Liona Lioness Italian Female
Lionel Young lion French Male
Llewella Lion-like Welsh Female
Lona Lioness Finnish Female
Loni Lion Latin Female
Lynette Little lion French, English Female
Lyonechka Lion Russian Male
Lyov Lion Russian Male
Mufasa Character from the movie Lion King (Simba’s
Nala Lion character from the movie Lion King Female
Nalea Lioness Swahili Female
Napoleon Lion of Naples Italian Male
Nimra Lion Nigerian Female
Nuka Character from the movie Lion King II Male
Othneil God’s lion Hebrew Male
Puma Resembling a mountain lion Spanish Female
Roslan Lion Nigerian Male
Ruslana Lioness Persian Female
Safia Lion’s share Arabic Female
Saja Lion Korean Unisex
Sarabi Character from the movie Lion King Male
Sarafina Character from the movie Lion King (Nala’s
Sher Lion Persian Female
Siha Lion-hearted man Arabic Male
Simba Lion Swahili Male
Tiaret Someone who has the personality of a
African Female
Tīmoléōn Lion honour Greek Male
Tocho Mountain lion Native American Male
Zariel The lion princess American Female
Zira Character from the movie Lion King II Female
Zuba Character from the movie Madagascar Male

Feature image by Randy Rodriguez from Pixabay


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