Maine Coon Size Compared to a Normal Cat

The Maine coon is the oldest American breed of domestic cat and is considered to many to be the largest domestic cat breed. Maine Coon cats are native to the US state of Maine. Important features in the Maine coon include a long, heavy, and silky coat with a large ruff around the neck, britches on the hind legs, a long plumed tail, and tufts of fur in the ears and between the toes.

Main Coon cat size comparison (when held by owners)

Here is a comparison of a woman carrying a Main Coon cat versus a woman carrying a regular cat (see image below):

carrying main coon vs regular cat comparison

Despite its large size, the Maine coon is a calm cat and is affectionately known as a ‘gentle giant’ among cat lovers.  Their dog-like qualities mean they will follow their human family around the house. The CFA announced that the Maine coon was the third most popular cat breed in 2020.

main coon size comparison

Below is a summary table comparing the weight, length and height of the average cat vs an average Main Coon cat:

Average cat Main Coon cat
Weight 9.9 – 13.2 pounds 9.9 – 20 pounds
Length (Body) 15.7 – 17.7 inches 19.6 – 31.4 inches
Height (Feet to shoulder) 9.8 – 11.8 inches 11.8 – 15.7 inches

Average Maine Coon weight compared to a normal cat

  • Domestic cat: 4 – 6 kg (9.9 – 13.2 pounds)
  • Maine Coon: 4.5 – 9  kg (9.9 – 20 pounds) 

Females are usually smaller than males, therefore, the figures are based on averages, however, there can be a great variation in size and weight. Toms can grow into substantial animals. One Maine Coon breeder shared that she has a male who weighs 13 kg (28.6 pounds), and a female who is 4.5 kg (9.9 pounds). The same breeder went on to explain that the weight of the Maine Coon is not as important as the weight to size ratio. Veterinarians use a body condition score, which is the pet equivalent of the body mass index used in humans.

Average length of a Maine Coon compared to a normal cat

Man holding a large Maine Coon cat

Average domestic cat length

  • Body: 40 – 45 cm (15.7 – 17.7 inches)
  • Tail: 25 – 30 cm (9.8 – 11.8 inches)

Maine Coon length

  • Body: 50 cm to 80 cm (19.6 – 31.4 inches)
  • Tail: 30 – 35 cm (11.8 – 13.7 inches)

The World’s longest cat was a Main Coon

The world’s longest cat was a Maine Coon by the name of Stewie, measuring in at a whopping 123 cm. Stewie also holds the world record for the longest cat tail at 44.66 cm. The longest living cat is Barivel, a Maine Coon from Italy, who is 120 cm long.

For context, our Labrador measures 96 cm from nose to rump.

Below is a graphic comparing Stewie’s dimensions to the dimension of a regular cat.

world longest cat main coon size comparison

Compared to other breeds, the Maine Coon is a slow-growing cat and doesn’t reach its full size until 4-5 years of age.

Average height of a Maine Coon compared to a normal cat

woman carrying a massively large main coon

Average domestic cat height

  • Feet to shoulders: 25 – 30 cm (9.8 – 11.8 inches)

Average Maine Coon height

  • Feet to shoulders: 30 – 40 cm (11.8 – 15.7 inches)

Largest and smallest cat breeds

The British shorthair, Siberian, Norwegian forest cat, and Ragdoll are the largest cat breeds and can range in size from 5-9 kg (11 to 20 pounds). The British Shorthair is a cobby, shorthaired breed with a thick, plush coat. The Siberian, Norwegian forest cat and ragdoll are large, longhaired breeds.

Small breeds of cat include the Devon rex, Singapura, toybob, and munchkin, with an average weight ranging from 3.3 kg to 5 kg (7.2 – 11 pounds).

Factors that affect the size of a Maine coon

Gender: Male Maine coons are typically larger than their female counterparts

Genetics: It stands to reason that if the parents are large, the kittens will usually share that trait. The Maine coon has been selectively bred over generations to be large.

Nutrition: A cat brought up on a nutritionally balanced diet will help a kitten reach his or her maximum potential growth compared to a cat who has not had a complete and balanced diet


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