Newsweek Collaborates with ‘Cat World’ Experts for Series on Cat Health & Behavior

Newsweek sought assistance from our team when they aimed to publish a series of articles covering cat news and behavior. Our Certified Cat Behaviorist, Janet Cutler (Ph.D., CAAB), and our Veterinarian Director, Dr. Jamie Whittenburg, gladly shared their expertise with Newsweek reporters during interviews, offering valuable insights into cat health and behavior.


Mom Vacuums Her Cat Once, Now He Demands It All the Time – May 03, 2023

example feature in newsweek with Dr. Cutler's quote

Belly Flop: Groomer Explains Theories Around ‘Mystery’ Pouch on Cats – Jun 24, 2022

example of dr. jamie whittenburg's quotes in a newsweek article