Nigerian Cat Names (With Meanings) For Males and Females

Are you looking for the perfect Nigerian name for a male or female cat? We have hand picked over 470 names with meanings.




Abebe Asked for Female
Abeo Bringer of happiness Male
Adaego Daughter of wealth Female
Adaeze Daughter of the king Female
Adanna Her father’s daughter Female
Adaku The one who brings wealth to the family Female
Adaobi First child in the family Female
Adaoma Virtuous lady Female
Adaugo Beautiful daughter Female
Adisa Clear spoken person Male
Adola The crown brings honour Female
Ahunna Girl with the body of her father Female
Akachi The hand of God Female
Akanke To know her is to love her Female
Akanni First one Female
Alaba Second child after twins Female
Alero Grace of the land Female
Alheri Grace Female
Alika Most beautiful Female
Amadi Beautiful Female
Amara Grace Female
Amobi Who knows the heart of man? Male
Anozie We are now settled or well positioned Male
Apara Unique Male
Aren Eagle Male
Aretta Charming and enchanting woman Female
Asari Discriminating one Female
Ayo Joy Female
Ayodele Joy has arrived Female
Azi Youth Male
Baal Young Male
Babar Lion, king of the jungle Male
Baber Lion, courageous Male
Babi Followers of the Sufi Saint Baba Male
Babik Law Male
Babr Tiger Male
Babrak Little basilica flower Male
Babul A tree Male
Babur Joy Male
Bachar One who is full of joy Male
Badar Full moon Male
Badeea Admirable Female
Baha Beauty Female
Bahia Nice Female
Bahira Dazzling Female
Bahisa Seeker Female
Baisha Beautiful Female
Bako Guest Male
Bani Children Male
Banjoko Don’t ever leave me Male
Banna Builder Male
Barak Thunder Male
Basar Sight, vision Male
Basha King Male
Bayo To find joy Female
Bem Peace Male
Binyelum Stay with me Male
Bisola Born into wealth Female
Bolade The coming of honour Female
Boma Fortress Female
Chi God Unisex
Chidiadi There is God Male
Chika God is the greatest Unisex
Chinara God receives Female
Chioma Good God Female
Chuk Supreme divine Male
Daluchi Thank God Female
Dayo Arrival of joy Unisex
Debare One born during good times Male
Dola The crown brings honour Female
Ebele Kindness Female
Ebi Paternal, dark Male
Ebiere Beautiful woman Female
Ebo Child born on a Tuesday Male
Edem God has saved me Unisex
Edirin Patience is a virtue Female
Edosa God’s day Female
Edosio Rainy day Male
Efe Wealth Female
Efi Born on a Friday Female
Egbo Forest Male
Ekon Strong Male
Emeka God has done so much Female
Eniola Person of wealth Female
Eno Water god Female
Enofe One who is rich Male
Etido Good manners Female
Etok Small Male
Etoro Praise Female
Ettete Grandfather Male
Ezichi Good God Female
Ezinne Good mother Female
Fauzi Gift Male
Fela Happy Male
Femi Adored by God Male
Fisayu Add to my happiness Female
Folade The honour arrives Female
Funanya Love Female
Gabina Honey Female
Gadee My fortune Male
Gafir Invincible Male
Galai Hail Female
Galal Greatness Male
Gameela Beautiful Female
Gani Gold Male
Gazal Singing song Female
Gazi Leader Male
Gehad Married man Male
Ghada Beautiful woman Female
Ghaida Young and delicate Female
Ghalia Precious Female
Gharam Love Female
Ghatola Tulip Female
Ghaya Goal Female
Ghazlaan So beautiful Female
Ghina Singing Female
Ghuncha Bunch of flowers Female
Ginika God is the greatest Female
Gian God is merciful Male
Gildun Star Male
Ginni Gold Female
Gohar Precious stone Female
Golibe Rejoice, a joyous fellow Male
Gorbat Eagle Male
Goya Articulate Female
Guda Excellence Male
Gudiya Doll Female
Gulfsha Blossom flower Female
Gulinar Pomegranate flower Female
Gulista Flower garden Female
Guljaar Beautiful flower Female
Haani Pleasant Female
Habi Picture Female
Habika Sweetheart Female
Habis Companion Male
Hada She who radiates joy Female
Hadar Glorious Male
Hady One who guides Female
Hafa Gentle rain Female
Hafi Generous Male
Hafia Lovable Female
Hagi One who has been abandoned Female
Haiba Charm Female
Haida Heart Female
Haidar Lion Male
Haifa Slender Female
Haina Beautiful flower Female
Haiya Heart Female
Haj River Male
Haji Purify Female
Hali Unique Male
Halis Beautiful Male
Hamza Lion Male
Hani Happy Male
Hanis God is gracious Male
Hanz Gift from God Male
Hashi Companion Male
Heba Gift Female
Hira Diamond Female
Huma Listening Male
Idara Joy Unisex
Idris Powerful Female
Ife Love Female
Ihsan Kind Male
Ikara Fragrance of rose Female
Ikra To recite Female
Ikran Honoured Male
Ilya Noble Female
Imani Trustworthy Female
Inga Powerful Female
Jabar Repairer Male
Jabez Grief Male
Jafia Beautiful Female
Jahna God is gracious Female
Jara Old age Male
Jari Brave Male
Jasara Bold Female
Jasla Creative Female
Jeba Love Female
Jemila Beautiful Female
Jian Life Female
Jide To have or hold Male
Juan Beautiful Female
Jufi Paradise Female
Juju Jelly bean Female
Jumah Born on Friday Male
Junu Give refuge Male
Juzer Deserving Male
Kaba Coffee Male
Kadar Powerful Male
Kadi Pure Female
Kafi God Female
Kaia Pure Female
Kaif A state of joy, pleasure Unisex
Kaiz Powerful Male
Kazi Judge Male
Keaf Descendent Male
Kesh Hair Male
Keya Monsoon flower Female
Khaan Leader Male
Khader King Male
Khali Immortal Female
Khori Priest Male
Khuda God Male
Kiah A new beginning Female
Kinza Hidden treasure Male
Kiry Lovely Male
Kiva Lotus Female
Kiza Pussycat Female
Kofi Male child born on Friday Male
Kosar The great Male
Laiha Glittering Female
Laish Lion Female
Lajwa Beautiful flowers Female
Layah First flowers of spring Female
Layth Lion Male
Luja Of great depth Female
Luli Dewy jasmine Female
Luma Sunset Female
Lyzal God’s gift Male
Maali Noble Male
Malika Flower Female
Malissa Honey bee Female
Malsha Soft Female
Mana Love Female
Mani Jewel Male
Masia Beloved Female
Mehri Lovable Female
Mena Love Female
Mishu Faithful Male
Mizan Balance Male
Moani Fragrance Female
Monni Adviser Female
Morad Desire Male
Mosa Graceful Male
Mosen Charitable Male
Moutaq Freed Male
Mouti Generous Male
Myza Graceful Female
Naafi Propitious Female
Nabi Prophet Male
Nadra Rare Female
Naju Noble Female
Nakia Chaste Male
Namis Good Male
Nasar Help Male
Nash Dweller by the ash tree Male
Nasser Victorious Male
Nehrin River Male
Nezar One who is crowned Male
Nimra Lion Female
Nimr Tiger Male
Ninos God is gracious Male
Nisaa Night Female
Nisbi Relative Male
Numa Beautiful Female
Numair Panther Male
Nuraz The treasure of Noor Male
Nuri Colourful bird Female
Oamra The moon Female
Obez One Male
Ojala Light Female
Oksana Woman of hospitality Female
Omar Red Female
Omid Hope Male
Omira Star of the sea Female
Orin Flower Female
Osaf A good dancer Male
Osma God’s protector Female
Ossa Divine law Male
Oza Strength Female
Ozan Poet Male
Palank Panther Male
Parsa Pious Male
Parvin Cluster of stars Female
Pasha A bond Female
Pelabo Lightning Male
Pinar Spring Male
Pinaz Happy Male
Polla Poppy Female
Pouneh Flower Female
Pranto End Male
Preesa Beloved Female
Preet Love Male
Priam Loved by everyone Female
Qa Happy Male
Qaaf Big mountain Male
Qadi Judge Male
Qarni Sharp Male
Qasif Discover Male
Qavi Knowledge Male
Quadir Powerful Male
Qahira Victorious Female
Qais Lover Male
Qamra Moon Female
Qifa Develop together Female
Qitu Quiet Female
Quasar Meteor Female
Qurra Comfort Female
Qutuz Type of rock Male
Rabea Spring Female
Radi Satisfied Male
Raffa Happy Female
Rahan Sweet basil Male
Rajya Hope Female
Rama Pleaser of the lord Female
Raza Handsome Male
Reyaana Jasmine flower Female
Ria Singer Female
Rika Eternal ruler Male
Roji Beautiful Female
Roslan Lion Male
Ruhi Spiritual Male
Runa Secret love Female
Ruzena Rose Female
Ryah Proud Female
Sada Good luck Female
Saha Enduring Male
Safiya Tranquil Female
Safna Purity Female
Saleha Flower Female
Salem Safe Male
Sama Equal Male
Sanaira Flower Female
Sani Gift Female
Sedra A tree in heaven Female
Sefa God will add Female
Setia Loyal Male
Shaifi Peace Female
Shaj Beautiful Female
Shanto Calm Male
Shara Princess Female
Shuja Brave Male
Siba Enthusiasm Male
Sohama Lucky Female
Somi Daughter of lord Female
Syrin Beautiful Female
Takia Silence Female
Tali Rising star Female
Taniz Happiness Male
Taqu Devout Male
Tasni A river in heaven Female
Tian Respect Male
Tilal Amazing Male
Tisha One who is active Female
Tuhi A bird sound Female
Tushara Snow Male
Ubah Flower Female
Ubai Little father Male
Udoola Justified Female
Ujab Wonder Male
Ujala Light of the universe Female
Ula Highest Female
Umair Intelligent Male
Umera Beautiful Female
Urbi Princess Female
Ushta Everlasting happiness Female
Vafi Complete Male
Vajit Wise Male
Vasim Handsome Male
Veeda Life Female
Vega Falling star Female
Vijin King of heaven Male
Wadi Calm Unisex
Wahbi Gift Male
Wajee Happy Female
Walia Friendly Female
Wildan Boy in heaven Male
Xai Cool Female
Xavian Light Male
Xeres Caring Female
Xon God is good Male
Xyra Moon Female
Yaani Scarlet Female
Yaaz Son of Kadir Male
Yafi Narrator of Hadith Male
Yalna God’s gift Female
Yami Twinkling star Female
Yanis God is merciful Male
Yara Little butterfly Female
Yasha Fame Female
Yasna White rose Female
Yeda Knowledge Female
Yesenia Flower Female
Yonis Dove Male
Yuna Desire Female
Yuba Young Male
Yuva Young Female
Zada Lucky one Female
Zafir Victorious Male
Zahara Flower Female
Zahi Splendid Male
Zahra White Female
Zain Friend Male
Zaka Intelligent Male
Zakira To remember Female
Zala Shininess Female
Zarf Wisdom Male
Zayan Bright Male
Zeeva Brilliance Female
Zehba Gold Female
Zeke The memory of the lord Male
Zenia A flower Female
Zia Light Male
Ziani Honest Female
Ziba Beautiful Female
Zoha Light Female
Zola Lump of earth Male
Zoltan Ruler Male
Zora Dawn Female
Zoran Dawn Male
Zuka The sun Male
Zuti Name of the grandfather of Imam Abu Hanifah Male

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