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cat meows

Help! My Cat Has a Raspy Meow

No one knows your pets better than you do. You can pick ...
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How To Handle the Loss of a Cat

How To Handle the Loss of a Cat

Losing your cat is one of the most painful things you will ...
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Ear mites

My Cat is Losing Hair on Its Ears: 8 Causes And What to Do About Them

When to be concerned Have you noticed some areas of baldness or ...
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cat nails overgrown

What Happens If You Don’t Trim Cat Nails? Is It Necessary?

Cats don’t need a regular trip to the groomer like dogs do, but ...
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White kitten with paw up

Why Does My Cat Reach His Paw Out To Me? Our Cat Expert Explains

Cats are strange creatures. No matter how much we study them, there ...
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Solid (self) coloured cats

Solid (Self) Coloured Coat Colours in Cats

Solid coloured cats are referred to as self or non-agouti, and as ...
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