170 Valentine’s Day Cat Names (With Meanings)

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  • Are you looking for a Valentine’s day themed name for a cat? We have handpicked over 170 perfect valentine themed names for male and female cats along with their origin and meaning.





    Adelpha Beloved sister Greek Female
    Adonis Lover of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love Greek Male
    Agapi Love, affection Greek Female
    Agapito Loving Greek Male
    Agapius Love Latin Male
    Ahava Love Hebrew Female
    Aida From the opera ‘Aida’ Italian Female
    Aiko Little loved one Japanese Male
    Aimé Beloved Latin Female
    Alma Nourishing, soul Latin Female
    Amabilis Lovable Latin Unisex
    Amadea God’s love Latin Female
    Amado God’s love Latin Male
    Amarus Unfading love Greek Male
    Amator Lover Latin Male
    Amatus Beloved Latin Male
    Amia Love Sanskrit Female
    Amais Loved Latin Male
    Amara Grace, immortal Latin Female
    Amora Love Spanish Female
    Amoris Love Latin Female
    Amour Love French Female
    Amy, Aimee Beloved French Female
    Amyas Loved Latin Male
    Ananda Worthy of love Latin Female
    Anbu Love Indian Male
    Antoinette Priceless one Latin Female
    Anwil Beloved Welsh Male
    Aphrodite Greek goddess of love Greek Female
    Armas Beloved Finnish Male
    Aroha Love Māori Female
    Atif Kind one Arabic Male
    Atuf Love Arabic Male

    Desired Spanish Female
    Aziz Beloved Arabic Female
    Aziza Beloved Arabic Female
    Beau Beautiful French Male
    Belle Beautiful French Female
    Caera Beloved, friend Latin Female
    Calandra Lovely one Greek Female
    Cara Beloved Welsh Female
    Cari Beloved Welsh Female
    Caradoc Beloved Welsh Male
    Caralie Beloved, friend Latin, Irish Female
    Carthach Loving Irish Male
    Carwyn To love Welsh Female
    Cedra Kindly and loved English Female
    Ceri Love Welsh Male
    Chantana Affection Thai Female
    Chaviv Loved one Hebrew Male
    Cher Beloved French Female
    Cherish Honour, love English, French Female
    Chikondi Love Africa Female
    Cleopatra One of history’s most famous love stories Egyptian Female
    Cordelia Heart Latin, Celtic Female
    Corwin Heart’s friend English Female
    Crea Heart Irish Female
    Cupid Roman god of love Italian Male
    Daivi Loved one Irish Male
    Dariel Dearly loved French Male
    Darla Loved one English Female
    Darlene Little dear one English Female
    David Beloved Hebrew Male
    Davina Beloved Hebrew Female
    Davis Beloved Welsh Male
    Delara She who delights the heart Persian Female
    Delila Lovelorn Hebrew Female
    Désirée Desired French Female
    Dewey Beloved Welsh Male
    Didier Ardent desire French Male
    Dilan Like a lion, loyal Irish Male
    Dragoste Love, romance Romanian Male
    Drury Love French Male
    Dwyn God of love Welsh Male
    Elska Love Norse Female
    Emma Main character from Jane Austen’s book ‘Emma’ Female
    Erasmus Beloved Greek Male
    Erazem Beloved Slovak Male
    Eros Greek god of love Greek Male
    Esmé Beloved French Female
    Fẹ́mi Love me Nigerian Unisex
    Freya Norse goddess of marriage (see Frigg) Norse Female
    Frigg Norse goddess of marriage Norse Female
    Funanya Love Nigerian Female
    Gharam Love Nigerian Female
    Giselle From the romantic ballet ‘Giselle’ French Female
    Grainne Love Irish Female
    Habib Loved one Arabic Female
    Habiba Loved one Arabic Female
    Habika Sweetheart Nigerian Female
    Hafia Lovable Nigerian Female
    Haida Heart Nigerian Female
    Haiya Heart Nigerian Female
    Haviva Well-loved Hebrew Female
    Hathai Heart Nigerian Female
    Hathor Greek goddess of the sky, women, fertility and love Greek Female
    Hestia Heart Greek Female
    Hilarion From the romantic ballet ‘Giselle’ French Male
    Idony To love again Norse Female
    Ishtar Goddess of war and love Mesopotamian Female
    Ismay Beloved French Female
    Jacayl Love Mexican Female
    Janan Heart, soul Arabic Female
    Jeba Love Nigerian Female
    Jebediah Beloved one Hebrew Male
    Juliet Tragedy of two lovers written by William Shakespeare Female
    Kalah Beloved Nigerian Female
    Kalila Beloved Arabic Female
    Kama Loved one Sanskrit Male
    Kanda Darling Thai Female
    Karita Beloved Icelandic Female
    Kealoha Loved one Hawaiian Male
    Kerensa Love English Female
    Kordian Of the heart Polish Male
    Kusa Heart Thai Male
    Layba Love Nigerian Female
    Lemminkäinen Love Finnish Male
    Lempi Love Finnish Female
    Lennon Lover Irish Female
    Lev Lion, heart Hebrew, Russian Male
    Liba Beloved Hebrew Female
    Lovella Love, affection Old English Female
    Mabel Lovable English Female
    Maite Beloved Basque Female
    Manju Pleasant, sweet Sanskrit Male
    Marietta Beloved French Female
    Mehri Lovable Nigerian Female
    Mena Love Nigerian Female
    Merna Beloved Irish Female
    Mielikki Desire Finnish Female
    Mila Gracious, dear Spanish Female
    Milada My love Czech Female
    Miloš Compassionate, dear Slavic Male
    Mirren Beloved Scottish Female
    Morna Beloved Irish Female
    Myfanwy (Myf) My lovely little one Welsh Female
    Mylène Beloved moon Spanish Female
    Nayeli I love you Zapotec Female
    Nazanin Sweetheart Persian Female
    Negar Beloved Persian Female
    Nemy Sweet African Female
    Obi Heart African Male
    Odette From the romantic ballet ‘Swan Lake’ Germany Female
    Paris The city of love France Female
    Penha Beloved Swahili Male
    Philomina Greatly loved Greek Female
    Philou Loving Dutch Female
    Preesa Beloved Nigerian Female
    Preet Love Nigerian Male
    Preety Love Nigerian Female
    Priya Beloved Sanscrit Female
    Qais Lover Nigerian Male
    Rasmus Beloved Dutch, Finnish Male
    Rhys Passionate Welsh Male
    Romeo Tragedy of two lovers written by William Shakespeare Italian Male
    Rose The flower of love Female
    Rudo A feeling of love African Male
    Ruthai Heart Thai Female
    Sajan Loved one Indian Male
    Saliya Heart Nigerian Female
    Shirin Sweet Persian Female
    Siegfried From the romantic ballet ‘Swan Lake’ German Male
    Siran Sweet love Armenian Female
    Suki Beloved Japanese Unisex
    Taavi Beloved Finnish Male
    Thando Love African Unisex
    Valentine Strength, health Latin Male
    Valentino Strength, health Italian Male
    Vashti Beautiful Persian Female
    Venus Greek goddess of love Greek Female
    Yaar Lover Nigerian Male
    Yaretzi You will always be loved Aztec Female
    Yuna Desire Nigerian Female

    Feature image: Anna Krivitskaya, Shutterstock


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