120+ Vintage Names For Male Cats

Male vintage cat names and meanings. Are you looking for a unique vintage name for a new cat? We have collated a list of classic vintage names for male cats.



Abraham Father of multitudes
Abel Breath
Albert Noble, bright
Alfred Counsel
Alois Famous warrior
Alton River settlement
Amos Carried by God
Apollo Destroy
Archer Bowman
Archibald Truly brave
Aristotle Superior
Arlo Rock hill, fortified hill
Arthur Bear
Asher Happy
Atticus From Attica
Barnaby Son of consolation
Barney Defender, son of comfort
Barry Fair headed
Basil Regal
Benedict Blessed
Bernard Strong as a bear
Bert Bright
Boris Battle glory
Calvin Little bald one
Cecil Blind
Chester Fortress
Clarence Bright
Cletus Called forth
Clifford Ford by a cliff
Clinton Town on a hill
Clive Cliff
Clyde From the riverbank
Cornelius Strong willed, wise
Cyril Master, lord
Delbert Noble and bright
Desmond From South Munster
Dewey Beloved
Dougal Dark stranger
Earl Warrior
Earnest Diligent, truthful
Edgar Wealthy spearman
Edmund Prosperity or riches
Edward Wealth
Edwin Rich friend
Elbert Bright
Elliot The lord is my God
Elmer Noble
Emil Rival
Emmett Universal
Engelbert Angel bright
Ernest Resolute
Ervin Friend
Eugene Noble
Ezra Help
Felix Happy, fortunate
Fletcher Arrow maker
Floyd Grey haired
Frank Free, from France
Frederick, Fred Peaceful ruler
Gabriel God is my strength
Gene Well born
George Farmer
Gerald Spear ruler
Gilbert Shining pledge
Gordon Great hill
Graham Grey home
Harold Army ruler
Harvey Eager for battle
Heinz Home ruler
Henry House ruler
Herbert Warrior
Herman Army man
Homer Pledge
Horace Man of time
Hubert Mind bright
Ira Full grown
Irvin Handsome
Isaac One who rejoices
Jack God is gracious
Jasper Treasurer
Jerome Sacred name
Kelvin River man
Lawrence Man from Laurentum
Leo Lion
Leon Lion
Lester Walled city
Levi Joined in harmony
Leyland Fallow land
Luther Soldier to the people
Marvin Sea hill
Maurice Dark skinned
Melvin Gentle lord
Milo Soldier
Montgomery From the hill of the powerful man
Ned Wealthy guardian
Norman Man from the north
Orville Golden town
Oscar Spear of the gods
Otis Wealth
Otto Wealth, prosperity
Percival One who pierces the valley
Percy One who pierces the valley
Reginald Counsel power
Roger Famous warrior
Roland Famous throughout the land
Royston Vigorous
Rufus Red head
Rupert Famous, bright
Salvatore Saviour
Samuel Told by God
Seth Appointed
Serge Servant
Sidney Saint Denis
Silas Wood or forest
Stanley Stony meadow
Theodore Gift of God
Vernon Place of alders
Victor Conqueror
Vincent To conquer
Virgil Flourishing
Wallace Foreign, stranger
Walter Commander of the army
Wesley West meadow
Wilbert Bright will
Wilbur Resolute, brilliant
Wilfred Desires peace
Willard Brave
Winston Joyful stone

Feature image: Alexas_Fotos/Pixabay


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