Antihistamine Dosage Chart For Cats

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  • Antihistamine dosage chart for cats

    Always speak to your veterinarian before administering any medications to your cat.

    Dosage is based on a 5 kg (11 lb) cat.

    Antihistamine trials

    It may be necessary to trial several types of antihistamine to find the most effective one for your cat.  Initially, the cat may need cortisone and antihistamines; once symptoms improve, cortisone will be withdrawn.

    Antihistamines don’t cure allergies; however, the side effects are less severe than those of cortisone. Not all antihistamines will work with your cat or will produce undesirable side effects, so a trial will help to determine the best type for your cat.

    An antihistamine is administered to your cat for ten days, and his response is monitored. If there is no improvement, he moves on to the next time of antihistamine until a suitable one is found.


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