Eye Colour Changes in Cats

Eye colour changes in cats

Eye colour changes in cats can affect the iris, the pigmented muscular ring eye that circles the pupil or the pupils (the black part of the eye). There are several causes of eye colour changes in cats, the most common occurs when during kittenhood when the eyes change from blue to brown, yellow or green. Changes to the colour of the eye beyond kittenhood have multiple causes, from benign to life-threatening.

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Are Tulips Toxic to Cats?

Are tulips toxic to cats?

Tulips are toxic to cats, the toxic principles are alkaloid glycosides Tulipalin A and B, which are naturally occurring compounds that cause gastrointestinal upset. Tulip farmers and florists can also develop ‘tulip fingers or Alstroemeria dermatitis’, a form of contact dermatitis characterised by redness and inflammation. This, however, should not affect cats.

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