Himalayan Gene in Cats

Siamese cat

What is the Himalayan gene? The Himalayan gene is a mutation on the C locus on chromosome A1. This genetic trait is also characterised by its heat sensitivity, which presents as darkened points (face, ears, legs and tail) and a pale body, known as ‘pointed’. In addition to the characteristic coat, the Himalayan gene also … Read more

Is Lily of the Valley Toxic to Cats?

Is lily of the valley toxic to cats?

Is lily of the valley toxic to cats? Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) is toxic to cats. The toxic principles are cardiac glycosides, (primarily convallarin and convallamarin). Cardiac glycosides are plant-derived steroids that influence heart function. Every component of the lily of the valley including its leaves, flowers, berries, stems, and bulbs, is poisonous. … Read more

Pictures of Normal & Infected Cat Incisions [Surgeon Advice]

Pictures of Normal & Infected Cat Incisions

Through my experience as a veterinary surgeon dealing with cat incisions and complications, I understand the importance of being vigilant about your cat’s post-surgical wound care. Knowing how to distinguish between normal healing and signs of infection can be life-saving for your furry companion.  As a cat owner, it’s important to monitor your cat’s incision … Read more

9 Types of Calico Cats (With Photos)

Calico cat

Dense calico     Dilute calico     Van calico     Harlequin calico     Shorthaired calico     Longhaired calico     Curly coated calico     Male calico What is a calico cat? Calico refers to a colour pattern that is common in random-bred and purebred cat populations. The term ‘calico’ refers to a tri-colour coat that consists of white, black and orange,  white, chocolate and … Read more

Cat with Sores & Hair Loss: Top Reasons & What to Do

Example of cat hair loss with sores or scabs

For any doting cat owner, noticing sores or hair loss on their beloved feline can be upsetting. Skin problems are among the most common medical issues I’ve seen in private practice as a veterinarian, and they can be attributed to various causes. Some conditions cause hair loss and sores from self-trauma due to itching and … Read more

Urine Blockage & Cat Euthanasia: When Is the Right Time?

cat in litter

As a veterinarian, one of my first patients in practice was a beloved 2-year-old black cat. Simba belonged to a teenage girl, and unfortunately his family was not equipped to handle the financial burden of treating an unexpected urinary blockage. They made the difficult but merciful decision to euthanize before his condition worsened. Unfortunately, this … Read more