Can Cats Have Littermate Syndrome?

Does littermate syndrome affect cats?

What is littermate syndrome? Littermate syndrome refers to a set of behaviours that can develop when two or more puppies from the same litter are raised together in the same home. These challenges can make both training and bonding more difficult for the owner and can also lead to a range of behavioural issues for … Read more

Why Do Cats Kill Their Kittens?

Why do cats kill kittens?

All placental animals are hardwired to protect the lives of their offspring, to guarantee the next generation reaches adulthood. Mother cats (known as a queen) have a high maternal instinct and will nurture and raise her kittens until they have reached an age where they can safely care for themselves. But sometimes an adult cat will kill an individual or litter of kittens, which is termed infanticide. There are two types of infanticide, nonkin infanticide, which relates to the killing of unrelated young, and kin infanticide, which is the killing of related young (usually offspring).

There are a number of reasons an adult cat will kill a kitten or kittens, which vary depending on the gender of the cat.

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Why Does My Cat Run Away from Me?

You’ve seen the meme. The owner leaves the room for two minutes, and when they come back, the dog is jumping up and down, licking their face, and whimpering. In the next frame, the owner is gone for two weeks, and when they return, the cat is snoozing comfortably on their pillow. When the kitty … Read more

My Cat is Suddenly Losing His Balance and Walking Like He’s Drunk

My Cat is Suddenly Losing His Balance and Walking Like He's Drunk

You wake up one morning and notice your precious feline is having difficulty getting up. Once he’s standing on all fours, he has an odd head tilt and starts walking sideways before losing balance and falling over. Loss of coordination, or ataxia, can affect the head, legs, or trunk of your cat. It’s a condition … Read more

Why doesn’t my cat knead? Our Cat Behaviorist Explains

What is kneading? If you’ve been around cats for a while, you’ve seen a kitty alternately pressing and lifting their front paws in perfect rhythm as if they’re doing some sort of ritualistic dance. Some people call it ‘making biscuits,’ and perhaps our felines know something we don’t. Bakers know that you can’t make a … Read more

Why Does My Cat Keep Chewing on Cardboard?

The package you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! You rip it open, seize the contents, and toss the box aside.  Before that cardboard even hits the floor, your cat is already rolling around in it. What is it with cats and boxes?  First off, cats love enclosed spaces, and cardboard can keep them warm. … Read more

How to Stop a Cat in Heat from Meowing ALL The Time!

One day she’s a sweet, cuddly little kitten content to stretch out in your lap and doze off with a tender smile on her furry little face. The next day she’s a raging, yowling, relentless beast with an urgency in her eyes you’ve never seen before. Congratulations, you’ve got a teenaged cat! Is my cat … Read more

9 Reasons Cats Run Away From Home – And What to Do

cat running away from home in the street

Has your cat run away from home? Whether this is the first time your indoor cat has run away, your indoor/outdoor cat has been gone longer than usual, or your cat has developed a new habit of bolting out the door at every opportunity, you can’t help but worry about what might happen to them … Read more

Why Cats Meow and Rub Against Everything, Including YOU!

Cats Meow and Rub Against Everything

You walk in the door, fill the food bowl, flip through the mail, and head to your bedroom to change. Before you’ve even crossed the threshold, you feel the familiar rub across your legs. You look down to see a fuzzy face meowing at you.  While saying your hellos, you bend down and pet your … Read more