200+ Russian Cat Names for Male and Female Cats

Are you looking for a Russian themed cat name, or have you adopted a Russian cat and want to pay homage to its origins? The Russian language is one of the most beautiful languages with a huge number of potential cat names to choose from.

The list below contains both male and female Russian names, their meaning as well as variations to choose from.

Russia is home to a number of well-known cat breeds which includes the Russian Blue, Toybob, Kurilian bobtail, Siberian, Donskoy, Peterbald and Neva Masquerade.




Adrik Dark Male
Agrafina Feet first Female
Akim God Male
Aleksandr Defender of mankind Male
Alexis Defender Unisex
Alexi Defender Male
Alik Defender of mankind Male
Alina Bright, beautiful Female
Alkonost A mythical woman headed bird who lives in Iriy (heaven) Female
Alyona Bright and shining light Female
Aloyoshenka Defender of mankind Male
Alyosha Defender of mankind Male
Anastasia Resurrection Female
Anatolii From the east Male
Andrei Manly Male
Andrya Manly Male
Anoushka Grace, favour Female
Antinko Expressive Male
Anya Grace Female
Anton Highly praiseworthy Male
Arman Army man Male
Arseny Strong, virile Male
Azhdaya Slavic demonic dragon Male
Baba Yaga Mythical hag who flies through the
air in a mortar
Babushka Old woman Female
Baran Ram Male
Bayun Fictional cat from Russian fairy
Bazhen Wish Male
Bazhena Wish Female
Behemoth Enormous cat from the novel The
Master and Margarita
Berdy Very intelligent Male
Bohdan Gift from God Male
Bohdana Gift from God Female
Bolodenka Peaceful Male
Boris One who fights for glory Male
Borya Fighter Male
Boryenka Fighter Male
Brends Crowned with laurels Male
Brosno Lake in Russia Male
Burian Lives near the weeds Male
Cheslav Lives in a strong camp Male
Chort Russian demon Male
Czar Emperor Male
Cyzarine Royalty Female
Daniil God is my judge Male
Danya God’s gift Male
Dazhbog Slavic god of sun Male
Dema Calm Male
Dinara Wealth Female
Dmitry Follower of Demeter Male
Dominik Belonging to God Male
Dominika From the lord Female
Domovoy Slavic house spirit Male
Doroteya Gift of God Female
Edik Rich protector Male
Egor Farmer (Russian form of George) Male
Erik Eternal ruler Male
Eva Life Female
Evgenii Noble (Russian form of Eugene) Male
Fabi Bean farmer Male
Fadey Bold/brave Male
Faina Shining, crown Female
Fayina Free one Female
Fedor God’s gift Male
Fedya God’s gift Male
Fedyenka Gift from god (Russian form of Theodore) Male
Feliks Lucky (Russian form of Felix) Male
Feodora Divine gift Female
Filip Loves horses (Russian form of Philip) Male
Foma Twin Male
Fredek Peaceful ruler (Russian form of Frederick) Male
Fyodor God’s gift Male
Galina Calm, tranquil Female
Ganya Worships God Male
Gavrie Man of God Male
Gavriil Worships God Male
Gavrilovich Worships God Male
Gennady Generous, noble Male
Gregori On the watch Male
Grigor On the watch Male
Grigory Watchful Male
Hedeon Destroyer Male
Helge Holy Male
Hermitage Homage to the Hermitage cats who reside in the Hermitage Museum Unisex
Hors Slavic god of the solar disc Male
Igor Warrior of peace Male
Igoryok Farmer Male
Ilya My god is Jehovah Male
Innessa Chaste, purity Female
Inna Rough stream Female
Iosif Jehovah increases Male
Irina Peace, peaceful Female
Ivan Gracious gift from God (Russian
form of John)
Jasha Supplanter Male
Jeirgif Shining light Female
Jermija God’s appointed one Male
Karina Pure, chaste Female
Karol Strong Male
Karolek Strong Male
Katya Pure, perfect Female
Kira Leader of the people Female
Kiril Noble Male
Kisa Kitty Female
Kiska Pure Female
Klara Clear, bright Female
Kolenka Of the conquering people Male
Konstantine Constant Male
Koshechka Kitty Unisex
Kostya Constant Male
Kot Cat Unisex
Kotenok Kitten Unisex
Ksana Praise be to God Female
Lada Slavic goddess of beauty Female
Larisa Fortress, cheerful Female
Laurente Laurel (Russian form of Lawrence) Male
Lenya Lion Male
Leonid Lion-like Male
Leopold Cat from the movie Leopold the Cat Male
Lev Heart, lion Male
Likho Demon of misfortune Male
Luda Love of the people Female
Luka Light Male
Lyonechka Lion Male
Maks Great Male
Maksimillian Greatest Male
Manya Bitter Female
Marat Desired Male
Margarita Pearl Female
Marina Sea maiden Female
Marko God of war Male
Marzanna Goddess of winter and death Female
Matroskin Talking cat from the TV show The
Three from Prostokvashino
Matvey God’s gift Male
Maxim The greatest Male
Maya Dream Female
Matvey Gift of God Male
Mikhail Who is like God Male
Mila Loved by the people Female
Misha God like Unisex
Mokosh Goddess of fertility and protector
of women in childbirth
Moriz Moorish Male
Motka God’s gift Male
Nadenka Hope Female
Natalya The birthday of Christ Female
Nicolai Victory of the people (Russian form
of Nicholas)
Nika Born on Sunday Male
Nikita Victory of the people (Russian form
Oleg Holy Male
Olga Holy Female
Ony Eagle Male
Oriel Eagle Male
Pabiyan Bean farmer (Russian form of Fabian) Male
Pashenka Little Male
Pavel Small Male
Pavlik Little (Russian form of Paul) Male
Patenka Stone Male
Perun Slavic god of thunder Male
Polina Small, humble Female
Pyotr Rock (Russian form of Peter) Male
Raisa Easygoing Female
Rodion Song of the hero Male
Roman Roman Male
Rozhanitsy (Givers of
), Sudenitsy (Givers of fate), and Narechnitsy (Givers of destiny)
Slavic spirits of fate Female
Rurik Noted ruler Male
Rusalka Slavic water nymph Female
Sasha Helper and defender of mankind Unisex
Semyon God is heard (Russian form of
Serge An attendant Male
Simargl Slavic god of fire and fertility Male
Slavik Glory Male
Sonechka Wise Female
Sonya Wisdom Female
Stanislav Glory Male
Stefan Crowned with laurels Male
Stravinski, Igor Russian composer Male
Stribog Son of Perun and god of winds, air
and sky
Svarozhits Slavic fire god, son of Svarog Male
Svarog Slavic fire god Male
Svetlana Star Female
Taisiya Clever Female
Tanya Fairy princess Female
Tasha Born at Christmas (Russian form of
Tchaikovsky Russian composer Male
Tolenka From the east Male
Tosya Beyond expectation Male
Tuz Ace Unisex
Ulyana Youthful Female
Vadim Powerful ruler Male
Valentin Healthy, strong Male
Valerii Brave Male
Vanechka God’s gift Male
Vanka Grace, favoured by God Female
Vania God’s gift Female
Vas Royal Male
Veles Slavic shapeshifter god Male
Viktor Man of victory Male
Veniamin Son of the south Male
Veruschka Truth Female
Vladamir Renowned prince Male
Vladislav Has glory Male
Vodianoy Russian water sprite Male
Vsevolod Ruler of all Male
Vyacheslav Has glory Male
Woof Siamese cat from a Russian cartoon Male
Yekaterina Pure, innocent (Russian form of
Yelizaveta Consecrated to God Female
Yana God is gracious Female
Yegor Warrior, farmer Male
Yulia Youthful Female
Yuri Light of God Male
Zakhar God has remembered Male
Zoran Dawn Male
Zorya Goddess of dusk and dawn Female

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