Numnum Cat Drinking Milk Goes Viral

Numnum cat on Tiktok

The Internet was made for cats to cheer us up with cats such as Grumpy Cat who have been the inspiration for millions of cat memes. Internet users have even created their own cat and dog lingo to go along with cat memes and photos.

The latest cat to cheer up millions is a Scottish Shorthair named Leo, whose human posted a cute clip of him noisily drinking milk. Musician Sherzod Ergashev is credited with creating the original duet to play around with TikTok’s duett chain,  a feature that allows users to create content while appearing side by side with the original clip. More Tiktok musicians quickly joined in to create the masterpiece we have now.

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What is a Torbie Cat?

Patched tabby

What is a torbie cat?

Also known as a patched tabby, a torbie is a coat pattern made up of patches of red and brown tabby markings. The name is a combination of the terms tortoiseshell and tabby.

This unusual coat pattern is found almost exclusively in female cats which makes it sex-linked. Every kitten inherits one copy of each gene from both parents. The dominant orange gene is located on the X chromosome, females (XX) have two X chromosomes and males (XY) only have one.

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What is a Slonk Cat?

What is a slonk cat?

What is a slonk cat? A slonk cat is a long and slender cat and is essentially the opposite of the more widely used chonk, or overweight cat. As with most of these popular terms, it is hard to pinpoint the origins but the term is presumably a combination of slim or slender + long. … Read more

What is a Dilute Calico Cat?

Dilute calico cat

What is a dilute calico Cat?

Also known as a muted calico, a dilute calico cat is a domestic cat with a tri-colour coat comprised of grey (blue) and cream along with areas of white.

The muted grey and cream is caused by a single base deletion 1 bp in the melanophilin (MLPH) gene. This gene provides instructions for making melanophilin, a carrier protein found in pigment-producing melanocytes. Melanophilin is essential for the even distribution, transport, and translocation of melanin (pigment granules). Menalocytes are specialised cells that contain organelles known as melanosomes. Melanosomes synthesise, store and transport melanin out of the cell via the dendrites to neighbouring keratinocytes (keratin producing cells).

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What is a Caliby Cat?

Caliby exotic shorthair

What is a caliby cat?

A caliby is a type of coat colour/pattern which consists of areas of orange (red) and brown tabby with white. The name is a mix of calico + tabby = caliby.

Most cat lovers are familiar with tortoiseshell and calico cats. The tortoiseshell cat has patches of black and orange, brown and orange or grey and cream and the calico has patches of black and orange, brown and orange, grey and cream with the addition of areas of white. Cats displaying red and brown or cream and grey tabby patterns without the presence of white are known as patched tabbies.

Caliby cats can display the classic, mackerel or spotted tabby pattern. The photo below shows a caliby with spotted markings.

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