Calvin and Norman

Why Do Cats Chew Your Hair?

Every cat lover knows how much time cats spend grooming, second only to sleeping. Cats groom themselves (autogrooming) and cats who are closely bonded will often engage in social grooming… Read more »

Is holly toxic to cats?

Is Holly Toxic To Cats?

Holly is a genus of approximately 480 species of flowering shrubs, trees and climbers from tropics to temperate zones worldwide. The scientific name for this species is Ilex, with Ilex opaca and… Read more »

Aggression in cats

Aggression in Cats – Causes and Treatment

Predatory   Fear   Petting induced  Play   Redirected   Territorial  Inter Male  Medical causes   How to break up a cat fight Feline aggression is a serious behaviour which requires treatment.  It comes in several forms including:… Read more »