Why is my male cat peeing everywhere? Our vet shares what to do

Why is my male cat peeing everywhere

After our wedding, I moved in with my husband and his cat. Soon, the cat started spraying in the basement. Fortunately, I understood the behavior was a signal that his sense of security was disrupted, so we knew how to deal with his inappropriate urination. In this article, we’ll look at various reasons your male … Read more

Cat Pooping in the Litter Box But Peeing Outside? Here’s What to Do

Cat Pooping in the Litter Box But Peeing Outside

I had a call from a client one day asking why their cat was only using the litter box to poop but peeing in other places around the house. I explained that the inappropriate activity could have an underlying medical or behavioral cause and recommended an examination. In this article, we’ll look at various reasons … Read more

Why is My Female Cat Peeing Everywhere? Top Causes & Vet Tips

Why is My Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

A client called me on day to ask me why her cat was peeing anywhere but the litterbox. I explained there could be a medical reason her fastidious feline was avoiding the box. After asking questions to determine the history behind the undesirable behavior, I suggested the owner bring her cat in for an exam. … Read more

Why doesn’t my cat knead? Our Cat Behaviorist Explains

What is kneading? If you’ve been around cats for a while, you’ve seen a kitty alternately pressing and lifting their front paws in perfect rhythm as if they’re doing some sort of ritualistic dance. Some people call it ‘making biscuits,’ and perhaps our felines know something we don’t. Bakers know that you can’t make a … Read more

Do Cats Remember Owners & Other Cats, and For How Long?

cat and her owner

According to cognitive psychology, your short-term memory is about 30 seconds. Most research studies involving cats indicate that their short-term memory is about 16 hours. Perhaps your cat knows where you left your glasses! But how good is cats’ long-term memory, and, specifically, how long do cats remember their previous owners, litter mates, or other … Read more

Where do cats sleep outside at night (with 6 examples)

No matter how careful you are, even indoor cats will end up outside at some point. Is it safe for them to be outside? Many cat owners are concerned about the dangers of letting their cat sleep outside, but many cats do so unharmed every night. Cats are intelligent and resourceful creatures, and their natural … Read more

Do Sibling Cats Mate Together – And What to Do

Sibling Cats Mate Together

We are all taught that siblings shouldn’t breed, whether we believe it to be a moral issue or a purely scientific one. When it boils down to it, there are some issues that can crop up when siblings mate and produce kittens. To help us understand why sibling cats mate together, why they shouldn’t, and … Read more

Why Does My Cat Keep Chewing on Cardboard?

The package you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! You rip it open, seize the contents, and toss the box aside.  Before that cardboard even hits the floor, your cat is already rolling around in it. What is it with cats and boxes?  First off, cats love enclosed spaces, and cardboard can keep them warm. … Read more

Why did my cat just pee on me? How can I stop them?

cat just peed on owner

There are many frustrating things that can crop up on us as cat owners, and urination outside the litter box is chief among them. Even so, being peed on by your cat isn’t normal and should be considered cause for concern. Like being peed on by an infant, being peed on by a cat is … Read more

Should you leave a light on for your cat at night?

leave a light on for your cat

Cats are notorious for keeping us up at night, but are they really running about the house staying up while you sleep? Probably not. Contrary to popular belief, your cat is probably sleeping most of the time that you are. Cats are crepuscular, meaning that they are most active at dawn and dusk. Of course, … Read more