520+ Flower and Botanical Names For Male and Female Cats

We have hand picked over 520 flower and botanical themed names from all over the world along with their origins and meanings to help you find the perfect name for your cat.





Abeba Flower Swahili Female
Abebe Flower Swahili Male
Abilene Grass Hebrew Female
Acacia Thorny Greek Female
Acacius Thorny Greek Male
Acer Maple Latin Male
Acker Meadow of oak trees Dutch and German Male
Acton Village with oak trees English Male
Adair Ford of the oaks Scotland Female
Ainsley Wood, meadow English Female
Alameda Cottonwood grove Spanish Female
Alamo Poplar tree Spanish Male
Alani Orange tree Hawaiian Female
Aletris Corn grinder Spanish Unisex
Almila Red apple Turkish Female
Alyssum Flower Greek Female
Alyvia Olive Latin Female
Amapola Poppy Arabic Female
Amaryllis Flower Greek Female
Amidala Beautiful flower Italian Female
Amir Treetop Arabic Male
Anara Pomegranate flower Persian Female
Anemone Daughter of the wind Greek Female
Anise Spice Latin Female
Anthea Flowery Greek Female
Anzu Apricot Japanese Female
Aran Forest Thai Male
Arantxa Thornbush Basque Female
Arava Willow Hebrew Female
Arbor Tree Latin Unisex
Ardith Flowering field Hebrew Female
Arpad Seed Hungarian Male
Arvid Eagle wood Scandinavian Male
Ashby Ash tree farm English Male
Ashton Ash trees place English Male
Aster Star Greek Female
Avalon Island of apples Welsh Female
Avana Beautiful flower Swahili Female
Ayla Oak tree Hebrew Female
Ayonna Beautiful flower Swahili Female
Azalia Flowering shrub Greek Female
Azami Thistle flower Japanese Female
Babrak Little basilica flower Nigerian Male
Babul A tree Nigerian Male
Bahar Blossom Nigerian Female
Baibua Water lily Thai Female
Balsam Tree Latin Male
Banafsaj Violet flower Arabic Female
Banyan The God tree English Male
Barric Grain farm English Male
Basil Herb, king English Male
Baya Berry Spanish Female
Begonia Flower, Begon’s flower French Female
Belladonna Beautiful lady Italian Female
Bentley Bent grass, woodland clearing English Male
Bergamot Flower Italian Unisex
Bethany House of figs Hebrew Female
Birch Tree Anglo-Saxon Male
Blakeley Dark wood or clearing Anglo-Saxon Male
Bleuenn White flower French Female
Blodwen White flower Welsh Female
Blossom Petal English Female
Bluebell Flower English Female
Blueberry Fruit English Unisex
Bluma Flower Hebrew Female
Borage Botanical name
Latin Unisex
Bramble Shrub English Unisex
Briar Thorny patch English Female
Bryony Poisonous climbing vine, to sprout Latin Female
Buppha Flower Thai Female
Busaba Floral Thai Female
Busch Dweller near the bush German Male
Buttercup Flower, yellow wildflower English Female
Calantha Lovely flower Greek Female
Calla Flower Greek Female
Calendula Flower name, little months Latin Female
Callistemon Flower Latin Female
Calytrix Star flower Latin Female
Camelia Flower name, Kamel’s flower Latin Female
Canna Flower Italian Female
Cardinal Flower Latin Unisex
Cassia Cinnamon Greek Female
Cedar Tree Greek Male
Celandine Flower Greek Female
Celosia Plant name, burning Greek Unisex
Celyn Holly Welsh Female
Cerise Cherry French Female
Chamomile Herb, earth apple Greek Female
Chan Sweet smelling tree Cambodian Male
Chaney Oak tree French Male
Cherry Fruit, charity English Female
Chloe Young green shoot Greek Female
Cinnamon Spice Greek Unisex
Citron Lemon in French French Unisex
Clematis Flowering vine Greek Female
Clementine Citrus fruit, mild, merciful French Female
Cleome Spider flower Greek Female
Clove Spice German Unisex
Clover Key English Female
Cocoa Tree which produces cocoa beans used to make
Spanish Unisex
Coleus Perennial known for its colourful
Greek Unisex
Columbine Flower, dove Latin Female
Coriander Herb Greek Unisex
Corymbia Flowering gum tree Latin Female
Cosmos Flower, order, beauty Greek Unisex
Crisanta Golden flower Greek Female
Cullen Holly tree Irish Male
Cynara Thistly plant Greek Female
Cypress Tree French Unisex
Dahlia Flower, Dahl’s flower Latin Female
Dagan Corn, grain Hebrew Female
Daire Oak tree Irish Male
Daisy Flower, day’s eye English Female
Daphne Bay tree Greek Female
Dara Oak tree Irish Male
Delbin Flower Greek Female
Derowen Oak tree English Female
Dianella Australian plant Australian Female
Diantha Divine flower Greek Female
Dill Herb, loyal English Male
Dozier From willow French Male
Edelweiss Spring flower native to Europe, noble white German Female
Eila Oak tree Hebrew Female
Eilon Oak tree Hebrew Male
Elan Tree Native American Male
Elestren Iris English Female
Ellerie Island with elder trees English Male
Elodie White blossom French Female
Elm Tree, red/brown Anglo-Saxon Male
Elmore Moor with elm trees English Male
Elon Oak tree Hebrew Male
Elowen Elm English Female
Elwood Elder tree forest English Male
Eoghan Born of the yew tree Irish Male
Ettie Myrtle Persian Female
Euan Born of the yew tree Irish Male
Evanthe Fair flower Greek Female
Evora Yew tree Portuguese Female
Fennel Herb English Male
Fern Plant, bold voyager English Female
Fioralba Flower of the dawn Italian Female
Fiorella Little flower Italian Female
Fjola Violet flower Icelandic Female
Fleur Flower in French French Female
Flor Flower in Spanish Spanish Female
Flora Goddess of flower and spring season Latin Female
Florent Flowering Latin Male
Florentina Blooming Latin Female
Florian Flowering German Male
Florie Blooming Latin Female
Florin Flower Latin Male
Florizel Shakespearean invented name Male
Flory Flowering English Female
Flower Flower English Female
Forrest Woods English Male
Forsythia Forsyth’s flower Scottish Female
Fraser Strawberry French Male
Freesia Flower Latin Female
Fuscia Flower German Female
Garance Flower French Male
Gardenia Flower, Garden’s flower Scottish Female
Garnet Pomegranate Latin Male
Gelsey Flower Persian Female
Gelso Mulberry tree Italian Male
Geneva Juniper tree German Female
Ghatola Tulip Nigerian Female
Ghuncha Bunch of flowers Nigerian Female
Giacinta Hyacinth Italian Female
Ginger Spice, red/orange colour English Unisex
Golnar Pomegranate flower Persian Female
Grania Grain of corn Irish Female
Grove Grove of trees English, Scottish, Anglo-Norman Male
Grover Lives near a grove of trees German Male
Gulfsha Blossom flower Nigerian Female
Gulinar Pomegranate flower Nigerian Female
Gulista Flower garden Nigerian Female
Guljaan Beautiful flower Nigerian Female
Gulzar Rose garden Persian Unisex
Gwydion Born of trees Welsh Male
Hadar Citrus fruit Hebrew Male
Hadassah Maple tree Hebrew Female
Haina Beautiful flower Nigerian Female
Hana Flower Hebrew, Slavic, Czech Female
Hanako Flower child Japanese Female
Hazel Tree English Female
Hazelton Settlement near hazel trees English Male
Heath Someone who lived on or near a moor English Male
Heather Botanical name English Female
Heliotrope Botanical name Female
Hester Maple leaf Persian Male
Hideki Bright tree Japanese Male
Hollin Holly English Male
Hollis Near the holly bushes English Male
Holly Botanical name English Female
Honeysuckle Botanical name Female
Hosta Botanical name Unisex
Hoya Botanical name Unisex
Huon Botanical name, God is gracious Hebrew Male
Hyacinth Botanical name, blue larkspur, precious
Greek Female
Ianthe Violet flower Greek Female
Ikara Fragrance of rose Nigerian Female
Ilan Tree Hebrew Male
Iolantha Violet Greek Female
Iolanthe Violet flower Greek Female
Iris Botanical name, rainbow Greek Female
Ismenia Jasmine Persian Female
Ivara Yew tree German Female
Ivo Yew wood German, Irish, Dutch Male
Ivy Botanical name, vine English, Latin Female
Ixora Botanical name, lord Portuguese Female
Jacaranda Botanical name, fragrant Spanish Female
Jacenia Hyacinth Greek Female
Jacinda Hyacinth Spanish Female
Jacinta Hyacinth Spanish Female
Jarrah Botanical name, vessel Arabic Unisex
Jasmine Botanical name, gift from God Persian Female
Javor Maple tree Serbian Male
Jehan Beautiful flower Nigerian Female
Jessamine Jasmine French Female
Jessamy Jasmine French, Persian Female
Jonquil Botanical name, weed Latin, French, Spanish Female
Juhi A flower, jasmine Nigerian Unisex
Juniper Botanical name, young Latin Unisex
Kaede Maple tree Japanese Male
Kale Botanical name, free man Hawaiian Male
Kali Rosebud Greek Female
Kalei Flower wreath Hawaiian Female
Kalina Viburnum Slavic Female
Kamal Lotus Sanskrit Male
Kannika Flower Indian Female
Kantuta Flower Aymara Female
Kassiani Cinnamon Greek Female
Keya Monsoon flower Nigerian Female
Kayla Laurel Hebrew Female
Kelila Laurel Hebrew Female
Keziah Cassia tree Hebrew Female
Kielo Lily of the valley Finnish Female
Kirrily Tree bark Aboriginal Australian Female
Khloe Young green shoot Greek Female
Kiri Tree bark Aboriginal Australian Female
Kiva Lotus Nigerian Female
Kizzy Cassia tree Hebrew Female
Koru Spiral symbol of the unfurling fern
Māori Male
Kosum Flower Thai Female
Kukka Flower Finnish Female
Kulap Rose Thai Female
Kunzia Botanical name Australian Unisex
Lajwa Beautiful flowers Nigerian Female
Lala Laurel Bulgarian Female
Lala Flower Nigerian Female
Laleh Tulip Persian Female
Lantha Flower Greek Female
Laura Bay laurel Latin Female
Layah First flowers of spring Nigerian Female
Lapu Cedar bark Latin Male
Laramie Canopy of leafy boughs French Male
Lars Crowned with laurel Scandinavian Male
Larssi Laurel Finnish Male
Laura Laurel Latin Female
Laurel Botanical name Latin Female
Lavender Botanical name French Female
Layton Settlement with a leek garden Anglo-Saxon Male
Lennox Elm grove Scottish, Gaelic Male
Leilani Heavenly flower Polynesian Female
Leslie Garden of holly Scottish Female
Lian Lotus Chinese Male
Liana To climb like a vine French Female
Liko Leaf bud Hawaiian Male
Lila Lily Persian Female
Lilias Lily Scottish, Latin Female
Liliosa Lily Spanish Female
Lilium Lily Latin Female
Lilja Lily Finnish, Icelandic Female
Lily Botanical name English Female
Lilac Botanical name Latin Female
Lillian Lily French Female
Lillypilly Botanical name Unknown Female
Linden Linden tree hill German Male
Linnea Lime tree Finnish Female
Lita Garden Latin Female
Liu Willow tree Chinese Female
Lizar Ash tree Basque Male
Lobelia Botanical name English Female
Loretta Laurel, bay tree Italian Female
Lori Bay laurel English Female
Lotus Lotus flower Greek Unisex
Lowri Bay laurel Welsh Female
Luli Dewy jasmine Nigerian Female
Lunaria Botanical name, moon like Latin Female
Lychee Botanical name Chinese Unisex
Madelief Daisy Dutch Female
Magnolia Magnol’s flower Latin Female
Mahogany Rich, strong Spanish Female
Majani Leaf Swahili Female
Malee Jasmine Thai Female
Mali Jasmine flower Welsh Female
Malika Flower Nigerian Female
Malina Raspberry Bulgarian, Czech Female
Malus Apples Latin Male
Maple Tree, piece of cloth English Female
Marguerite Daisy, pearl French Female
Marigold Golden flower English Female
Maua Flower Swahili Female
Mawar Rose Indonesian Female
Mayo Yew tree plain Irish Male
Meadow Botanical name English, American Female
Meesha Marigold flower Persian Female
Melantha Dark flower Greek Female
Melora Golden apple Greek Female
Miki Flower stem Japanese Female
Millaray Golden flower Mapuche Female
Mimosa Botanical name Latin Female
Minttu Mint Finnish Female
Mio Beautiful cherry blossom Spanish Female
Mishana Everlasting flower Nigerian Female
Momoko Peach child Japanese Female
Móra Mulberry Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan Female
Muguet Lily French Female
Mulberry Botanical name Unisex
Myosotis Forget-me-not Female
Myron Fragrant shrub Greek Male
Myrtle Botanical name German Unisex
Naaman Sweet herbs Hebrew Male
Nahal A young plant Persian Female
Naim River with alder trees Scottish Male
Nairn River with alder trees Scottish, Gaelic Male
Nairne River with alder trees Scottish Female
Nanala Sunflower Hawaiian Female
Narcissa Daffodil Greek Female
Naretha Salt bush Aboriginal Australian Female
Narges Narcissus flower Persian Female
Nash By the ash tree English Male
Nasrin Wild rose Persian Female
Nea Flower Finnish Female
Neeja Lily Hindi Female
Nelda One who lives by the alder tree English Female
Nemesia Botanical name Greek Female
Nepeta Botanical name Unisex
Ngaire Flax flower New Zealand Female
Nigella Botanical name, champion, black English Female
Niloufar Blue lotus Persian Female
Nima Margosa tree Hebrew Female
Nisreen White rose Persian Female
Nita To plant Spanish Female
Nizana Flower bud Hebrew Female
Noushad Flower Nigerian Male
Noyce Walnut tree English Male
Nutmeg Botanical name Unisex
Oakley Oak clearing English Unisex
Olea Olive Spanish Female
Oleana Oleander Greek Female
Oleander Botanical name, evergreen tree Greek Unisex
Olive Botanical name Greek Female
Oliver Olive tree Greek Male
Oregano Botanical name Unisex
Oren Laurel or pine tree Hebrew Male
Ornella Flowering ash tree Italian Female
Orin Flower Nigerian Female
Orquidea Orchid Spanish Female
Orvokki Pansy Finnish Female
Palash Flowery tree Hindi Male
Panra Leaf Pakistani Female
Pansy Botanical name, thought English Female
Papatya Daisy Turkish Female
Paprika Botanical name Unisex
Pariza Flower Nigerian Female
Parker Park keeper Male
Patrin Leaf trail Romanian Male
Pema Lotus flower Tibetian Male
Pemma Lotus flower Tibetan Female
Penthia Flower Greek Female
Peony Botanical name, healing Latin Female
Peri Fruit English Female
Perry Dweller near a pear tree English, Welsh Male
Petal Botanical name, leaf Greek Female
Petunia Botanical name English, Scottish Female
Phila Rowan tree Finnish Female
Phyllis Foliage Greek Female
Phyllon Leaf Greek Male
Picotee Flowers with a second colour around
the edges
French Female
Pitney Dry ground in moss English Male
Plumeria Botanical name Female
Pom Apple French Male
Pomeline Apple French Female
Pomona Apple Latin Female
Poppy Botanical name, red flower Latin Female
Posey A bunch of flowers English Female
Pouneh Flower Nigerian Female
Primrose First rose English Female
Primula First rose Latin Female
Pua Flower Hawaiian Female
Pumpkin Botanical name Unisex
Quennel Dweller at the little oak tree French Male
Quince Botanical name Latin Unisex
Quynh Night blooming flower Vietnamese Female
Rada Rose Yiddish Female
Rayhan Sweet basil Nigerian Male
Raizel Rose Yiddish Female
Randa Desert tree Latin Female
Rapunzel Lamb’s lettuce German Female
Ratree Jasmine flower Thai Female
Rayen Flower Chilean Female
Ren Water lily, lotus Japanese Male
Reyaana Jasmine flower Nigerian Female
Rhoda Rose Greek, Latin Female
Rhodes Where roses grow English Male
Rhoswen White rose Welsh Female
Rhubarb Botanical name Unisex
Rhoda Rose Greek, Latin Female
Rhodantha Rose Greek Female
Rimon Pomegranate Nigerian Male
Rimona Pomegranate Hebrew Female
Rodas Rose garden Greek Female
Roise Rose Irish Female
Roisin Little rose Irish Female
Romy Diminutive of Rose German Female
Rosa Rose Spanish, Italian, Latin Female
Rosalie Rose French Female
Rose Botanical name Latin Female
Rosella Botanical name Italian Female
Rosemary Herb name, dew of the sea Latin Female
Rosen Rose, burning bush German, Bulgarian Female
Rosette Rose, a flower English Female
Rowan Tree English, Irish Unisex
Rue Herb, regret English Female
Rumeesha White rose Nigerian Female
Russu Rose Finnish Female
Ruzena Rose Nigerian Female
Sabra Prickly pear Hebrew Female
Sadira Lotus tree Persian Female
Saffron Spice name English Female
Sage Herb name Latin Unisex
Sakura Cherry blossom Japanese Female
Saleha Flower Nigerian Female
Salix Botanical name Latin Male
Salton Place in the willows English, Scottish Male
Sanaira Flower Nigerian Female
Sanna Lily Finnish Female
Sanne Lily German Female
Savannah Flat tropical grassland Spanish Female
Selby From the willow farm English Male
Sericea Botanical name Latin Female
Shatrevar Flower Persian Male
Sherwood Luminous wood English Male
Shokoufeh Blossom Persian Female
Sireli Lilac flower Estonian Female
Soma Dogwood tree Japanese Unisex
Sorrel Botanical name, reddish/brown French, German Unisex
Sprout Botanical name English, German Unisex
Spruce Botanical name English Unisex
Stockard Tree stump Scottish Female
Sumalee Beautiful flower Thai Female
Susan Lily Hebrew Female
Sylvan From the forest English Male
Sylvia From the forest Latin Female
Sylvie From the forest French Female
Taima Sapling Finnish Female
Tamala Dark tree African Female
Tamar Date palm tree Hebrew Female
Tandy Flower English, Irish Female
Tansy Botanical name English Female
Terhi Acorn Finnish Female
Tetty Lily flower English Female
Thallo Bringer of blossoms Greek Female
Thistle Botanical name English Unisex
Tilia Linden tree Greek Female
Tupelo Swamp tree Native American Unisex
Ubah Flower Nigerian Female
Ubon Lotus flower Thai Female
Udell Yew tree valley English Male
Umeko Plum-blossom child Japanese Female
Urki Birch tree Basque Female
Vanamo Twin flower Finnish Female
Varda Rose, pink Hebrew Female
Varpu Berry bush Finnish Female
Vasima Flower Nigerian Female
Verbena Sacred foliage Spanish, Latin Female
Vered Rose Hebrew Female
Vernon Alder tree English Male
Vesa Sapling Finnish Female
Viola Violet Latin Female
Violante Purple flower Spanish, Greek Female
Violet Botanical name, purple Latin Female
Violeta Botanical name, purple Latin Female
Vivendel Honeysuckle flower Norwegian Unisex
Vuokko Anemone flower Finnish Female
Wasabi Botanical name Japanese Unisex
Wattle Botanical name Anglo-Saxon Unisex
Wellesley A farm among the willows English Female
Wilford Willow ford English Male
Willoughby Farm near the willows English Unisex
Willow Botanical name English Female
Winika Christmas orchid Māori Female
Xochitl Flower Aztec Female
Xylia Wood dweller Greek Female
Yas Jasmine Nigerian Male
Yasmeenah Jasmine flower Nigerian Female
Yasmin Jasmine flower Persian Female
Yasna White rose Nigerian Female
Ye Leaf Chinese Female
Yesenia Floral Spanish Female
Yesenia Flower Nigerian Female
Yolanda Violet flower Greek Female
Yves Yew wood French Male
Yvette Yew tree French Female
Zabin Flower blooming Nigerian Female
Zahara Flower Arabic Female
Zahoor Blossom Arabic Male
Zamya Blooming flower Nigerian Female
Zania Beautiful Nigerian Female
Zaria Rose Arabic Female
Zea Grain Latin Female
Zera Seeds Hebrew Female
Zetta Olive Hebrew Female
Zila Flower Nigerian Female
Zinnia Botanical name, Zinn’s flowers Latin Female
Zufaa Flower tree Nigerian Female
Zumaifa Flower Nigerian Female
Zumar Elm tree Basque Female


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