200+ Vintage Cat Names and Their Meanings: Male and Female

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  • Vintage cat names and meanings. Are you looking for a unique vintage name for a new cat? We have collated a list of classic vintage names.




    Abraham Father of multitudes Male
    Ada Nobility Female
    Adela Noble or serene Female
    Adelaide Noble Female
    Agnes Pure Female
    Albert Noble, bright Male
    Alfie Counsel Male
    Alfred Counsel Male
    Alice Of nobility Female
    Alma Kind, lifts the spirit Female
    Alois Famous warrior Male
    Alvin Noble friend Male
    Ambrose Immortal Male
    Amelia Work Female
    Amos Carried by God Male
    Archibald Truly brave Male
    Arlene Free Female
    Arlo Rock hill, fortified hill Male
    Arthur Bear Male
    Asher Happy Male
    Astrid Divinely beautiful Female
    Atticus From Attica Male
    Audrey Noble strength Female
    Augusta Majestic Female
    Avril April Female
    Barnaby Son of consolation Male
    Barney Defender, son of comfort Male
    Barry Fair headed Male
    Basil Regal Male
    Beatrice She who brings happiness Female
    Benedict Blessed Male
    Bernard Strong as a bear Male
    Bernice Brings victory Female
    Bert Bright Male
    Bertha Bright one Female
    Beryl Semiprecious stone Female
    Betty Diminutive form of Elizabeth Female
    Blanche White Female
    Bonnie Fine, pretty, charming Female
    Boris Battle glory Male
    Bridget Noble Female
    Calvin Little bald one Male
    Candida Dazzling white Female
    Cecil Blind Male
    Clara Bright and clear Female
    Clarence Bright Male
    Clementine Merciful Female
    Cletus Called forth Male
    Clifford Ford by a cliff Male
    Clinton Town on a hill Male
    Clive Cliff Male
    Clyde From the riverbank Male
    Constance (Connie) Constant Female
    Cora Maiden Female
    Cornelius Strong willed, wise Male
    Cyril Master, lord Male
    Daisy Day’s eye Female
    Delbert Noble and bright Male
    Delia From Delos Female
    Dewey Beloved Male
    Dolores Sorrowful Female
    Dora Gift Female
    Doris Gift Female
    Dougal Dark stranger Male
    Earl Warrior Male
    Edgar Wealthy spearman Male
    Edith Riches of blessed Female
    Edmund Prosperity or riches Male
    Edna Rejuvenation Female
    Edwin Rich friend Male
    Eileen Desired Female
    Elbert Bright Male
    Elmer Noble Male
    Eloise Healthy, wide Female
    Elsie God is my oath Female
    Emil Rival Male
    Engelbert Angel bright Male
    Erma Universal Female
    Ernest Resolute Male
    Ervin Friend Male
    Esme Beloved Female
    Estelle Star Female
    Ethel Noble Female
    Etta Ruler of the home Female
    Eugene Noble Male
    Eunice Joyous victory Female
    Evelyn Beautiful bird Female
    Ezra Help Male
    Fannie Free Female
    Felix Happy, fortunate Male
    Flora Flower Female
    Florence Blossoming Female
    Floyd Grey haired Male
    Freda Peace Female
    Freya A noblewoman Female
    Gene Well born Male
    George Farmer Male
    Gerald Spear ruler Male
    Gertrude Strength of a spear Female
    Gilbert Shining pledge Male
    Gladys Of royalty Female
    Grace God’s grace Female
    Hank Home ruler Male
    Harold Army ruler Male
    Harriet Power, ruler Female
    Harvey Eager for battle Male
    Hazel Hazel tree Female
    Heinz Home ruler Male
    Henry House ruler Male
    Herbert Warrior Male
    Herman Army man Male
    Hilda Battle Female
    Homer Pledge Male
    Honor Dignity Female
    Horace Man of time Male
    Hubert Mind bright Male
    Ida Industrious Female
    Inez Pure, virginal Female
    Ira Full grown Male
    Iris Goddess of the rainbow Female
    Irvin Handsome Male
    Isadora Gift of Isis Female
    Ivy Vine Female
    Jasper Treasurer Male
    Jerome Sacred name Male
    Josie God will increase Female
    Kelvin River man Male
    Lawrence Man from Laurentum Male
    Leo Lion Male
    Leon Lion Male
    Lester Walled city Male
    Levi Joined in harmony Male
    Leyland Fallow land Male
    Lila Night, beauty, dark Female
    Lucille Light Female
    Lula Famous warrior Female
    Luther Soldier to the people Male
    Mabel Lovable Female
    Maeve She who rules Female
    Marvin Sea hill Male
    Maurice Dark skinned Male
    Mavis Songbird Female
    Melvin Gentle lord Male
    Mildred Gentle strength Female
    Milo Soldier Male
    Moira Destiny Female
    Montgomery From the hill of the powerful man Male
    Nancy Grace Female
    Ned Wealthy guardian Male
    Nellie Shining light Female
    Nina Little girl Female
    Nora Honorable one Female
    Norma From the north Female
    Norman Man from the north Male
    Olga Blessed Female
    Olive Olive tree Female
    Opal Jewel Female
    Ophelia Help Female
    Orville Golden town Male
    Oscar Spear of the gods Male
    Otis Wealth Male
    Otto Wealth, prosperity Male
    Pearl A gem of the sea Female
    Percival One who pierces the valley Male
    Percy One who pierces the valley Male
    Phyllis Foliage Female
    Prudence Good judgment Female
    Regina Queen Female
    Reginald Counsel power Male
    Rita Pearl Female
    Roger Famous warrior Male
    Roland Famous throughout the land Male
    Rosemary Dew of the sea Female
    Rosie Rose flower Female
    Royston Vigorous Male
    Ruby Red Female
    Rufus Red head Male
    Rupert Famous, bright Male
    Sadie Princess Female
    Salvatore Saviour Male
    Samuel Told by God Male
    Serge Servant Male
    Shirley Bright meadow Female
    Sidney Saint Denis Male
    Stanley Stony meadow Male
    Sylvia Forest Female
    Thelma Will Female
    Theodore Gift of God Male
    Velma With gilded helmet Female
    Vera Faith Female
    Vernon Place of alders Male
    Victor Conqueror Male
    Vincent To conquer Male
    Viola Violet Female
    Violet Purple Female
    Virgil Flourishing Male
    Vivian Alive Female
    Wallace Foreign, stranger Male
    Wallis Foreign Female
    Walter Commander of the army Male
    Wanda Shepherdess, wanderer Female
    Wesley West meadow Male
    Wilbert Bright will Male
    Wilbur Resolute, brilliant Male
    Wilfred Desires peace Male
    Willard Brave Male
    Winifred Blessed peacemaking Female
    Winston Joyful stone Male

    Feature image: Rohmat Zainal abidin, Shutterstock


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