Cat Straining to Pee But Urine is Not Coming Out: What to Do

cat urinating in litter box

As a veterinarian, I’ve seen my fair share of feline urinary health issues. Urinary difficulties are both common and potentially very serious, particularly if unnoticed or left untreated. One of the symptoms often reported by owners is their cat straining to pee with little urine output. This could indicate a potentially life-threatening emergency such as … Read more

Pictures of A Cat’s Pregnancy Timeline [Week by Week]

Cat's Pregnancy Timeline

For uncomplicated cat pregnancies, most of the work and monitoring are done at home, not in the veterinary hospital. That makes it important that you recognize what’s normal and abnormal for a cat pregnancy. With that in mind, here is what your feline friend’s pregnancy should look like week by week so that you know … Read more

Does My Cat Know I Love Her?

My Cat Know I Love Her

We joke about our cats ruling our home, life, and schedule, but there is a reason such stereotypes come about. Cats are territorial, finicky creatures of habit, and we love them so much that we are willing to give them what they want. (Within reason, of course, although what could be considered good reason might … Read more

Why Does My Cat Love Belly Rubs? A Cat Expert Explains

cat loving a belly rub

While dogs are known to enjoy belly rubs, cats are literally a different breed. Cats flip onto their back, exposing their bellies. We think it’s an invitation when it’s showing their trust. Feline’s most vital organs are in the belly, and exposing it to you is a sign of trust. Though some do, most cats … Read more