Why Do Animal Shelters Charge an Adoption Fee?

Why do shelters charge an adoption fee?

How much does it cost to adopt a cat from a shelter?

The adoption fee can range from $100 to $250. Factors that influence the price are the age and the health of the cat. Kittens are the most expensive, followed by adult cats, seniors and cats with underlying health conditions (such as diabetes) or disabilities generally cost the least.

Why does it cost so much to adopt from a shelter?

Most of us know that animal shelters are at or over capacity, so why do they charge for us to adopt an animal?

Animal shelters are not for profit charities with huge expenses which include pet food, cat litter, disinfection, veterinary fees, medicine, parasite control, electricity, maintenance, staff wages, accounting fees, insurance, property rent or mortgage and council fees.

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Cat Hanging Around-What Should You Do?

What to do about a cat hanging around

Why is a cat hanging around?

There are several reasons a cat may appear at your doorstep. It is lost, it is a stray, or it is a local cat who is exploring the neighbourhood. There are clues to evaluate if the cat has a home or is living on the streets. This can help to determine what to do next.

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Cat-Friendly Homes

Cat friendly homes

What is a cat-friendly home?

A cat-friendly home is a home that meets the physical, behavioural and emotional needs of the cat. It is not enough to adopt a cat and provide fresh food and water, they have emotional and physical needs too. We take a look at what is involved in providing a cat-friendly home.

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11 Cat Care Tips For First Time Cat Owners

Cat care tips for first time owners

Cat care tips for the first time owner

You’re ready to adopt your first cat, our cat care tips help first-time cat owners navigate the wonderful world of cats so that you and your cat get off on the best foot (and paw).

Cat care begins before the cat arrives home, research and preparation are both vital to ensure you know what to expect and the home is ready for the cat to move into.

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How Did The Longhaired Cat Occur?

Longhaired cats

At a glance The coat of a longhaired cat occurred due to a mutation (alteration) of the FGF5 gene (fibroblast growth factor-5), which is thought to be an inhibitor of hair elongation. The longhair mutation is thought to have originated in Russia before migrating to other parts of the world. Longhaired cats have an advantage … Read more

How To Safely Clean Litter Trays

How to safely clean litter trays

Litter tray maintenance is important to ensure it remains clean and appealing for the cat to use, but also because cat feces can carry several pathogens and parasites with the potential to infect humans.

As a rule, each home should have one litter tray per cat, plus one extra. So a home with two cats would have three litter trays. Too few, and the trays can become dirty too fast which can lead to litter tray refusal.

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How Do Working People Take Care Of A Cat?

How do working people care for their cat?

Working full time and caring for a cat

Cats have a reputation for being easy to care for, and while there is some truth to that, cats do still have needs. With an increasing number of the population working full time, people considering a cat have to be aware of just what is involved and if full-time workers can care for a cat.

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Complete Guide to Caring for Cats

Complete guide to caring for cats

Choosing a cat

Choosing a cat

Factors to consider include purebred or mixed breed, male or female, quiet or talkative, affectionate vs independent, kitten or adult. All of these are important to decide ahead of time. Some cats are quite happy to be alone and snooze while their human family is at work, other cats need more companionship and interaction and do not do well if left for extended periods. In which case, two cats are recommended so they are not alone for hours.

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