270 French Cat Names (With Meanings): Male and Female

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  • Are you looking for a uniquely French name for a new feline addition? We have collated a list of 270 classic French names, food, places, and notable French people to help you find the perfect name for your cat.




    Achille Thin lipped Male
    Adele Noble (French form of Adelaide) Female
    Adeline Noble (French diminutive of Adele) Female
    Aimée Beloved Female
    Alizée Trade wind Female
    Allura To entice Female
    Alouette Lark Female
    Alphonse Noble Male
    Amélie Work (French form of Amelia) Female
    André Strong and manly Male
    Angelique French diminutive of Angela Female
    Annabelle Loving Female
    Annette Grace Female
    Anse Cove Male
    Antoinette Priceless one Female
    Arielle Lion of God Female
    Arlette Honour, noble Female
    Armand Soldier Male
    Aramis French literary name Male
    Aubin Blonde Male
    Aubrey Elf ruler Female
    Avril French variation of April Female
    Axelle Father of peace Female
    Ballou From Bellou Male
    Basile Regal Male
    Bastien Person from the ancient city of Sebastien Male
    Beau Handsome Male
    Beauchamp Beautiful field Female
    Beline Goddess Female
    Bellamy Fine friend Female
    Belle Beautiful (short form of Isabelle) Female
    Benilde Good Female
    Benoît Blessed Male
    Bertille Heroine Female
    Bertrand Magnificent crow Male
    Bevis Son of Evan Male
    Bijou Jewel Female
    Blaise To lisp, stammer Male
    Blanche White Female
    Bleu Blue Unisex
    Bonaparte, Napoleon French military leader Male
    Bouvier Herdsman Male
    Bretton From Brittany Male
    Brielle Hunting grounds Female
    Brigitte Strength Female
    Cadeau Gift Female
    Camille Young ceremonial attendant Female
    Cantrelle Song Female
    Caprice Impulsive change of mind Female
    Cecile Feminine form of Cecil Female
    Celine Heavenly Female
    Cerise Cherry Female
    Chandler Candle maker Male
    Chanel Dweller near the canal Female
    Chaney Oak tee Male
    Chantal Boulder Female
    Chantilly White Female
    Charlot French nickname for Charles Male
    Chat Cat Male
    Chase To hunt Male
    Chatte Cat Female
    Cher Beloved Female
    Cherie Darling Female
    Ciel Sky Female
    Cinderella Little ash girl Female
    Citron Lemon Female
    Claiborne Boundary with clover Male
    Claude Lame Male
    Claudette Feminine form of Claude Female
    Clementine Mild, merciful Female
    Coco (Chanel) French fashion designer Female
    Colette People of victory, famous French author and cat lover Female
    Coralie Coral Female
    Corbeau Raven Unisex
    Corinne Maiden Female
    Cosette Little thing Female
    Croix Cross Male
    Curtis Polite Female
    Cyrille Lordly Male
    Damica Open, friendly Female
    Darcy Dark one Unisex
    Darrell Dear one Male
    Dax French place name Male
    Delmore Of the sea Male
    Delphine Dolphin Female
    Delroy Servant of the king Male
    Desi Desired Female
    Diggory Lost one Male
    Dimanche Sunday Male
    Doré Gilded Female
    Dory Gift of God Female
    Drury Dear one Male
    Dumas Of the little farm Male
    Duval Of the valley Male
    Edwige War Female
    Elise Pledged to God Female
    Elodie Foreign riches Female
    Eloise Healthy, wide Female
    Emmanuelle God is with us Female
    Emmeline Work (French form of Emma and Emily) Female
    Eponine French literary name Female
    Ermine Weasel French
    Esmé Beloved Female
    Estelle Star Female
    Etienne Garland, crown (French form of Stephen) Male
    Étoile Star Female
    Eulalie Sweet speaking Female
    Fabienne Bean grower Female
    Fabron Young blacksmith Male
    Faron Handsome servant Male
    Fayette Faith Male
    Fermin Strong Male
    Fifi Diminutive of Josephine Female
    Fleur Flower Female
    Florin Flower, flourishing Male
    Fort Strong Male
    François French variation of Francis Male
    Frostine Freezing Female
    Gable Triangular feature in architecture Male
    Gabrielle God is my strength Female
    Gage Oath Male
    Garnet Pomegranate Female
    Garson To protect Male
    Gaspard Bringer of treasure Male
    Gay Joyful Female
    Gaylord Brisk, high spirited Male
    Genevieve Tribe woman Female
    Geraldine Ruler with a spear Female
    Germaine From Germany Male
    Gervaise Skilled with a spear Male
    Ghislaine Pledge Female
    Harriet Estate ruler Female
    Héloïse Healthy, wide Female
    Henrietta Estate ruler Female
    Hervé Battle worthy Male
    Isabelle Pledged to God Female
    Janvier January Female
    Jeune Young Female
    Jolie Pretty Female
    Josephine Jehovah increases Female
    Juliet Youthful, downy haired Female
    Julienne Youthful Female
    Juliette Little Julia Female
    Justine Fair Female
    Lafayette Faith Male
    Lanier Wool worker Male
    Laurent French form of Lawrence Male
    Laverne Spring like Female
    Lazare God is my helper Male
    Leandre Lion-man Male
    Lebron Brown haired one Male
    Leelee Short form of Liliane Female
    Leroy The king Male
    Liana To climb a vine Female
    Lilou Pet form of Liliane Female
    Linnet Flaxen haired Female
    Lionel Young lion Female
    Lisette Pledged to God Female
    Lorraine From the province of Lorraine Female
    Lucida Lucid, clear Female
    Lucien Light Male
    Lucille Light Female
    Luis Renowned warrior Male
    Lunette Warrior Female
    Lyle Someone who lives on an island Male
    Madeline French form of Magdalen Female
    Maelle, Mael Chief or prince Female
    Maison House Male
    Mallory Unfortunate Female
    Manette Diminutive of Marie Female
    Marcel Little warrior Male
    Marceline Little warrior Female
    Marcellus Young warrior Male
    Mardi Tuesday Female
    Margaux French spelling variation of Margo Female
    Margot French diminutive of Margaret Female
    Marguerite French diminutive of Margaret Female
    Marian, Marianne Star of the sea, grace Female
    Martine Warlike Female
    Mauve Mauve coloured Female
    Mercer Merchant Female
    Merle Blackbird Male
    Miette Pearl, little one Female
    Mignon Delicate Female
    Mimi Diminutive of Mary, Mirium Female
    Minette Star of the sea, kitten Female
    Minou Kitty Female
    Mirabelle Marvellous Female
    Mireille To admire Female
    Monique Advisor Female
    Montague Pointy hill Male
    Nadine Hope (French form of Nadia) Female
    Neville New town Male
    Ninon Grace Female
    Noel Christmas Male
    Noelle Christmas Female
    Noely Variation of Noel Female
    Norris Northerner Male
    Nouvel New Male
    Odette Wealthy Female
    Odilia Wealth, fortune Female
    Olivier Olive tree Male
    Ophélie French variation of Ophelia Female
    Oriane Sunrise Female
    Orville Gold town Male
    Ottilie Prosperous in battle (feminine variation of Otto,
    Page Attendant Female
    Paladin Of the palace Male
    Pascal From the passover Male
    Penelope (Pussycat) Name, and character from Loony Tunes cartoons
    featuring the French skunk Pepé le pew
    Philbert Dear, beloved Male
    Pierre French variation of Peter Male
    Pierrette Rock Female
    Percival One who pierces the valley Male
    Percy One who lives in the valley Male
    Pomeline Apple Female
    Prue Tailor Female
    Quane Clever Male
    Quay Wharf Male
    Ranger Forest guardian Male
    Raine Queen Female
    Raoul Wolf-counsel Male
    Regis Royal Male
    Reinette Little queen Female
    Remy Oarsman Female
    Rene Reborn Male
    Robina Feminine variation of Robin Female
    Romilly Citizen of Rome Female
    Roux Russet Female
    Russell Red haired Male
    Sabine French form of Sabina Female
    Sacha Defending warrior Male
    Salomé Peace Female
    Sandrine French version of Alexandra Female
    Satine Shiny, smooth Female
    Seraph The burning one Male
    Seraphine Burning ones Female
    Severine Stern Female
    Sidonie From Sidon Female
    Simone To be heard Female
    Solange Solemn Female
    Soleil Sun Female
    Solstice When the sun stands still Female
    Sophie French variation of Sophia Female
    Sorrel Reddish brown Male
    Sylvain Wood, forest Male
    Sylvie From the forest Female
    Tali Dew Female
    Terre Earth Male
    Thierry Ruler of the people Male
    Thoreau Strength of a bull Male
    Toussaint All saints Male
    Travis Tollgate keeper Male
    Vachel One who raises cows Male
    Vardon Green knoll Male
    Vermont Green mountain Male
    Vianne French blend of Vivian and Ann Female
    Vidal Vital, life Male
    Vallis From Wales French
    Vedette Leading actor Female
    Vrai True Male
    Yanis Gift of God Male
    Yann God is gracious Male
    Yves Yew wood Male
    Yvette Yew wood Female
    Zachalie French variation of Zachary Male
    Zélie Noble Female
    Zenaida The life of Zeus Female
    Zerline Beautiful dawn Female



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