100+ Vintage Cat Names For Female Cats

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  • Female vintage cat names and meanings. Are you looking for a unique vintage name for a new cat? We have collated a list of classic vintage names.



    Ada Nobility
    Adela Noble or serene
    Adelaide Noble
    Agatha Good, honourable
    Agnes Pure
    Alice Of nobility
    Alma Kind, lifts the spirit
    Alva White
    Amelia Work
    Arlene Free
    Astrid Divinely beautiful
    Audrey Noble strength
    Augusta Majestic
    Beatrice She who brings happiness
    Bernice Brings victory
    Bertha Bright one
    Beryl Semiprecious stone
    Betty Diminutive form of Elizabeth
    Blanche White
    Bonnie Fine, pretty, charming
    Bridget Noble
    Candida Dazzling white
    Clara Bright and clear
    Clementine Merciful
    Constance (Connie) Constant
    Cora Maiden
    Daisy Day’s eye
    Delia From Delos
    Dolores Sorrowful
    Dora Gift
    Doris Gift
    Edith Riches of blessed
    Edna Rejuvenation
    Eileen Desired
    Eloise Healthy, wide
    Enid Spirit, life
    Elsie God is my oath
    Erma Universal
    Esme Beloved
    Estelle Star
    Ethel Noble
    Etta Ruler of the home
    Eunice Joyous victory
    Eva Life
    Eve Life
    Evelyn Beautiful bird
    Faith Devotion
    Fannie Free
    Fay Fairy
    Flora Flower
    Florence Blossoming
    Freda Peace
    Freya A noblewoman
    Gertrude Strength of a spear
    Gilda Golden
    Gladys Of royalty
    Gloria Immortal glory
    Grace Grace of God
    Harriet Power, ruler
    Hazel Hazel tree
    Hilda Battle
    Hester Star
    Honor Dignity
    Ida Industrious
    Imogen Maiden
    Inez Pure, virginal
    Iris Goddess of the rainbow
    Isadora Gift of Isis
    Ivy Vine
    Josie God will increase
    Lila Night, beauty, dark
    Lucille Light
    Lula Famous warrior
    Mabel Lovable
    Mae Goddess of springtime
    Maeve She who rules
    Mavis Songbird
    Mildred Gentle strength
    Moira Destiny
    Nancy Grace
    Nellie Shining light
    Nina Little girl
    Nora Honorable one
    Norma From the north
    Olga Blessed
    Olive Olive tree
    Opal Jewel
    Ophelia Help
    Pearl A gem of the sea
    Phyllis Foliage
    Prudence Good judgment
    Regina Queen
    Rita Pearl
    Rosemary Dew of the sea
    Rosie Rose flower
    Ruby Red
    Sadie Princess
    Shirley Bright meadow
    Sylvia Forest
    Thelma Will
    Velma With gilded helmet
    Vera Faith
    Viola Violet
    Violet Purple
    Vivian Alive
    Wallis Foreign
    Wanda Shepherdess, wanderer
    Winifred Blessed peacemaking

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