160+ Winter Cat Names (With Meanings): Male and Female

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  • Have you adopted a cat during the winter months, or just love the season and are looking for a winter-themed name? We have created a list of winter-themed names to suit any cat.




    Alaska Place name Unisex
    Alba White Unisex
    Angel Angels are associated with Christmas Female
    Antler Reindeer antlers Unisex
    Apricity Warmth of the sun in winter Female
    Arctic Bear Unisex
    Aslan The lion from The Chronicles of Narnia Male
    Aspen Popular ski resort in North America Unisex
    Aster Means star, which is associated with Christmas Unisex
    Aubin White Male
    Avalanche An avalanche of snow Unisex
    Avery Ruler of elves Female
    Bailey George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life Female
    Balsam Evergreen tree associated with
    Balthazar One of the three wise men Male
    Bear Polar bear Unisex
    Bell/Bella Christmas bell Female
    Berf Snow in Kurdish Unisex
    Bethany Bethlehem Female
    Bianca White in Italian Female
    Bing Bing Crosby, who sang I’m
    Dreaming of a White Christmas
    Blanc White in French, masculine Male
    Blanche White in French, feminine Female
    Blizzard Snow blizzard Unisex
    Bodhi Awakening, enlightening, comes from the Buddhist holiday in December Male
    Boots Winter boots Unisex
    Greek god of the cold north wind and the bringer of winter
    Candy Candy cane Female
    Carol Christmas carol Female
    Chan Snow in Chinese Unisex
    Charlie Charlie Brown Male
    Cherith Winter stream Female
    Chestnut Roasted chestnuts are popular in winter Unisex
    Chill Another word for cold Unisex
    Christian Follower of Christ, born in winter (in the Northern Hemisphere) Male
    Christina Feminine form of Christian Female
    Clara From The Nutcracker Female
    Claus Santa Claus Male
    Clementine A citrus fruit given at Christmas Female
    Coco Popular winter drink Unisex
    Cole Sometimes put in the stocking of children, used to
    warm the house in winter
    Cortina Ski resort Unisex
    Cranberry A berry traditionally eaten with turkey at Christmas Unisex
    Crystal Ice crystal Unisex
    Cypress An evergreen tree Unisex
    Daphne Winter flowering plant Female
    December Month of the year, which has the shortest day in the
    Northern Hemisphere
    Ded Moroz Slavic version of Santa Claus Male
    Demi Greek goddess of winter Female
    Demetria Greek goddess of winter Female
    Winter birthstone Female
    Dionysus God of the grape harvest, Brumalia was a festival held every December in honour of Dionysus
    Douglas Douglas fir, a popular evergreen
    Christmas tree
    Dove The dove is commonly associated
    with Christmas
    Drift Snowdrift Unisex
    Ebenezer Ebeneezer Scrooge, from Male
    Edur Snow in Basque Male
    Eira Snow in Welsh Female
    Eirlys Snowdrop in Welsh Female
    Eirwen White, blessed snow Female
    Eggnog Popular Christmas drink Unisex
    Elf Santa’s helpers Unisex
    Elsa From the movie Frozen Female
    Ember Warm embers glowing in the winter
    Estelle Star Female
    Eve Christmas eve Female
    Everest World’s largest snow-covered
    Fezziwig Nigel Fezziwig From A Christmas
    Fjolla Snowflake in Albanian Unisex
    Flake Snowflake Unisex
    Flurry Flurry of snow Unisex
    Flykra Snowflake in Danish Female
    Frostine Snow in French Unisex
    Frost/Frosty Common in winter Unisex
    Fuyu Winter in Japanese Unisex
    Gabriel The archangel who heralded the news of Jesus’ birth Male
    Garland Christmas garland Male
    Garnet Birthstone of January Unisex
    Ginger Spice used in Christmas cooking Male
    Glacier Winter glacier Unisex
    Glitter Sparkling glitter is common on Christmas decorations
    and cards
    Glover Maker of gloves Male

    White fairy Female
    Gwendolen White in Welsh Female
    Gwyn White in Welsh Female
    Heikki Lunta Finnish god of snow Male
    Hellebore Winter flowering plant Female
    Holly A bush with bright red berries
    popular in Christmas decorations
    Ice Frozen water common in winter Unisex
    Iceberg Large mass of ice Unisex
    Icicle Tapering piece of ice formed from dripping water Unisex
    Itztlacoliuhqui Aztec god of frost Male
    Ivy Common Christmas plant Female
    Jack Frost Christmas movie, Saxon god of frost
    also known as Lokul Frosti
    Jack Skellington Character from The Nightmare Before Christmas Male
    Jāḍō Winter in Nepali Unisex
    January Winter month in the Northern Hemisphere Unisex
    Jasper Bringer of treasure, associated
    with Christmas
    Jay Winter bird Male
    Joseph Father of Jesus Male
    Juniper Berry used in Christmas cooking Unisex
    Kheimon Greek goddess of winter Female
    Khuno Incan god of snow and storms Male
    Kuraokami Japanese dragon and Shinto deity of
    rain and snow
    Laurel A popular herb used in Christmas cooking and decorations Unisex
    Lily A popular Christmas flower Female
    Lokul Frosti Saxon god of frost (also known as Jack Frost) Male
    Lucia Saint of Christmas Female
    Lumi Snow in Finnish Unisex
    Luna Moon in Latin Unisex
    Marshmallow Toasted marshmallows eaten in winter Unisex
    Mary Mother of Jesus Female
    Merry/Meri Merry Christmas Female
    Mistletoe Popular Christmas plant Unisex
    Mittens Worn in winter Unisex
    Morana Slavic goddess of winter, death and
    Natalie/Natalia Born on Christmas day Female
    Narnia Mythical place from The Chronicles
    of Narnia
    Neiger Snow in French Unisex
    Neva White snow Unisex
    Neve Snow in Italian Female
    Neves Born when it snows (Portuguese) Female
    Nicholas St Nicholas aka Santa Male
    Noel Christmas in French Male
    Noelle Feminine form of Noel Female
    Nutcracker Christmas ballet Unisex
    Nutmeg Spice used in Christmas cooking Unisex
    Odin Norse god who is said to have bestowed gifts at Yuletide, riding an eight-legged mythical horse called Sleipnir Male
    Olaf Character from the movie Frozen Male
    Olwen White footprint Female
    Paloma Spanish word for dove Female
    Penguin Associated with the North and South Pole Unisex
    Pine Evergreen tree commonly used as a
    Christmas tree
    Polar Polar bear Unisex
    Poli’ahu Hawaiian snow god Male
    Pudding Christmas pudding Unisex
    Quilo North wind Male
    Robin European bird with a red chest seen during winter Male
    Rosemary Popular herb used in Christmas
    cooking and decorations
    Rudolph One of Santa’s reindeers Male
    Santa Santa Claus Male
    Santa Paws Cute take on Santa Claus Male
    Santos Latin for saint Male
    Scrat Sabre-toothed squirrel in Ice Age Male
    Scrooge, Ebeneezer Character from A Christmas Carol Male
    Sētō White in Nepali Unisex
    Shira Sabre-toothed cat in Ice Age Female
    Sid The sloth in Ice Age Male
    Skaði (Skadi) Norse goddess associated with bow
    hunting, winter and skiing
    Sleigh Winter sleigh Unisex
    Śnieg Snow in Polish Unisex
    Sneg Snow in Russian Unisex
    Snoopy Character from the Christmas movie Charlie Brown Male
    Snow Frozen water Unisex
    Solstice Winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere Unisex
    Spruce Evergreen tree commonly used as a Christmas tree Unisex
    Stella Star Female
    Tengliu Snow goddess from Chinese mythology Female
    Ullr Norse god of snow Male
    Viola Winter flowering plant Female
    Winterberry Another name for the holly plant Unisex
    Yeti An ape like creature who is said to inhabit the snowy Himalayas Unisex
    Yuki Snow in Japanese Unisex
    Yule Christmas Unisex
    Zima Winter in Polish Unisex


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