160+ Winter Cat Names (With Meanings): Male and Female

Last Updated on January 4, 2022 by Julia Wilson

Have you adopted a cat during the winter months, or just love the season and are looking for a winter-themed name? We have created a list of winter-themed names to suit any cat.




AlaskaPlace nameUnisex
AngelAngels are associated with ChristmasFemale
AntlerReindeer antlersUnisex
ApricityWarmth of the sun in winterFemale
AslanThe lion from The Chronicles of NarniaMale
AspenPopular ski resort in North AmericaUnisex
AsterMeans star, which is associated with ChristmasUnisex
Aubin WhiteMale
AvalancheAn avalanche of snowUnisex
AveryRuler of elvesFemale
BaileyGeorge Bailey from It’s a Wonderful LifeFemale
BalsamEvergreen tree associated with
BalthazarOne of the three wise menMale
BearPolar bearUnisex
Bell/BellaChristmas bellFemale
BerfSnow in KurdishUnisex
BiancaWhite in ItalianFemale
Bing Bing Crosby, who sang I’m
Dreaming of a White Christmas
BlancWhite in French, masculineMale
Blanche White in French, feminineFemale
BlizzardSnow blizzardUnisex
BodhiAwakening, enlightening, comes from the Buddhist holiday in DecemberMale
Boots Winter bootsUnisex
Greek god of the cold north wind and the bringer of winter
CandyCandy caneFemale
Carol Christmas carolFemale
ChanSnow in ChineseUnisex
CharlieCharlie BrownMale
CherithWinter streamFemale
ChestnutRoasted chestnuts are popular in winterUnisex
ChillAnother word for coldUnisex
ChristianFollower of Christ, born in winter (in the Northern Hemisphere)Male
ChristinaFeminine form of ChristianFemale
ClaraFrom The NutcrackerFemale
ClausSanta ClausMale
ClementineA citrus fruit given at ChristmasFemale
CocoPopular winter drinkUnisex
ColeSometimes put in the stocking of children, used to
warm the house in winter
Cortina Ski resortUnisex
CranberryA berry traditionally eaten with turkey at ChristmasUnisex
Crystal Ice crystalUnisex
CypressAn evergreen treeUnisex
DaphneWinter flowering plantFemale
December Month of the year, which has the shortest day in the
Northern Hemisphere
Ded MorozSlavic version of Santa ClausMale
DemiGreek goddess of winterFemale
DemetriaGreek goddess of winterFemale
Winter birthstoneFemale
DionysusGod of the grape harvest, Brumalia was a festival held every December in honour of Dionysus
Douglas Douglas fir, a popular evergreen
Christmas tree
DoveThe dove is commonly associated
with Christmas
Drift SnowdriftUnisex
Ebenezer Ebeneezer Scrooge, from Male
EdurSnow in BasqueMale
Eira Snow in WelshFemale
EirlysSnowdrop in WelshFemale
EirwenWhite, blessed snowFemale
EggnogPopular Christmas drinkUnisex
ElfSanta’s helpersUnisex
ElsaFrom the movie FrozenFemale
EmberWarm embers glowing in the winter
EveChristmas eveFemale
EverestWorld’s largest snow-covered
FezziwigNigel Fezziwig From A Christmas
FjollaSnowflake in AlbanianUnisex
FlurryFlurry of snowUnisex
FlykraSnowflake in DanishFemale
FrostineSnow in FrenchUnisex
Frost/FrostyCommon in winterUnisex
FuyuWinter in JapaneseUnisex
GabrielThe archangel who heralded the news of Jesus’ birthMale
GarlandChristmas garlandMale
GarnetBirthstone of JanuaryUnisex
GingerSpice used in Christmas cookingMale
GlacierWinter glacierUnisex
GlitterSparkling glitter is common on Christmas decorations
and cards
GloverMaker of glovesMale

White fairyFemale
GwendolenWhite in WelshFemale
GwynWhite in WelshFemale
Heikki LuntaFinnish god of snowMale
HelleboreWinter flowering plantFemale
HollyA bush with bright red berries
popular in Christmas decorations
Ice Frozen water common in winterUnisex
IcebergLarge mass of iceUnisex
Icicle Tapering piece of ice formed from dripping waterUnisex
ItztlacoliuhquiAztec god of frostMale
IvyCommon Christmas plantFemale
Jack FrostChristmas movie, Saxon god of frost
also known as Lokul Frosti
Jack SkellingtonCharacter from The Nightmare Before ChristmasMale
Jāḍō Winter in NepaliUnisex
January Winter month in the Northern HemisphereUnisex
JasperBringer of treasure, associated
with Christmas
JayWinter birdMale
JosephFather of JesusMale
JuniperBerry used in Christmas cookingUnisex
KheimonGreek goddess of winterFemale
KhunoIncan god of snow and stormsMale
KuraokamiJapanese dragon and Shinto deity of
rain and snow
Laurel A popular herb used in Christmas cooking and decorationsUnisex
Lily A popular Christmas flowerFemale
Lokul FrostiSaxon god of frost (also known as Jack Frost)Male
LuciaSaint of ChristmasFemale
LumiSnow in FinnishUnisex
LunaMoon in LatinUnisex
MarshmallowToasted marshmallows eaten in winterUnisex
MaryMother of JesusFemale
Merry/MeriMerry ChristmasFemale
MistletoePopular Christmas plantUnisex
MittensWorn in winterUnisex
MoranaSlavic goddess of winter, death and
Natalie/NataliaBorn on Christmas dayFemale
NarniaMythical place from The Chronicles
of Narnia
Neiger Snow in FrenchUnisex
Neva White snowUnisex
Neve Snow in ItalianFemale
NevesBorn when it snows (Portuguese)Female
NicholasSt Nicholas aka SantaMale
NoelChristmas in FrenchMale
NoelleFeminine form of NoelFemale
NutcrackerChristmas balletUnisex
NutmegSpice used in Christmas cookingUnisex
OdinNorse god who is said to have bestowed gifts at Yuletide, riding an eight-legged mythical horse called SleipnirMale
OlafCharacter from the movie FrozenMale
OlwenWhite footprintFemale
PalomaSpanish word for doveFemale
PenguinAssociated with the North and South PoleUnisex
PineEvergreen tree commonly used as a
Christmas tree
PolarPolar bearUnisex
Poli’ahuHawaiian snow godMale
PuddingChristmas puddingUnisex
QuiloNorth windMale
RobinEuropean bird with a red chest seen during winterMale
RosemaryPopular herb used in Christmas
cooking and decorations
RudolphOne of Santa’s reindeersMale
Santa Santa ClausMale
Santa PawsCute take on Santa ClausMale
SantosLatin for saintMale
ScratSabre-toothed squirrel in Ice AgeMale
Scrooge, EbeneezerCharacter from A Christmas CarolMale
SētōWhite in NepaliUnisex
ShiraSabre-toothed cat in Ice AgeFemale
SidThe sloth in Ice AgeMale
Skaði (Skadi)Norse goddess associated with bow
hunting, winter and skiing
SleighWinter sleighUnisex
ŚniegSnow in PolishUnisex
SnegSnow in RussianUnisex
SnoopyCharacter from the Christmas movie Charlie BrownMale
SnowFrozen water Unisex
SolsticeWinter solstice, the shortest day of the year in the Northern HemisphereUnisex
SpruceEvergreen tree commonly used as a Christmas treeUnisex
TengliuSnow goddess from Chinese mythologyFemale
UllrNorse god of snowMale
ViolaWinter flowering plantFemale
WinterberryAnother name for the holly plantUnisex
Yeti An ape like creature who is said to inhabit the snowy HimalayasUnisex
Yuki Snow in JapaneseUnisex
ZimaWinter in PolishUnisex