Pictures of A Cat’s Pregnancy Timeline [Week by Week]

Cat's Pregnancy Timeline

For uncomplicated cat pregnancies, most of the work and monitoring are done at home, not in the veterinary hospital. That makes it important that you recognize what’s normal and abnormal for a cat pregnancy. With that in mind, here is what your feline friend’s pregnancy should look like week by week so that you know … Read more

What to Do with an Abscess On Your Cat’s Face

abscess on cat's face

The face and neck are very common places for cats to get abscesses. That’s simply because the head is usually the first body part to go in when a cat is investigating something or fighting. As a vet, I’ve seen numerous abscesses on cat faces. The good news is, they are often easily treated and … Read more

How to Use Liquid Benadryl for Cats: Our Vet Explains

Benadryl for cats

Benadryl is a common over-the-counter medication recommended by veterinarians for things like bee stings, bug bites, and itchiness from allergies. In most healthy kitties, it is safe to use, but be sure that you only do so under the supervision of a veterinarian. What is liquid Benadryl? When is liquid Benadryl used for cats? Liquid … Read more