240+ Egyptian Cat Names and Meanings: Male and Female

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  • Are you looking for a uniquely Egyptian name for a new feline addition? We have collated a list of Egyptian names to help you find the perfect name for your cat.




    Aat Egyptian queen (12th dynasty) Female
    Abayomi Brings joy Male
    Abdelrahman Merciful Male
    Abanoub King of gold Male
    Abrax The great archon from mythology Male
    Abubakar Noble Male
    Acenath Daughter Female
    Adeben Twelfth born Male
    Adio Righteous Male
    Adofo Fighter Male
    Adom Receives help from the gods Male
    Aharon High mountain, lofty Male
    Ahmad Much praised Male
    Ahmed Greatly praised Male
    Ain Priceless Female
    Aisha Peaceful Female
    Akila Intelligent Female
    Akins Brave Male
    Amenhotep Egyptian pharaoh (18th dynasty) Male
    Ammit Mythical creature with the head of a
    crocodile, body of a lion and hindquarters of a hippopotamus
    Amon The hidden one Male
    Amr Companion and friend for life Male
    Amun God of mystery Male
    Amunet Goddess of mystery Female
    Anat A wife of Seth Female
    Anippe Daughter of the Nile Female
    Anpu God of the dead Male
    Anubis God of the dead Male
    Apep To slither Male
    Asenath Belonging to her father Female
    Ashraf Noble Male
    Asim Protector Male
    Astarte A wife of Seth Female
    Aswad Black Male
    Aten Sun disk Male
    Astennu God of the moon Male
    Auset Another name for Isis Female
    Aya Wonderful Female
    Azibo Earth Male
    Aziza Precious Female
    Babu Osiris’ firstborn Male
    Bahiti Fortune Female
    Balbina Strong Female
    Baniti Teacher Male
    Bastet (Bast) Egyptian cat goddess Female
    Bennu Eagle Female
    Berenice Sister of Cleopatra Female
    Bes Brings joy Male
    Bithiah Daughter of God Female
    Bomani Warrior Male
    Chibale Kinsman Male
    Chigaru Hound Male
    Chike Power of God Male
    Chione Daughter of the Nile Female
    Chisisi Secret Male
    Chuma Wealthy Male
    Cleopatra Glory of the father Female
    Dakari Happy Male
    Dalia Strong branch, gentle Female
    Darius Rich and kingly Male
    Darwishi Saint Male
    Dendera From Dendera Female
    Dina God is my judge Female
    Djer Egyptian pharaoh (1st dynasty) Male
    Djoser Egyptian pharaoh (3rd dynasty) Male
    Donkor One who is humble Male
    Ebo Born on Tuesday Male
    Eboni Black Female
    Echidna Mythical monster who was half woman, half snake Female
    Edrice A prosperous ruler Female
    Eman Faith Female
    Eshaq Prophet’s name Male
    Eshe Life Female
    Esraa Journey at night Female
    Essam Safeguard Male
    Eurydice Egyptian queen Female
    Feme A name of love Female
    Femi One who loves Female
    Fenyang Conquers Male
    Fukayna Intelligent Female
    Gahiji Hunter Male
    Gamal Handsome Male
    Garai Settled Male
    Geb Mythical earth god Male
    Gyasi Wonderful Male
    Habiba Loved Female
    Haji Born during the pilgrimage Male
    Halima Gentle Female
    Hamadi Praised Male
    Hanan Mercy Female
    Hanbal Purity, pristine Male
    Hanif Believes Male
    Haqikah Honest Female
    Hasani Handsome Male
    Hasina Good Female
    Hathor Daughter of Ra, Goddess of destruction Female
    Heba Gift Female
    Hehet Goddess of the immeasurable Female
    Heqet Goddess of childbirth and fertility Female
    Hondo War Male
    Horus A god in the form of a falcon Male
    Hossam Sharp sword Male
    Horus Sky deity with a falcon head and the
    body of a man
    Hu God of authoritative utterance Male
    Huni Egyptian pharaoh (3rd dynasty) Male
    Husani Handsome boy Male
    Iaret Egyptian queen (18th dynasty) Female
    Ife Love Female
    Ishaq Laughs Male
    Isis Egyptian goddess of sky and nature Female
    Issa God saves Male
    Jabare A man known for his bravery Male
    Jabari Brave one Male
    Jafari Creek Male
    Jamila Beautiful Female
    Jendayi Thankful Female
    Jomana Noble Female
    Jumoke Loved by all Male
    Kafele Would die for Male
    Kakra A twin Female
    Kamilah Perfection Female
    Kanika Black Female
    Karim Noble and generous Male
    Kek God of darkness Male
    Kemet Ancient name for Egypt, means ‘black dirt’ Unisex
    Kesi Born of a troubled father Male
    Khafra Egyptian pharaoh (4th dynasty) Male
    Khalid Eternal Male
    Khepri Morning sun Male
    Khentimentiu God of the dead Male
    Khepri Morning sun Female
    Khufu Egyptian pharaoh (4th dynasty) Male
    Khnurn Mythical reborn sun Female
    Keket Goddess of darkness Female
    Khons God of the moon Male
    Kissa Sister of twins Female
    Lateef Gentle Male
    Layla Night Female
    Lotus Lotus flower Female
    Mahmoud Praise Male
    Ma’at Goddess of truth, justice and harmony Male
    Masudi A merry person Male
    Mau Cat Unisex
    Manu Born second Male
    Maye Amun’s beloved one Female
    Mandisa Sweet Female
    Masika Born during rain Female
    Menhet Egyptian queen (18th dynasty) Female
    Menna Gift of God Female
    Mensah Born third Male
    Mert Lover of silence Female
    Mesi Water Female
    Meskhenet Goddess of childbirth Female
    Min God of fertility Male
    Monifa Lucky Female
    Montu Egyptian god Male
    Mosegi Tailor Male
    Moses Prophet Male
    Mosi Born first Male
    Moswen White Female
    Moustafa Chosen Male
    Nabil Noble Male
    Naeem Benevolent Male
    Nailah Successful Female
    Nakia Pure and faithful Male
    Nanu Pretty Female
    Narmer First king of Egypt Male
    Nashwa Wonderful feeling Female
    Nassor Victor Male
    Nathifa Pure Female
    Naunet Goddess of the ocean Female
    Nefertiti Egyptian queen (18th dynasty) Female
    Nefret Stunning Female
    Neith Standing high above others, divine
    Nenet Spiritual and divine Female
    Nephi Sea captain Male
    Niu God of nothingness Male
    Nourbese Wonderful Male
    Nubia Gold Female
    Nuru Born during the day Male
    Nut (Nuit) Sky goddess Female
    Oba King Male
    Ode From the road Male
    Odion Born of twins Male
    Olabisi Brings joy Male
    Omar Fluent orator Male
    Omari High born Male
    Omorose Beautiful Female
    Oni Wanted Female
    Oseye Happy Female
    Osiris Egyptian god of the deceased Male
    Osaze Loved by god Male
    Ottah Third born Male
    Pharoah Ruler Male
    Pili Second born Male
    Ptah a creator god and patron of craftsmen and architects Male
    Ptolemy, Claudeus Pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt Male
    Qeb Father of the earth Male
    Quibilah Peaceful Female
    Ra King of the deities and father of all
    Radames Egyptian general in the opera Aida Male
    Ramesses Son of Ra Male
    Ramla One who predicts the future Male
    Rashida Righteous Female
    Raziya Agreeable Female
    Re God of the sun Male
    Rehema Compassionate Female
    Renenet Goddess of fortune Female
    Runihura Destroyer Male
    Sabah Born in the morning Female
    Sadiki Faithful Male
    Safiya Pure Female
    Sagira Little one Female
    Sanura Kitten Female
    Sara Princess Female
    Sayed Master, lord Male
    Seb God of the earth Male
    Sefu Sword Male
    Sekani Laughs Male
    Sekhet Wife of Ptah Female
    Sekhmet Goddess of war and healing Female
    Selma Secure Female
    Seshat Goddess of written words Female
    Seth God of chaos, violence, deserts and
    Shakir Grateful Male
    Shameka Pure of heart Female
    Shani Wonderful Female
    Sharifa Respected Female
    Siti Lady Female
    Sneferu Egyptian pharaoh (founder ruler of the 4th dynasty) Male
    Sphinx Mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human Unisex
    Subira Patient Female
    Sudi She was a narrator of Hadith Female
    Tariq He who knocks at the door Male
    Thoth God of writing and wisdom Male
    Tivali Cleopatra’s favourite cat Male
    Tiye Egyptian queen (20th dynasty) Female
    Tutankhamun (King Tut) Egyptian pharaoh (18th dynasty) Male
    Tuya Egyptian queen (19th dynasty) Female
    Yahya God is gracious Male
    Yasser To be rich Male
    Youssef God increases Male
    Zahra Flower, bright, light Female
    Zahur Blossom Male

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