Egyptian Names For Male Cats

Are you looking for a uniquely Egyptian name for a new male cat? We have collated a list of Egyptian names to help you find the perfect name.



Abasi Stern
Abayomi Brings joy
Abubakar Noble
Abdelrahman Merciful
Abanoub King of gold
Abrax The great archon from mythology
Abubakar Noble
Adeben Twelfth born
Adio Righteous
Adofo Fighter
Adom Receives help from the gods
Aharon High mountain, lofty
Ahmad Much praised
Ahmed Greatly praised
Akil Intelligent
Akins Brave
Amenhotep Egyptian pharaoh (18th dynasty)
Amon The hidden one
Amr Companion and friend for life
Amsi Personification of reproduction
Amun God of mystery
Anpu God of the dead
Anubis God of the dead
Apep To slither
Apis Mythical dead bull thought to be Osiris.
Ashraf Noble
Asim Protector
Aswad Black
Ata Twin
Aten Sun disk
Atsu Twin
Astennu God of the moon
Azibo Earth
Azizi Precious
Baba Osiris’s firstborn
Babu Osiris’ firstborn
Baniti Teacher
Bes Brings joy
Bomani Warrior
Chibale Kinsman
Chigaru Hound
Chike Power of God
Chisisi Secret
Chuma Wealthy
Dakari Happy
Darius Rich and kingly
Darwishi Saint
Djer Egyptian pharaoh (1st dynasty)
Djoser Egyptian pharaoh (3rd dynasty)
Donkor One who is humble
Ebo Born on Tuesday
Eshaq Prophet’s name
Essam Safeguard
Fadil Generous
Fenyang Conquers
Fenuku Born late
Gahiji Hunter
Gamal Handsome
Garai Settled
Geb Mythical earth god
Gyasi Wonderful
Haji Born during the pilgrimage
Hamadi Praised
Hanbal Purity, pristine
Hanif Believes
Hapi God of the Nile
Hapu Pharaoh
Hasani Handsome
Heru Sun god
Hondo War
Horus A god in the form of a falcon
Hossam Sharp sword
Horus Sky deity with a falcon head and the
body of a man
Hu God
of authoritative utterance
Huni Egyptian pharaoh (3rd dynasty)
Husani Handsome boy
Ishaq Laughs
Issa God saves
Jabare A man known for his bravery
Jabari Brave one
Jafari Creek
Jumoke Loved by all
Kafele Would die for
Karim Noble and generous
Kek God of darkness
Kemet Ancient name for Egypt, means ‘black dirt’
Kesi Born of a troubled father
Khafra Egyptian pharaoh (4th dynasty)
Khalid Eternal
Khepri Morning sun
Khentimentiu God of the dead
Khufu Egyptian pharaoh (4th dynasty)
Khons God of the moon
Kontar Only son
Kosey Lion
Lateef Gentle
Mahmoud Praise
Ma’at Goddess of truth, justice and harmony
Masudi A merry person
Mau Cat
Madu Of the people
Manu Born second
Mensah Born third
Min God of fertility
Montu Egyptian god
Mosegi Tailor
Moses Prophet
Mosi Born first
Moustafa Chosen
Nabil Noble
Naeem Benevolent
Nakia Pure and faithful
Narmer First king of Egypt
Nassor Victor
Nephi Sea captain
Niu God of nothingness
Nourbese Wonderful
Nuru Born during the day
Oba King
Ode From the road
Odion Born of twins
Olabisi Brings joy
Omar Fluent orator
Omari High born
Osiris Egyptian god of the deceased
Osaze Loved by god
Ottah Third born
Paki A witness
Pharoah Ruler
Pili Second born
Ptah a creator god and patron of craftsmen
and architects
Ptolemy, Claudeus Pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt
Qeb Father of the earth
Ra King of the deities and father of all
Radames Egyptian general in the opera Aida
Ramses Son of Ra
Ramla One who predicts the future
Re God of the sun
Runihura Destroyer
Sadiki Faithful
Salih Upright
Sayed Master, lord
Seb God of the earth
Sebak Companion of Set
Sefu Sword
Sekani Laughs
Serapis Another name for Apis
Seth God of chaos, violence, deserts and
Shakir Grateful
Shu Air
Sneferu Egyptian pharaoh (founder ruler of the
4th dynasty)
Sphinx Mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head
of a human
Tariq He who knocks at the door
Tau Lion
Thoth God of writing and wisdom
Tutankhamun (King Tut) Egyptian pharaoh (18th dynasty)
Umi Life
Usi Smoke
Yahya God is gracious
Yasser To be rich
Youssef God increases
Zahur Blossom, flower
Zaid He shall add

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