400+ English Cat Names: Male and Female

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  • Are you looking for a uniquely English name for a new feline addition? We have collated a list of classic English names, food, places, and notable English people to help you find the perfect name for your cat.




    Abby Noble maiden Female
    Abigail Cause of joy Female
    Abilene Grass Female
    Acker Field Male
    Ackerley Oak meadow Male
    Ackley Dwells at the oak tree meadow Male
    Acton Village with oak trees Male
    Adam Son of the red earth Male
    Addison Son of Adam Male
    Adele Nobility Female
    Adger Happy spear Male
    Adley God is just Male
    Afton Place name Female
    Agatha Good, honorable Female
    Aidan Little fire Male
    Aiken Little fire Male
    Ainsley One’s own meadow Female
    Albie Diminutive of Albert Male
    Albus White, bright Male
    Alcott Dweller at the old cottage Female
    Alcuin Sanctuary Male
    Alden Old, wise friend Female
    Aldrich Old, wise ruler Male
    Alexis Defender Unisex
    Alfred Wise councellor Male
    Alice Noble Female
    Allard Noble, hardy Male
    Allston Elf stone Male
    Alvin Friend Male
    Alvina Elf friend Female
    Alyssa Noble Female
    Ann Favour, grace Female
    Archer Bowman Male
    Arden Valley of the eagle Unisex
    Arledge Dweller at the rabbit lake Male
    Arnold Ruler, strong as an eagle Male
    Art Diminutive of Arthur Male
    Arleigh Meadow of the hare Female
    Arundel Eagle valley Male
    Ash Ash tree Unisex
    Ashby Ash tree farm Unisex
    Ashley Meadow where ash trees grow Unisex
    Ashton Ash tree place Unisex
    Aubrey Elf ruler Unisex
    Auden Old friend Unisex
    Audrey Noble strength Female
    Augustine Great, magnificent Male
    Austin Great, magnificent Male
    Avery Ruler of the elves Unisex
    Avril April Female
    Bagpuss Main feline character from the TV show Bagpuss Male
    Bailey Law enforcer Unisex
    Balfour Village by the pasture Male
    Bancroft Field of beans Male
    Barkley Birch valley Male
    Barnaby Son of consolation Male
    Barric Grain farm Male
    Barron Noble man Male
    Baxley Baker’s meadow Male
    Baxter Baker Male
    Beatrice Blessed Female
    Beck Small stream, short form of Rebecca Unisex
    Beckham Homestead by the stream Unisex
    Beecher Dweller by the beech tree Male
    Bellamy Fine friend Unisex
    Benedict Blessed Male
    Benson Son of Ben Male
    Bentley Meadow with coarse grass Male
    Benton Bent grass enclosure Unisex
    Bert Diminutive of Albert and Bertram Male
    Beverly Dweller near the beaver stream Female
    Birch Tree name Unisex
    Biscuit Popular English snack Unisex
    Bishop Overseer Male
    Blackburn Place name Unisex
    Blackwell Black well or stream Male
    Blake Fair haired, dark Unisex
    Blakely Dark wood or clearing Unisex
    Blaze Fire Unisex
    Bligh Bliss Male
    Blossom Flower Female
    Bluebell Common English wildflower Female
    Blythe English drink Unisex
    Bond Farmer Unisex
    Borden Den of the boar Male
    Bradford Place name Unisex
    Bradley Broad wood Male
    Bradshaw Broad forest Male
    Branston Pickle Unisex
    Branwell Broom well Male
    Brea Hill Female
    Briar Thorny bush of wild roses or brambles Male
    Briggs Bridge Unisex
    Brock Badger-like Male
    Bronson Son of the dark man Male
    Bronte Bronte sisters, family of poets and writers Unisex
    Brook Small stream Unisex
    Buckingham Palace in London Unisex
    Buttercup Common European flower Female
    Byron From the barns Male
    Cade Round Male
    Calder Rough waters Male
    Carol Feminine form of Charles, strong or manly Female
    Carter Transporter of goods by cart Male
    Catherine Pure Female
    Chad Protector Male
    Chaplin, Charlie English comic actor Male
    Charles Free man Male
    Charlotte Feminine form of Charles Female
    Chequers Country residence of the
    English prime minister
    Cheshire Place and the cat from Alice in Wonderland Male
    Chester Fortress, camp Male
    Christopher Bearer of Christ Male
    Churchill, Winston Former English prime minister Male
    Cicaly Blind of self beauty Female
    Clarissa Bright, clear Female
    Clayton Place name Unisex
    Cleo Pride Unisex
    Clive Cliff Male
    Clover Common plant native to Europe Unisex
    Cody Son of Otto Male
    Cole Coal-black Male
    Coleridge, Samuel Taylor English poet Male
    Cooper Repairer of wooden vessels Male
    Corliss Carefree person Female
    Coutts Bank used by the Queen of England Unisex
    Cricket Loud insect of the night Unisex
    Custard Cartoon character from Roobarb and Custard) Male
    Daisy Common European flower Female
    Dale Valley Unisex
    Darby From the deer estate, free from envy Unisex
    Debenham Deep valley Unisex
    Demelza Fort on the hill Female
    Derby From the deer park farm Unisex
    Devlin Fierce courage Male
    Devon Deep valley dwellers Female
    Dickens, Charles English writer Male
    Dina Judged or vindicated Female
    Dottie Gift of God Female
    Downing Son of Dunn Unisex
    Dudley People’s field Male
    Durward Doorkeeper Male
    Drake Dragon Male
    Earl Warrior Male
    Edgar Wealthy spearman Male
    Edie Rich in war Female
    Edith Rich in war Female
    Edmund Fortunate protector Male
    Edward Prosperous Male
    Edwin Rich friend Male
    Eldon Old servant Male
    Eldridge Old wise ruler Male
    Eleanor Light-hearted, shining light Female
    Elgar Shining spear Male
    Elmer Noble Male
    Elton Enclosure Male
    Elizabeth God is my oath Female
    Ellery Cheerful Female
    Elspeth Chosen by God Female
    Emmett Universal Unisex
    Ernest Serious, resolute Male
    Esmond Graceful protection Male
    Ethel Noble maiden Female
    Etta Ruler of the home Female
    Eton College Unisex
    Evelyn Beautiful bird Female
    Everett Brave boar Male
    Everly Wild boar in woodland clearing Female
    Fain Joyful Male
    Fairfax Fair hair Male
    Farley Meadow of the sheep Male
    Farrah Happiness Female
    Fenton Marsh town Male
    Fern Plant name Primarily female
    Fleta Swift Female
    Flint Born near an outcrop of flint Male
    Forrest Dweller near the woods Male
    Franklin Free landholder Male
    Frederick Peaceful ruler Male
    Garfield Field of spears Male
    Gavin White hawk Male
    Gehry Spear or fickle Male
    George Farmer, earth worker Male
    Georgia Feminine form of George Female
    Gerald Spear ruler Male
    Gerry Feminine form of Gerald Female
    Gibson Gilbert’s son Male
    Gilda Guilded Female
    Ginny Virginal Female
    Godiva God’s gift Female
    Gordon From the marshes Male
    Hadden Hill of heather Male
    Hadley From the heather meadow Female
    Hailey Hay’s meadow Female
    Halbert Shining hero Male
    Halsey Hallowed island Female
    Harley Hare clearing, the long field Unisex
    Harlon Meadow of the hares Male
    Harlow Rock hill or army hill Unisex
    Harper Harp player Unisex
    Harold Army ruler Male
    Harriet Estate ruler Female
    Harris Son of Harry Male
    Harrison Son of Harry Male
    Harry Estate ruler Male
    Hartley Stag meadow Unisex
    Hattie Estate ruler Female
    Hayden Fire, heather grown hill Unisex
    Hazel The hazelnut tree Female
    Heath Heathland dweller Male
    Heathcliff Cliff near a heath Male
    Heather Common plant native to Europe Female
    Hedley Heather meadow Male
    Hendrick Home leader Male
    Henley High meadow Male
    Henrietta Ruler of the home Female
    Henry House ruler Male
    Holden From the hollow in the valley Male
    Holly Common European plant, especially popular at
    Horlicks Popular English drink Unisex
    Hudson Son of Hudd Male
    Hugh Intelligent Male
    Hyatt From the high gate Male
    Ike Diminutive of Isaac Male
    Irvine Water of green Male
    Ives Yew wood Male
    Ivy Common plant native to Europe Female
    Jack God is gracious Male
    Jackson Son of Jack Male
    Jagger Carter Unisex
    James Supplanter Unisex
    Jenna White shadow Female
    Jennifer White shadow Female
    Joy Joy Female
    Juliet Youthful or sky father Female
    Kay Diminutive of Katherine Female
    Keaton Shed town Unisex
    Keats Kite Unisex
    Kelsey Cenel’s island Unisex
    Kenelm Bold helmet Male
    Kenley King’s meadow Unisex
    Kenton Royal settlement Male
    Kingsley King’s meadow Unisex
    Kingston King’s town Male
    Kinsey King’s victory Unisex
    Kipling, Rudyard English poet Male
    Kipp Pointed hill Unisex
    Kitty Diminutive of Katherine Female
    Knox From the small hill Male
    Landon From the long hill Male
    Lark English bird name Unisex
    Lawson Son of Lawrence Male
    Layton Herb garden Male
    Laurel and Hardy English comedians Male
    Leigh Pasture, meadow Unisex
    Leland Meadow land Male
    Lewis Renowned warrior Male
    Lily Common flower native to Europe Female
    Lincoln Town by the pool Unisex
    Litton Hill settlement Male
    Llewellyn Leader’s image Male
    Lottie Diminutive of Charlotte Female
    Lucy Light Female
    Lyndon Linden tree hill Female
    Lyre Musical instrument Male
    Mae Diminutive of Mary or Margaret Female
    Mace Gift of God Male
    Marden From the valley with the pool Male
    Marigold Common flower Female
    Marlow Driftwood Unisex
    Marmite Savoury food spread Unisex
    Mead From the meadow Unisex
    Miles Soldier or merciful Male
    Millard Caretaker of the mill Male
    Millie Diminutive of Mildred or Millicent Female
    Mr Benn Character from an animated TV series Male
    Nash By the ash tree Male
    Ned Wealthy guardian Male
    Nell Diminutive of Helen, Eleanor Female
    Nelson Son of Neil Male
    Norma From the north Female
    Norman Northener Male
    Oakley Oak clearing Unisex
    Ogden From the oak valley Male
    Olin To inherit Male
    Oliver Ancestor’s descendents Male
    Oscar God speer or dear lover Male
    Osmond God’s protection Male
    Oswald Divine power Male
    Ovaltine Popular hot drink Unisex
    Oxford English town Unisex
    Oxo Stock cube Unisex
    Paddington Place and fictional character Male
    Payton Fighting man’s estate Male
    Penley Enclosed meadow Male
    Pimms Popular alcoholic beverage Unisex
    Piper Pipe or flute player Unisex
    Pippa Diminutive of Philippa Female
    Poppy Red flower Female
    Preston Village with a priest Male
    Primrose First rose Female
    Pudding Dessert Unisex
    Rae Ewe or female sheep (short form of Rachel) Female
    Radley Red meadow Male
    Raleigh Meadow of deer Unisex
    Ralph Wolf counsel Male
    Ransley Raven meadow Male
    Ransom Deliverance Unisex
    Raven Dark haired Male
    Ravinger Ravine Male
    Reginald Counsel power Male
    Remington Settlement by the stream Male
    Rigby Ridge farm Male
    Riggan Little king Male
    Ripley Strip of clearing in the woods Unisex
    Robin Bird name or diminutive or Robert Unisex
    Rodney Island near the clearing Male
    Romilly Citizen of Rome Unisex
    Rosie Rose Female
    Rowan Rowan tree, little redhead Unisex
    Rudyard Red enclosure Male
    Rupert Bright fame Male
    Rutherford Cattle crossing Male
    Rylan Island meadow Male
    Sandon From the sandy hill Male
    Sanford Sandy ford Male
    Scarlett Red Female
    Seabert Shining sea Male
    Selby From the willow farm Unisex
    Seward Sea guardian Male
    Shakespeare, William English playwright, poet and actor Male
    Sherlock (Holmes) Fictional English detective Male
    Sherman Shearer of woollen cloth Male
    Sherwood Bright forest Male
    Shipley Sheep meadow Male
    Siddell From the wide valley Male
    Stanley Near the stony clearing, near the stony meadow Unisex
    Stokley From the tree stump Male
    Stroud From the thicket Male
    Tanner Leather tanner Unisex
    Tatum Tate’s homestead Unisex
    Terrel Stubborn Male
    Tess To harvest Female
    Thane Clan chieftain Male
    Toffee Popular English sweet Unisex
    Tomkin Little Tom Male
    Tostig Well known earl Male
    Trudy Spear of strength Female
    Truman Loyal one Male
    Twiggy English model Female
    Tye Common pasture Male
    Upton Upper town Male
    Victoria Victory Female
    Vimto Fizzy drink Unisex
    Wade At the river crossing Unisex
    Wallace A Welshman or Celt Male
    Watson Son of Wat Male
    Wayland Land beside the road Male
    Waylon Land beside the road Male
    Whitley Bomber plane used during WWII Unisex
    Wilfred Desires peace Male
    William Resolute protection Male
    Willow Tree Female
    Windsor English city Male
    Winifred Blessed peacemaking Female
    Winthrop Friend’s village Male
    Winslow Friend’s hill or burial mound Male
    Winston Churchill Former English prime minister Male
    Womble Fictional furry creatures from the TV show The Wombles Unisex
    Wren Small bird Unisex
    Wyndham From the windy village Male
    Wylie Clever, crafty Male


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