200+ Female Italian Names (With Meanings) For Cats

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  • Are you looking for a female Italian themed cat name? The Italian language is one of the most beautiful languages with a huge number of potential cat names to choose from.



    Aberesh Derived from a medieval form of
    Albanian in southern Italy communities
    Abra Feminine form of Abraham
    Abrielle Feminine form of Abraham
    Adagio Musical term which means slow
    Addolorata Sorrowful
    Adelina Noble
    Adreana Dark
    Adriana From Hadria
    Aelda Warrior
    Agata Kind
    Agnella Pure
    Agnolle Angel
    Agostino Venerated
    Alcee Strong-willed
    Alcina A sorceress
    Aldis Old one
    Aida The Ethiopian princess in Verdi’s opera ‘Aida’
    Aiuto Help
    Alba White
    Alda Wise
    Aldis Old one
    Alessia Defender
    Alma Dawn
    Alessandra Defender of mankind
    Allegra Musical term which means lively
    Allegro Musical term which means cheerful
    Aloe Gift of love
    Alrigo Rules the estate
    Alvara Gay and jaunty
    Amadea God’s beloved
    Amalea Hard-working
    Amelda Universal battle
    Analia Compassionate, kindhearted
    Andria Love, joy
    Anita Grace
    Antonella Firstborn
    Antonia Priceless
    Aria Melody
    Arianna Very holy
    Armani Child of Armano
    Avina Grower of oats
    Bambi Child
    Bianca White
    Beatrice Blesses
    Belladonna Beautiful woman
    Bellanca Blonde
    Bellini Little beautiful one
    Bellissa Fair, lovely one
    Benedetta Blessed
    Bettino My God is plentiful
    Beyonca White, pure
    Brandy Sword
    Bria Vigour, liveliness
    Camilla Perfect
    Campari Alcoholic beverage made from
    Carabel Beloved or friend
    Carina Dear little one
    Caterina Italian form of Katherine
    Cecelia Of Saint Cecelia
    Celestina Heavenly
    Chianti Italian wine
    Chiara Light
    Clarice Bright, clear
    Concetta Conceived

    With sweetness
    Daniella God is my judge
    Delfina Dolphin
    Donella Lady
    Dulce Sweet
    Elena Bright, shining light
    Electra Shining, bright
    Elisa Italian diminutive of Elizabeth
    Elmo Helmet
    Eloisa Healthy, wide
    Emiliana Rival
    Fabricia Works with the hands
    Fabrienne Works with the hands
    Felice Lucky
    Fernanda Bold voyager
    Fia Wild or weaver
    Fiammetta Little fiery one
    Fiorella Little flower
    Franca Free one
    Francesca From France
    Furbo Cunning
    Gaetana From Gaete
    Gaia The earth
    Galilea Born in Galilee
    Gatta Cat
    Gattina Whiskers
    Gemma Precious stone
    Geovanna God is gracious
    Gia God is gracious
    Giada Jade
    Gianna God is gracious
    Gioia Joy
    Giulia Youthful
    Grigino Grey
    Guida Guide
    Honora Woman of honour
    Idalia Behold the sun
    Ilaria Cheerful
    Imalda Universal battle
    Isabella Pledged to God
    Izola Lump of earth
    Janina God is gracious
    Jelsomina Jasmine
    Jeoconda Delight
    Jiacintha Hyacinth
    Jovanne God is gracious
    Kara Beloved
    Lambrusco Italian red wine
    Laretta Laurel, sweet bay tree
    Leggra January
    Lelia Well-spoken
    Lento Musical term which means slow
    Leonora Italian diminutive of Eleanor
    Liliana Pure and innocent
    Lorenzia From the place of laurel
    Lucia Light
    Luciana Light
    Ludovica Famous in war
    Luna Moon
    Macaroni A type of pasta
    Madonna My lady
    Marcella Warlike
    Margherita Pearl
    Mariella Drop of the sea
    Marissa Drop of the sea
    Marta Lady
    Mattea Gift of God
    Mia Mine or bitter
    Micio Kitty
    Milana From Milan
    Mirabella Wonderful
    Miuccia Of the sea
    Mona Noble
    Nedda Feminine form of Ned
    Nera Black, candle
    Nerissas Black haired
    Nerola Orange flower
    Nico People of victory
    Nilda Ready for battle
    Noemi Delight
    Nunzia Messenger
    Oriana Dawn
    Ortensia Farmer
    Palmina Pilgrim
    Pamina Little honey
    Paola Small
    Pesto A sauce typically made from pesto
    Piccolo Small
    Pippa Lover of horses
    Presto Musical term which means very fast
    Primavera Small
    Raffaella God heals
    Ravenna Italian place name
    Rochelle Little rock, rest
    Rosabella Beautiful rose
    Serafina Ardent
    Serena Peaceful, quiet
    Sienna Orange-red
    Silvana Woodland or forest
    Tea Gift of God, wild rose
    Tosca From Tuscany
    Traviata One who goes astray
    Tuscany Italian city
    Vannda Family or wanderer
    Verona From Verona
    Violetta Purple
    Vittoria Victory
    Vivace Musical term for fast and lively
    Vivaldi Italian composer
    Viviana Life
    Yacinta Hyacinth
    Zola Lump of earth


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