100+ Female Russian Cat Names

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  • Are you looking for a Russian themed cat name, or have you adopted a Russian cat and want to pay homage to its origins? The Russian language is one of the most beautiful languages with a huge number of potential cat names to choose from.



    Agrafina Feet first
    Alexis Defender
    Alina Bright, beautiful
    Alkonost A mythical woman headed bird who
    lives in Iriy (heaven)
    Alyona Bright and shining light
    Anastasia Resurrection
    Angelina Angel
    Anoushka Grace, favour
    Anya Grace
    Ariadna Most holy
    Arina Peace
    Baba Yaga Mythical hag who flies through the
    air in a mortar
    Babushka Old woman
    Bazhena Wish
    Bohdana Gift from God
    Cyzarine Royalty
    Dinara Wealth
    Dominika From the lord
    Doroteya Gift of God
    Esfir Star
    Eva Life
    Faina Shining, crown
    Fanya From France
    Fayina Free one
    Feodora Divine gift
    Gala Femine form of Galina
    Galina Calm, tranquil
    Hanya God is gracious
    Hermitage Homage to the Hermitage cats who reside in the
    Inessa Chaste, purity
    Inna Rough stream
    Irina Peace, peaceful
    Isidora Gift of Isis
    Ivanna Feminine form of Ivan
    Izabella Pledged to God
    Jeirgif Shining light
    Jelena Light
    Karina Pure, chaste
    Katarina Pure
    Katya Pure, perfect
    Kira Leader of the people, throne
    Kisa Kitty
    Kiska Pure
    Klara Clear, bright
    Koshechka Kitty
    Kot Cat
    Kotenok Kitten
    Ksana Praise be to God
    Lada Slavic goddess of beauty
    Lara Russian diminutive of Larissa
    Larisa Fortress, cheerful
    Lida Noble, happy
    Lilia Lily
    Lubov Loved
    Luda Love of the people
    Luiza Renowned warrior
    Lunika Little moon
    Manya Bitter
    Margarita Pearl
    Marina Sea maiden
    Marta Lady
    Marya Purity
    Marzanna Goddess of winter and death
    Masha Drop of the sea, beloved
    Maya Dream
    Mila Loved by the people, gracious
    Misha God like
    Mokosh Goddess of fertility and protector
    of women in childbirth
    Nadenka Hope
    Nadia Hope, delicate
    Natalya The birthday of Christ
    Nessa Headlands
    Nika Russian diminutive of Veronika
    Odessa Russian place name
    Olga Holy
    Polina Small, humble
    Pyotr Rock (Russian form of Peter)
    Raisa Easygoing
    Roksana Russian form of
    Roza Russian variation of
    Rurik Noted ruler
    Sanya Defending men
    Sariya Night traveller
    Sasha Helper and defender of mankind
    Shura Defending men
    Sonechka Wise
    Sonya Wisdom
    Svetlana Star
    Taisiya Clever
    Tanya Fairy princess
    Tasha Born at Christmas (Russian form of
    Tuz Ace
    Ulyana Youthful
    Vanka Grace, favoured by God
    Valentina Strength
    Vania God’s gift
    Varvara Russian variation of Barbara
    Vasilisa Royal
    Vera Faith

    Vika Victory
    Yekaterina Pure, innocent (Russian form of
    Yelizaveta Consecrated to God
    Yana God is gracious
    Yelena Bright, shining one
    Yeva Life
    Yulia Youthful
    Zhanna Russian variation of Jane
    Zinaida Belonging to Zeus
    Zorya Goddess of dusk and dawn, star
    Zoya Russian form of Zoe

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