300+ Short Names For Female Cats

Are you looking for a short name for a female cat?? We have over 300 short names to help you find the perfect name for your new addition.



Abby My father’s joy
Abra Mother of nations
Ada Nobility
Adele Nobility
Agnes Pure
Aiko Little loved one
Aisha Life, alive
Akira Bright, clear
Alice Of nobility
Alma Kind, lifts the spirit
Alva White
Alya Sky
Amber Jewel
Anaïs Grace (French)
Anya Grace (Russian)
Aoko Blue child (Japanese)
Ara Elegant and beautiful (Korean)
Ari Pretty (Korean)
Ariel Blue child
Arin Enlightened
Ash Happy
Asia Sunrise
Astro Of the stars
Ava Guarantee
Avril April (French)
Bada Sea, ocean (Korean)
Belle Beautiful
Beryl Semiprecious stone
Betty Oath of a God
Bijou Jewel (French)
Binx God’s gift
Bleu Blue (French)
Bora Purple (Korean)
Brielle Heroine of God
Celie Blind
Cher Beloved
Chibi Small

Gardenia (Korean)
Cho Beautiful (Korean)
Ciel Sky
Clara Bright, clear
Cleo Pride
Coco Chocolate
Cora Maiden
Daisy Flower
Dana God is my judge
Darcy Dark one
Desi Desired
Deva Hindu moon goddess
Dina Judged or vindicated
Dora Gift
Doré Guilded
Doris Gift
Dory Gift
Dot Gift
Ebony Black wood
Echo Reverberating sound
Edie Rich in war
Edith Riches or blessed
Edna Rejuvenation
Eira A female name originating from the Norse
goddess Eir which means snow
Elise My God is an oath
Ella Other
Ellie Shining light
Elsie God is my oath
Eman Faith (Egyptian)
Enid Spirit, life
Erma Universal
Eshe Faith
Esmé Beloved (French)
Etta Ruler of the home
Eva Life
Eve Living
Fay Fairy
Femi One who loves
Fern Plant name
Fia Wild or weaver (Italian)
Fifi Jehovah increases
Fleur Flower
Flora Flower
Freda Peace
Freya A noble woman
Frida Peace
Gaby Heroine of God
Gaia The earth (Italian)
Gato Cat (Spanish)
Gia God is gracious
Gigi God is gracious
Grace God’s grace, prayer
Hazel Hazelnut tree
Heba Gift (Egyptian)
Heidi Noble kind
Hilda Battle
Holly Holly tree
Hope Desire of fulfillment
Ida Industrious
Indy Short for India
Inez Pure, virginal
Iris Rainbow
Isis Egyptian goddess of sky and nature
Ivy Vine
Jess God beholds
Jiji Intellectual, wise
Jira Related by blood
Jolie Pretty
Josie God will increase
Jude Praised
Juno Queen of the heavens
Kai The sea
Kara Love, beloved
Kali Black one
Kaya Restful place
Keira Little dark one
Kiki Caster plant
Kira Leader of the people
Kisa Kitty (Russian)
Kitty Cat
Lada Slavic goddess of beauty
Lara Russian diminutive of Larissa
Layla Night
Lexi Defender of man
Lida Noble,  happy (Russian)
Lila Night, beauty, dark
Lily Purity and innocence
Lola Sorrows
Lotus Lotus flower
Lubi Ruby
Luce Bright
Lucy Bright
Luda Love of the people (Russian)
Lula Famous warrior
Luna Moon
Lulu Pearl
Lya Weary
Mabel Lovable
Maeve Intoxicating one
Mago Goddess (Korean)
Maki Precious
Mana Spiritual powers
Manu God is with us
Mardi Tuesday
Maru Round
Mavis Songbird
Maya Good mother
Meg Pearl
Merle Blackbird
Mert Lover of silence (Egyptian)
Mesi Water (Egyptian)
Mia Mine
Miku Beautiful (Japanese)
Mila Loved by the people, gracious (Russian)
Mimi Sea of bitterness
Min Clever (Korean)
Minou Heaven
Mio Cherry blossom
Mitzy Mary, mother of God
Moira Destiny
Moka Mocha (Korean)
Molly Bitter
Momo Peach
Mona Desires, wishes
Muffy Short for muffin
Nabi Butterfly (Korean)
Nala Queen, lion
Nami Waves
Nancy Grace
Nanu Pretty, cute (Egyptian)
Nedda Born on Sunday
Neko Cat (Japanese)
Nellie Shining light
Nera Restful
Neva A primarily Spanish name which means snow
Nika Russian diminutive of Veronika
Nina Little girl
Nora Honorable one, light
Nova New
Nutmeg Musk nut
Nyan Wisdom
Odette Wealthy
Ojo Splendor
Olga Blessed, holy (Russian)
Olive Olive tree
Onyx Gemstone
Opal Jewel
Page Attendant
Paris From Paris
Pearl A gem of the sea
Penny Weaver
Pippa Friend
Poppy Milk of happiness
Prue Taylor
Rae Ewe or female sheep (short form of Rachel)
Rika Villiage, fragrance (Japanese)
Rita Pearl
Rosa Rose
Rose Rose
Roux Russet
Ruby Red
Saba Submit
Sadie Princess
Sage Herb, prophet
Saja Lion (Korean)
Sasha To defend
Saki Blossom
Sally Princess
Sam Name of God
Sandy Man’s defender
Sara Princess
Sini Blue
Siti Lady (Egyptian)
Skye Cloud
Soba Buckwheat
Suti She was a narrator of Hadith (Egyptian)
Sybil Seer, oracle
Taki Falling water
Tama Jewel
Tao Long life
Tali Dew
Tasha Born on Christmas day
Taya Young
Tess Harvester
Tia Joy
Tora Thunder
Tosca Belonging to Tuscany
Tula Mountain peak
Tuvi Dove in Estonian
Tuya Ray of light, Egyptian queen (19th dynasty)
Twig More powerful than God herself
Vanka Grace
Vera Faith
Vivi Lively
Wallis Foreign
Wendy Friend
Wilma Helmet
Xara Princess
Xena Guest or stranger
Yana God is gracious (Russian)
Yobi Sun shower (Korean)
Yuki Snow (Japanese)
Yumi Arrow (Japanese)
Zara Radiance
Zélie Noble (French)
Zia Light
Zoe Life
Zola Lump of earth (Italian)

Feature image: Christin Noelle, Unsplash


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