370 Male and Female Greek Cat Names (With Meanings)





Acacia Thorny tree Acazia, Acatia Female
Acantha Thorny Female
Achaia Grief Female
Achilles Thin-lipped Achille, Achill, Achilla, Akilleys, Aquila, Achilleo Male
Acis Lover of Galatea Male
Adara Beautiful Female
Adelpha Dear sister Female
Adelphe Dear sister Female
Adelphie Dear brother Male
Adonia Beautiful Female
Adonis Handsome Adone Male
Aegeus Zeus’s shield Male
Aello Intelligent, wise Female
Aero Of the sky Unisex
Agafia Good Female
Agatha Good, kind Agathe, Agace, Aggie, Aggy,
Agata, Agathi
Agave Good Female
Aggie Good, pure Female
Aiakos Son of Zeus Male
Airla Ethereal Female
Ajax Eagle Male
Akakia Guileless Female
Akantha Thorn Female
Akil From the river Akil Male
Alala War goddess Female
Alandair Defender of man Alixander, Alec, Alek, Aleks, Alecks, Aleksy, Alex, Alesandro, Aleksandr, Alessandro, Alejo,
Alexei, Alysander, Alexandre, Alejandro, Aleksander, Alastair, Iksander,
Alcina Strong minded Female
Alcippe Daughter of Ares Female
Alcmene Mother of Hercules Female
Aldora Winged gift Female
Alena Light Female
Alexandra Defender of man Female
Aloeus Father of giants Male
Alpheus River god Male
Alysa Princess Female
Amara Everlasting, unfading Female
Amarus Unfading love Male
Ambrose Immortal Ambrosia Female
Anastasia Resurrection Anastasio, Anastace, Anastasius, Anastice, Anstasie, Stacia, Stasa, Stacy, Stacey, Natasha, Tasia, Tasha Female
Anis Pure Female
Anton Priceless Male
Anya Graceful Female
Aphrodite Goddess of love Afrodite, Aphrodesia Female
Apollo Son of Zeus Male
Arcas Son of Zeus Male
Ares God of war, ruin Male
Argo Silver Male
Argos All seeing Male
Argus Bright, watchful Male
Aria Lioness Female
Ariadne Chaste Female
Arietta Chaste Female
Arion Musician Male
Aristides Best Male
Aristotle Superior Aristo Male
Ari Diminutive of Aristotle Male
Ariadne Most holy Female
Asariel He who guards Pisces Male
Asia East Female
Asimo Gift Female
Astra Like a star, from the
Astro Like a star, from the
Athena Goddess of wisdom Athene, Atena Female
Atlas A titan Male
Atreus Fearless Male
Attie Wise Female
Attis Handsome boy Attisian, Attisa Male
Aura Soft breeze Female
Azalea Dry Female
Babette God is my oath Female
Balthasar Protect the king Male
Barbara Stranger Female
Barnabas Son of encouragement Male
Bas Royal, kingly Male
Basil Royal, kingly Male
Bemus Platform Male
Berdine Intelligent maid Female
Berenice One who brings victory Female
Beryl Crystal Female
Bess God is my oath Female
Betsy God is my oath Female
Boreas North wind Male
Briony Climbing plant Female
Cadis Sparkling Female
Cadmus One who excels Male
Calais Son of Boreas Male
Calandra Lark Female
Calantha Beautiful blossoms Female
Cali Most beautiful Call, Callie, Callee Female
Calista Most beautiful Female
Calliope Beautiful voice Kalliope Female
Candace Fire white Candice, Candys, Candy, Candie, Candi, Kandy, Kan, Candis, Kandis, Kandice Female
Carissa Very dear Female
Cassandra Prophet of doom,
shining or excelling man
Cassie, Cass, Cassie, Sandra, Sandy Female
Cassie Purity Female
Cassiopeia Mother of Andromeda Female
Catia Pure Female
Celosia A flame, dry, burning Female
Ceto Goddess of the sea Female
Cetus Sea monster of Poseidon Male
Chaos Emptyness, void Male
Charissa Grace Female
Charon Ferryman across the
river Styx
Cherise Grace Female
Chloe Young, green shoot Female
Cirio Lordly Male
Claus People’s victory Klaasr, Klaus, Klazina (F) Male
Clematis Flower name Female
Cleo Illustrious (male),
diminutive of Cleopatra (female)
Clea, Clio, Cleon, Cleopatra Unisex
Cleopatra Glory of her father Female
Cletus Fourth Male
Cole People’s victory Male
Colette Victory of the people Nicolette Female
Colin Young creature Male
Cora Just and good, one of
Zeus’s daughters
Coretta, Corita, Corin,
Corina, Coralee, Coralie, Corinna, Corene, Corinne, Corissa, Corisse,
Coralie From the coral of the
Corinne Maiden Female
Cosmo Order Comsy, Kosmos Male
Cronus Youngest Titan Male
Cybele The mother of all gods Female
Cynthia Of Cynthus Female
Cyrena Enchanting Female
Cyril Lordly, masterful Cyra, Kyril, Cirillo, Cy,
Cyrus Far sighted Male
Daphne Laurel tree Daff, Daph, Daphney Female
Dario Rich, wealthy Darius, Darrius Male
Dasha Gift of God Female
Delbin Flower Delbina, Delbine Female
Delta Born fourth Female
Demeter Earth lover (brother of Zeus) Dimetre, Dimitri, Dimitry Male
Deo God like Male
Diantha Flower Dianthe Female
Dimitri Devoted to Demeter Male
Dino Sister of the Gorgons Female
Dione Divine one Dion Female
Dionysius God of wine Dionysios, Dionysius Male
Dora Gift Dore, Dori, Doralia,
Doralice, Doralie, Doris
Drake Dragon Male
Ebony Black Ebonique, Eboni, Ebonee Female
Echo Reverberating sound Ekko Unisex
Eldoris Of the sea Female
Bright, shining light
Yahweh is God
Elodie Marsh flower, white
Elora Light Female
Elsa God is my oath Elizabeth, Beth, Elsie Female
Enyo Goddess of war Female
Epeius Maker of the Trojan
Erasme Loved Erasmo, Erasmus, Erastus Male
Eros Desire, son of
Esmerelda Emerald Female
Etna To burn, little fire Female
Eugenie Nobility Eugenia, Eugina Female
Eula Sweet spoken Eulah, Eulalie, Eulallia,
Eunice Victorious Female
Eurydice Wide justice Female
Eustace Fruitful Eustis Male
Evangeline Bearer of good news Female
Fern Feather Unisex
Gaia The earth Kaia Female
Gáta Cat Unisex
Gene Well born Male
George Farmer Male
Gergor Vigilant Male
Gretchen Pearl Gretel, Gretal, Grete,
Hallie Thinking of the sea Male
Hebe Goddess of youth Female
Hecate Goddess of magic and
Hector Steadfast Male
Hera Warrior, queen Female
Heracles Glory Male
Hercules Warrior Male
Hermes Messenger of the gods Male
Hermione Well born Hermia Female
Hesper Evening star Hester Female
Homer Promise Male
Ianthe Violet coloured flower Female
Icarius Gave wine to the
citizens of Athens who mistook it for poison and killed him
Ida Hardworking Female
Idola Idolised Female
Ignatius Fiery Male
Ilka Light Ilonka Female
Ines Pure, virginal Inez, Agnes Female
Iola Violet-coloured dawn Female
Iris Goddess of the rainbow Female
Isadora Gift of Isis Female
Ismini Daughter of Oedipus Female
Ivan Glorious gift Ivanetsr, Ivankor Male
Ivy Plant, wine Ivie Female
Jacenia Hyacinth Jacinthe, Jacinto Female
Jacinda Beautiful Jacinta Female
Jeno Well born Jencir, Geno Male
Jiri Farmer Male
Jocasta Shining moon Female
Judas God is thanked Male
Kadmus From the east Male
Kaethe Pure Female
Kairos Goddess from Jupiter Female
Kaisa Pure Female
Kali Rosebud Kalika, Kalie, Kalyca,
Kallie Most beautiful Female
Kara Pure Karan, Karen, Karyn, Kasia,
Katja, Kasen, Kassia, Katoka, Katrien, Kaysa
Kasma Universal Kasmo Female
Kassia Cinnamon Female
Kester Carrier of Christ Chris, Christopher Male
Kitty Pure Catherine, Katherine,
Katy, Kate, Kathryn
Kletos Calling forth Male
Kosmo Universal Kosma (F) Male
Koto Pure Female
Kristabelle Sparkling Crystal, Kristel, Krystal
Kyra Enthroned, lady Kira Female
Kyrene Lady Kyria, Kyrie Female
Kyros Master Male
Lapetus A titan Male
Laria Serves Lawrence Female
Lazarus God is my helper Male
Leander Lion man Liander, Leandre, Leandro,
Leandra (F)
Leda Lady Female
Lelia Well spoken Female
Leon Lion Male
Lia Bringer of good news Female
Lila Lily Female
Lino Flax Male
Linus Flax Male
Man from Lucania
Man from Lucania
Lydia Beautiful one Female
Lyra Lyre, a small harp Female
Margaret Pearl Female
Marigold Flower Female
Matilda Brave in war Female
Maximus Greatest Max Male
Maurice Dark Male
Maya Good mother Maia Female
Mela Black, dark Female
Melita Sweet as honey Melleta Female
Melody Song Melodie, Melodi, Melodee Female
Merope Bee eater bird Female
Merta Marvellous Female
Mette Pearl Female
Milo Destroyer Male
Minos Son of Zeus Male
Mira Abundance Miras Female
Naia Flowing Female
Naida Water nymph Naiad, Naia, Naiia, Nayad,
Narcisa Daffodil Narcisse, Narkis, Narkissa Female
Natasha Born at Christmas Natassia, Nathacha,
Nell Shining light Nellie, Nella, Nelly,
Nemo From the glen Nemos Male
Neoma New moon Neomea, Neomenia, Neomia Female
Nerida Sea nymph Nerina Female
Nessa Pure, holy Nessia, Nessie, Neysa Female
Nico People of victory Male
Nicholas People’s victory Nikita, Niklaus, Nikodem,
Nikolajis, Niles, Nikolia (F)
Nora Light Norah Female
Nox Night Nyx Female
Nyssa Goal Nissa, Nysa, Nyse Female
Nyx Greek goddess of night Female
Obelia Pillar of strength Obelix (M) Female
Odele Harmonious Odelle Female
Odessa Long journey Female
Olena Light Olina Female
Olympia Mountain of the gods Olympe, Olimpie Female
Ophelia Helper Female
Oreias From the mountain Oreste, Orestes, Oria Male
Orion Star constellation, rising
in the sky
Orpheus Son of Orion Male
Otis Keen of hearing Otos, Otus Male
Ozias Strength from the lord Male
Pan Greek god of the wild Male
Pandora Talented one Female
Panthea All the gods Male
Pasha Born at Easter Pesha Female
Pedro Rock Peter, Peder, Pedar,
Peadair, Pekka, Pello, Peta (F)
Pegasus From the water spring,
winged horse
Pelopia Mother of Aegisthus Female
Penelope Weaver Female
Persephone From Perseus, goddess
of the underworld
Persa, Perse, Percy, Fanny Female
Perseus Avenger, destroyer Male
Phineus Mouth of brass Phineas, Phinees Male
Phoebe Radiant Female
Phoenix Mystical bird, purple Unisex
Phorcys Sea god Male
Phyllis Foliage Female
Pip Lover of horses Philip, Pilib Male
Pirro Red haired Male
Pittheus King of Trozen Male
Plato Broad-shouldered Platon Male
Plexippus Striking Male
Plutus Wealth Male
Poseidon Greek god of the sea Male
Prometheus Forethinker Male
Proteus A sea god Male
Ptolemy War Male
Rasmus Amiable Male
Rena Peaceful Rina Female
Resi Gatherer Rezi Female
Reta Speaker Rheta, Rhete Female
Rhea The mother of the
Zeus and wife of Cronus
Rodas Rose garden Female
Saba Woman of Sheba Female
Sacha Defender, protector of
Sachenka, Sachka Unisex
Saffi Wise Female
Sapphira Blue jewel Female
Sebastian Venerable Male
Sim Snub-nosed Simon, Simona (F), Simone
Sinobia Stranger Sinovia Female
Sirena Siren Female
Sirius Glowing Male
Socrates Brilliant Male
Sophie Wisdom Sofi, Sofia, Sofronia,
Styx River to the underworld Female
Sybil Prophetess, oracle Sibby, Sibbie, Sib,
Sibella, Sibilla
Stavros Victorious Male
Tabitha Gazelle Female
Takis All holy Male
Taren Innocent Female
Tekla Divine fame Thekla Female
Telephus Son of Zeus Male
Teodors Gracious gift Male
Tessa Fourth child Tess, Tessie, Tessy Female
Thalia Blooming Female
Thanos Noble Thanasis Male
Thea Goddess Female
Thecla Renowned fame Renowned fame Female
Theo God given Theodon, Theodor, Theodric Male
Theodore God’s gift Male
Theon Godly Male
Theora Watcher Theore, Thora Female
Thera Wild Female
Theron Hunter Male
Theseus Young hero who killed
the Cretan Minotaur
Tobias Good is good Male
Thia Divine Female
Tia Goddess Tiah Female
Tiege Honor Female
Tito One of the giants Titos, Titus Male
Todor Gracious gift Tivadar, Tudor, Tuder Male
Triton Son of Poseidon Male
Tyche Goddess of chance Female
Tyra Untamed Female
Vanna Butterfly Vanessa, Vanny Female
Vara Stranger Varvara Female
Vasos Regal Vasily, Wasily, Vassily,
Vasyl, Vasyklo
Voleta Veiled one Female
Xanthe Blonde Xantha, Xanthia Female
Xena Welcoming Xenia, Xia Female
Xerxes Leaving, goodbye Male
Xuthus Son of Helen Male
Xylia Wood dweller Xyliana, Xylina, Xylinia Female
Yalena Light Yalene Female
Yolanda Violet flower Yolande Female
Yuri Farmer Yura, Yure, Yurii Male
Zale Power of the sea Male
Zander Defender of man Male
Zanita Long teeth Female
Zarek May God protect the
Zebina One who is gifted Female
Zefirino Wind of the spring Zefferino, Zefiro Male
Zelia Zeal Zelina, Zelinia, Zelotes
Zena Alive Zenas (M) Female
Zene Friendly Zenia, Zenon Female
Zenina Born of Zeus Zenna, Zenobe Female
Zephyr West wind Zephyra Male
Zera Seeds Female
Zeta Born last Female
Zoe Life Zoel, Zoey, Zoelie, Zoelle,
Zoltan Life Zoello, Zoltar Male
Zoya Alive Female
Zyta Reaper Female

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