Greek Names For Male Cats (With Meanings)

We have hand selected over 200 Greek names for male cats with meanings so you can find the perfect name.





Abderus Friend of Hercules
Abydos From Abydos
Acastus Unstable
Acestes Trojan king from Greek
Achates Companion of Aeneas
Achelous River god
Acheron River of sorrow
Achilles Thin-lipped Achille, Achill, Achilla,
Akilleys, Aquila, Achilleo
Acis Lover of Galatea
Acrisius Grandfather of Perseus
Actaeon A hunter dismembered by
his own dogs
Adad Storm and flood god
Adapa Between rivers
Adelphie Dear brother
Adelphos Brother
Admetus A king of Pherae
Adonis Handsome Adone
Adras Manly
Aeetes Medea’s father
Aegeus Zeus’s shield Aegis
Aero Of the sky
Aetos Eagle
Agapios Love
Agenor Son of Poseidon
Aiakos Son of Zeus
Aindreas Manly Aindriu
Aineas Praising
Ajax Eagle
Akil From the river Akil
Alandair Defender of man Alixander, Alec, Alek,
Aleks, Alecks, Aleksy, Alex, Alesandro, Aleksandr, Alessandro, Alejo,
Alexei, Alysander, Alexandre, Alejandro, Aleksander, Alastair, Iksander,
Alcander Strong
Alddes Descended from Alcaeus
Aloeus Father of giants
Alpheus River god
Amarus Unfading love
Amphion Son of Zeus in ancient
Greek mythology
Ampyx Father of Mopsus
Ancaeus An Argonaut
Andor Manly Ander, Andreas, Andres,
Angelo Heavenly messenger
Angus Unique choice
Anton Priceless Antony
Apollo Son of Zeus Apollos, Apollon, Apolo,
Aquilo North wind
Arcas Son of Zeus
Archimedes Master planner
Ares God of war, ruin
Aristo The best Aristides
Argo Silver
Argos All seeing
Argus Bright, watchful
Arion Musician
Aristides Best
Aristotle Superior Aristo
Ari Diminutive of Aristotle
Asariel He who guards Pisces
Astro Like a star, from the
Atlas A titan
Atreus Fearless
Attis Handsome boy Attisian, Attisa
Balthasar Protect the king
Barnabas Son of encouragement
Basil Royal, kingly Bas, Basile, Basilio
Belen Spear
Bemus Platform
Boreas North wind
Briareos Strong
Buck Weaver Buckley, Bucky
Cadmus One who excels
Calais Son of Boreas
Calchas A seer
Calisto Most beautiful Cal, Kalisto, Kal
Calix Handsome
Capaneus One of the attackers
against Thebes
Cassiel The guardian of
Celeus Father of Triptolemus
Cetus Sea monster of Poseidon
Chaos Emptiness, void
Charon Ferryman across the
river Styx
Christos Messiah
Cicero Historian
Claus People’s victory Klaasr, Klaus, Klazina (F)
Cleo Illustrious (male),
diminutive of Cleopatra (female)
Clea, Clio, Cleon,
Cletus Fourth
Cole People’s victory
Colin Young creature
Cosmo Order Comsy, Kosmos
Cronus Youngest Titan
Cyril Lordly, masterful Cyra, Kyril, Cirillo, Cy,
Cyryl, Cirio, Ciro, Cirilo, Kyril
Cyrus Far sighted
Dario Rich, wealthy Darius, Darrius
Deacon Messenger, servant
Demeter Earth lover (brother of Zeus) Dimetre, Dimitri, Dimitry
Deo God like
Deucalion Son of Prometheus
Dimitri Devoted to Demeter
Dionysius God of wine Dionysios, Dionysius, Dion
Doran A gift
Drake Dragon Draco
Dru Man or warrior
Egan Little fire
Yahweh is God
Elpenor One of Odysseus’s men
Epeius Maker of the Trojan
Ephialtes Betrayer, nightmares
Epimetheus Hindsight
Erasme Loved Erasmo, Erasmus, Erastus
Eros Desire, son of
Eryx Son of Aphrodite and
Etor Steadfast Ettore
Eugene Noble
Eustace Fruitful Eustis
Evangelos Bringing good news Evan
Ezio Eagle
Farris Rock
Faustus Lucky
Fedor Divine gift Feodor
Flavian Blonde
Gáta Cat
Gene Well born
George Farmer
Gergor Vigilant
Giles Shield bearer Gilles
Guilio Young
Greg Watchful Gregory
Griffin Mythological beast
with the body of a lion and
head and wings of an eagle
Hades Greek god of the
Hallie Thinking of the sea Hali
Hector Steadfast
Helios God of the sun

Greek god of
blacksmiths, metalworking, carpenters, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors,
metallurgy, fire, and volcanoes
Heracles Glory
Hercules Warrior
Hermes Messenger of the gods
Hesperos Evening star
Homer Promise
Hylas Son of Theiodamas
Hypnos Greek god of sleep
Icarius Gave wine to the
citizens of Athens who mistook it for poison and killed him
Idas An Argonaut
Ignatius Fiery
Ilya The lord is my God Elijah
Ion Son of Apollo
Irus Hero
Isidore Gift of Isis
Ivan Glorious gift Ivanetsr, Ivankor
Ixion Father of the centaurs
Ja Greek god of choices
Janus Gateway
Jeno Well born Jencir, Geno
Jerome Sacred name
Jiri Farmer
Jonas Dove
Judas God is thanked
Kadmus From the east
Kaj Earth
Karsten Blessed
Kasmy Order
Kester Carrier of Christ Chris, Christopher
Kletos Calling forth
Kosmo Universal
Kristabelle Sparkling Crystal, Kristel
Kyros Master
Lapetus A titan
Lazarus God is my helper
Leander Lion man Liander, Leandre, Leandro
Leon Lion Leonidas
Leviticus Belongs to the Levites
Linus Flax Lino
Man from Lucania
Lyric Lyre
Maximus Greatest Max
Maurice Dark
Milo Destroyer
Minos Son of Zeus
Nemo From the glen Nemos
Neo Talented one
Nico People of victory
Nicholas People’s victory Nikita, Niklaus, Nikodem,
Nikolajis, Niles, Nikolia (F)
Nile Victor
Odysseus Wrathful
Oedipus King of Thebes who
unwittingly killed his father and married his mother
Ojal Vision
Oreias From the mountain Oreste, Orestes, Oria
Orion Star constellation, rising
in the sky
Orpheus Son of Orion
Orrin Of the mountains
Otus Keen of hearing Otos, Otis
Ozias Salvation
Pan Greek god of the wild
Panthea All the gods
Pedro Rock Peter, Peder, Pedar,
Peadair, Pekka, Pello
Pegasus From the water spring,
winged horse
Perseus Avenger, destroyer
Phineus Mouth of brass Phineas, Phinees
Phoenix Mystical bird, purple
Phorcys Sea god
Pip Lover of horses Philip, Pilib
Pirithous King of the Lapiths and
best friend to Theseus
Pirro Red haired
Pittheus King of Trozen
Plato Broad-shouldered Platon
Plexippus Striking
Plutus Wealth Pluto
Pollux Very sweet Pollack
Poseidon Greek god of the sea
Prometheus Fore thinker
Proteus A sea god
Ptolemy War
Quinn Intelligent man
Rasmus Amiable
Rastus Beloved
Rhodes Where roses grow
Sacha Defender, protector of
Sachenka, Sachka
Santos Saints
Sebastian Venerable
Sim Snub-nosed Simon, Simona (F), Simone
Sirius Glowing
Socrates Brilliant
Stavros Victorious
Takis All holy
Telephus Son of Zeus
Teodors Gracious gift
Thanos Immortal Thanasis
Theo God given Theodon, Theodor, Theodric,
Theon Godly
Theron Hunter
Theseus Young hero who killed
the Cretan Minotaur
Tobias Good is good
Tito One of the giants Titos, Titus
Todor Gracious gift Tivadar, Tudor, Tuder
Triton Son of Poseidon
Vasos Regal Vasily, Wasily, Vassily,
Vasyl, Vasyklo
Xerxes Ruler over heroes
Xuthus Son of Helen
Yannis God is gracious
Yuri Farmer Yura, Yure, Yurii
Zale Power of the sea
Zander Defender of man
Zarek May God protect the
Zefirino Wind of the spring Zefferino, Zefiro
Zenon Greek form of Zeus
Zephyr West wind Zephyra
Zeuxis Bind together
Zoltan Life Zoello, Zoltar
Zorion Happy

Feature image: Gleb Semenjuk, Shutterstock


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