Post Natal Complications in Cats

Post natal complications in cats

Postnatal complications can arise in any cat and it is prudent that the cat owner is aware of potential problems and know what to look out for after your cat has given birth. Be alert and watch for symptoms so that problems can be picked up and treated early.

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Postpartum Care For Cats

Post natal complications in cats

Most queens (mother cat) require little or no assistance during the delivery and can successfully raise a litter without our assistance. However, the prudent carer should be aware that there will be some requirements to help the queen stay healthy and well so she can care for her new family. Immediately after the birth Count … Read more

Acute Metritis in Cats

Acute metritis in cats


Acute metritis is an inflammation of the lining of the uterus after a queen has given birth, which causes systemic illness. The most common cause is a bacterial infection, due to retained placentas or kittens, contamination of the birth canal during delivery (unsterile fingers or instruments), prolonged labour or unsanitary conditions during delivery. Left untreated, septicemia (bacterial infection of the blood) or toxemia can occur.

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Oral Cancer in Cats

Oral cancer in cats

At a glance

  • About: Oral cancer is any cancer within the oral cavity, the most common type is squamous cell carcinoma.
  • Causes: Flea collars, second-hand cigarette smoke, and diet.
  • Symptoms: Lump in the mouth, reluctance to eat, pain, drooling, bad breath
  • Diagnosis: Blood tests, imaging, and biopsy.
  • Treatment: Surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, and supportive care.

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