100 Female Cat Christmas Names

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas themed cat name for a female? We have over 100 names to choose from including book and movie characters, Santa’s helpers, food and Christmas legends and folklore.



Abigail Cause of joy
Alambil Planet visible from Narnia
Allegra Joyful
Angelique Angelic
Anya The first name of Mrs Claus in the movie Santa Claus
Asher Happy and blessed
Avery Elf queen
Befana Italian folklore, old woman who gives children Christmas gifts
Bell, Belle Christmas bell
Beth Short for Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus
Brandy Drink
Buche de Noel French name for traditional Christmas Yule log
Candy Christmas candy, candy cane
Carol Religious Christmas song
Cedar Tree
Chestnut A fruit traditionally roasted in the winter months
Christina Follower of Christ
Cider Drink popular in the winter months (sometimes spiced)
Cinnamon Spice used in Christmas cooking and drinks
Claire French form of Clara
Clara Character from The Nutcracker
Clarice Love interest of Rudolph the reindeer in
the movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Clementine Citrus fruit often put in Christmas
Coco/Cocoa Chocolate drink
Cookie Sweet treat, often left out for Santa
Cranberry Fruit used in cranberry sauce
Dorothea Gift of God
Dove Bird associated with Christmas and
Eggnog Traditional Christmas drink
Eira A female name originating from the Norse
goddess Eir which means snow
Elena Spanish, Italian, German, Greek variation of Helen which means ‘bright, shining light’
Erela Angel in Hebrew
Esther Old Persian name which means star
Evangeline Bearer of good news
Eve The night before Christmas day
Evergreen Christmas trees are evergreen
Faith To trust
Felicity Happiness
Feliz (Navidad) Christmas song
Frankincense One of the gifts given to Jesus by the three wise men
Frosty Icy
Fudge Traditional sweet often made at Christmas
Garland Christmas decoration
Ginger Spice commonly used in Christmas cooking
Glitter Used to decorate Christmas cards
Gloria Christmas carol
Goose Bird commonly cooked at Christmas
Grace Prayer
Holly Bush used for Christmas decorations
Hope Jesus is said to have brought hope
Ice Frozen water common in wintertime
Igloo House made from snow
Ivy Plant often used to in Christmas
Jadis Character from Narnia
Jeanette God is gracious, included in the Christmas
‘Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella’
Jemima Hope
Jingle Jingle Bells, popular Christmas song
Josephina Female form of Joseph
Joy Christmas is said to bring joy, hope and peace
Joyeux Noel Merry Christmas in French
Lucy Means light, Lucy is also a character from Narnia
Mary Mother of Jesus
Marzipan Almond confection commonly used in Christmas cake
Merry, Merri Merry Christmas
Mistletoe Plant traditionally displayed in homes over Christmas
Mittens Hand coverings used in cold weather
Mitzi Rudolph’s mother in the movie Rudolph the
Red-Nosed Reindeer
Myrrh Gift given to the baby Jesus
Natalia Christmas day
Nazareth The childhood home of Jesus
Neva A primarily Spanish name which means snow
Noelle Female form of Noel
Nora Light
Nutmeg Spice commonly used on Christmas cooking
Paloma Dove in Spanish
Partridge Bird from the Christmas song ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’
Polar Polar bear
Pomander Traditional orange decorated with cloves
Prunaprismia, Queen Character from Narnia
Pumpkin Vegetable commonly served with Christmas lunch or dinner
Pudding Christmas pudding, traditional dessert served on Christmas day
Reindeer Animals who pull Santa’s sleigh
Robin, Robyn A red chested bird commonly seen during winter
Rosemary Herb commonly used in Christmas garlands
Rudolph Santa’s reindeer who had the red nose
Sally Character from The Nightmare Before Christmas
Snow Icy rain crystals common around
Snowflake A single ice crystal
Spruce Evergreen commonly used as a Christmas tree
Star Christmas decoration used on the top of a Christmas tree
Stella Star
Susan Pevensie Character from Narnia
Suzy (Snowflake) Song written by Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett, made famous by Rosemary Clooney
Tanne Fir in German
Tinsel Christmas decoration
Trinity Refers to the Holy Trinity in Christian faith
Twinkle Twinkling star
Winter The season of Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere
Yule Christmas
Zuzu Daughter from the Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life

Feature image: birgl/Pixabay


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