Korean Female Cat Names (With Meanings)

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  • Korea is a region in southeast Asia divided into two countries, North Korea and South Korea with a combined population of approximately 76 million people.

    We have created this list of common Korean words, famous people and deities to help you find the perfect female Korean name for your cat.



    Ae-cha A loving daughter
    Ahnjong Tranquillity
    Ailee K-pop singer
    Ailiseu Iris
    Ajoo K-pop singer
    Aleumdaum Beautiful
    Amber Lui K-pop singer
    Anda K-pop singer
    Ara Elegant and beautiful
    Areum Beautiful
    Ari Pretty, beautiful
    Arin K-pop singer
    Aseuteulo Astro
    Bae Inspiration
    Bada Sea, ocean
    Baeghab Lily
    Balam Wind
    Bam Night
    Bam ha-neul Night sky
    Bamsaeg Sorrel
    Baram Wind
    Baseuteteu Bastet
    Beolle Bug
    Beope Buffy
    Beot-kkot Cherry blossom
    Beulaendi Brandy
    Beullubel Bluebell
    Bi Rain
    Binga Glacier
    Binna Shine
    Bitna Shining
    Bom Spring
    Bo-mi Beautiful
    Bong Mythical bird
    Bong-cha Ultimate girl
    Bon-Hwa Glorious
    Bora Purple
    Bo-ram Valuable
    Bumeo Boomer
    Busan Second largest city in South Korea
    Byeol Star
    Byul K-pop singer
    Cao Lu K-pop singer
    Chae-won Pluck, the beginning
    Chan-hae Lee South Korean composer
    Cheli Cherry
    Cheongug Heaven
    Chija Gardenia
    Chimchimhan Smoky
    Chingu Friend
    Ching-hwa Loving daughter
    Chinjeol Life
    Chin-sun Goodness
    Chita Cheetah
    Cho Beautiful
    Cho-hee Beautiful joy
    Chokollis Spring girl
    Choon-hee Girl born during spring
    Chul Firm
    Chun Spring
    Chung-cha Noble daughter
    Chun-ja Innocent
    Chungha South Korean singer
    Chungsilhan Faithful
    Da To attain, win
    Dae Great one
    Daegu City in South Korea
    Da-eun Kindness
    Daeyang Ocean
    Dal Moon
    Dalkomhan Sweet
    Dalnim Goddess of the moon
    Dana K-pop singer
    Danbi Sweet rain
    Da-som Love
    Deiji Daisy
    Dia K-pop singer
    Dongjjog East
    Du Head
    Duri Two
    Eiseu Ace
    Eodum Dark/darkness
    Eojileoun Dizzy
    Esna South Korean singer
    Eui Righteousness
    Eum-ag Music
    Eun Kindness
    Eun Ae Grace and love
    Eun-ha Silver river
    Eun-ji Kindness and wisdom
    Eun-jeong Grace and affection
    Eun-jung Grace and affection
    Eun-kyung Grace and honor
    Fei South Korean singer
    Ga-eul Autumn
    Gameunjang-aegi Goddess of luck and fate
    Gang River
    Ganghan Powerful
    Geom-eun saeg Black
    Gi Brave
    Gilme South Korean rapper
    Geueul-eum Soot
    Gom Bear
    Goo Complete
    Gook Nation
    Guleum Cloud
    Gwiyeoun Cute
    Gyeoul Winter
    Hae Ocean
    Ha-eun Kindness, mercy
    Hae-won Graceful garden
    Hak-kun Intelligence
    Haemosu God of the sun
    Haengboghan Happy
    Hamkke Together
    Hangzu South Korean rapper
    Hani K-pop singer
    Ha-rin Summer, great, talented
    Hei-ran Graceful orchard
    Hei Ryung Grace and brightness
    Heug-in Blackie
    Heugdan Ebony
    Heug-yoseog Obsidian
    Hi Kyung Kim South Korean classical composer
    Hiseu Heather
    Hobagsaeg Amber
    Holang-i Tiger
    HoYeon Jung South Korean actress and model
    Huimang Hope
    Hullyunghae Outstanding
    Hyo-sonn Daughterly and gentle
    Hyun Bright
    Hyun-jae Wise and respect
    Hyuna K-pop singer
    Hwang Bright and intelligent
    In Humanity
    Indo India
    Iseul Dew
    Ivy K-pop singer
    Ja Attractive
    Jacheongbi Goddess of agriculture
    Jaegyueo Jaguar
    Jajeong Midnight
    Jaeseumin sog Jasmine
    Jangmi Rose
    Jebikkoch Violet
    Jeju-si City in South Korea
    Jeom Spot
    Ji Wisdom
    Ji-hye Wisdom
    Jia K-pop singer
    Joo K-pop singer, jewel
    Joo-Eun Silver pearl
    Jowangshin Goddess of the home and hearth
    Jubang Kitten
    Jung Chaste
    Kahi K-pop singer
    Kalin Ground
    Kang Sae-byeok Squid game character
    Kasper South Korean singer and rapper
    Keopi Coffee
    Keullobeo Clover
    Kim Jin-hi South Korean composer
    Kiseu Kiss
    Kkoch Flower, blossom
    Kkul Honey
    Kong Bean
    Kwan Strong
    Kyong Brightness
    Kyung Respect
    Kyung-soon Honoured and gentle
    Kyungsun Suh South Korean composer
    Lexi Lui K-pop singer
    Lim Jun-hee South Korean composer
    Lojeumali Rosemary
    Lubi Ruby
    Luri K-pop singer
    Maeu jag-eun Tiny
    Ma-eum Heart
    Mago Goddess
    Mee Beauty
    Mi-cha Beautiful girl
    Meoli Coco
    Mijoo K-pop singer
    Min Clever
    Mint K-pop singer
    Min-seo Calm
    Minzy K-pop singer
    Moka Mocha
    Moon Letters
    Mun-hee Literate girl
    Myeongdo Brightness
    Nabi Butterfly
    Nam South
    Nongjangju Farmer
    Nun Snow
    Og Jade
    Ojingeo Squid
    Onda K-pop singer
    Osoli Badger
    Palansaeg Blue
    Paritegi Goddess who serves as a guide to the underworld
    Ppalgansaeg Red
    Pyeonghwa Peace
    Raina K-pop singer
    Ryung Brightness
    Saeng-gang Ginger
    Saja Lion
    Salang Love
    Salanghaneun ttal Loving daughter
    Salm Life
    Sam Third in order
    Samshin-halmang Goddess of childbirth and protector of
    Sang Always
    Sapaieo Sapphire
    Seolgi Snow
    Seoltang Sugar
    Seongja Loving daughter
    Seoul Capital of South Korea
    Seo-yeon Beautiful, graceful
    Seukalles Scarlet
    Seungli Victory
    Seunobol Snowflake
    Shik Planting
    Shin Belief
    So Smile
    Solar K-pop singer
    Somin K-pop singer
    Somteol gat-eun Fluffy
    Somteul Willow
    Soo Magnificent, excellent, long life
    Sook-ja Oh South Korean classical composer
    Soon-bok Gentle and blessed
    Sori K-pop singer
    Sun Goodness
    Sunsuhan Pure
    Syepeu Chief
    Taebaek Bright mountain
    Teogsido Tuxedo
    Toseong Saturn
    Ttal Daughter
    Uaham Grace
    Ulsan City in South Korea
    Un-i joh-eun Cute
    Vivi K-pop singer
    Wain Wine
    Widae Precious
    Woong Magnificence
    Yaong Meow
    Yangmal Socks
    Yang-gwibi Poppy
    Yeo River
    Yeoja ileum Ivy
    Yeong-grang Sunset
    Yeoleum Summer
    Yeoseong Woman
    Yeppeun Pretty
    Yobi Sun shower
    Yong Brave and perpetual
    Yoon Allow
    Yugdugu Nutmeg
    Young-ja Lee South Korean classical composer
    Younghi Pagh-Paan South Korean classical composer
    Young-Soon Flowery and mild
    Zia K-pop singer

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